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Visiting UK...need some advice

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Hi there
I'm planning go to UK in this summer. But I'm considering where I should to go with my limited ( 1 weeks).I want to go London, Newcastle and Liverpool. Is it short? And where is famous places in Newcastle and Liverpool? And someone tell my where is the best to stay with best prices?
Van Cao
Indochina Travel Service


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    Hi Van Cao,
    I was in UK last summer with my family and enjoyed the trip very much. We went to London, Manchester and Scotland. For 1 week, London is a must otherwise it made sense going to UK just like going to France without visiting Paris. Scotland is next because it is a beautiful place. You can stay at (UK – budget hotel). It provides basic and clean lodging with minimum frill at 2- or 3-star price. I can provide more info if you are interested or email me: [email protected]
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    Thanks PhilipK
    I just consider Scotland.
    Have a nice day.
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    Hi VanUK,

    I recommend they are expert in tailor made holidays UK and weekend breaks. Try them for your week. They have some sort of places for you. You can also ask them to schedule your favorite places in UK.
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    You could spend a week in London and still not see everything. I would recommend that you spend 2 days in London seeing the main sights ~ Big Ben, Tower of London etc and then forget about Liverpool, Newcastle and Liverpool. These are nice places and have some good sights, however they are just more cities. Why not go to Cornwall (south-west of England), a beautiful area by the coast and with superb walks and beaches plus lovely english towns.
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