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What you learn at Manila Zoo

edited January 2010 in - General Asia
I just traveled to Manila, and at the Manila Zoo the only thing I learnt about animals is that they can literally go crazy from confinement! Mali, a Sri Lankan elephant, has been trapped all alone in a small barren enclosure since 1974 in Manila Zoo, and she spends the entire day walking around in circles. You can see the video of Mali and help PETA retire her to a sanctuary by clicking here because 36 years without freedom is long enough don’t you think?


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    I agree ... However, if Mali was released now she would not be able to survive as I would guess that her survival instinct, to find food and shelter will have gone along time ago.

    Some zoos do offer a superb habitate for their animals, however I have heard the the zoo in Manila is particually bad.
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    I recommend to shut down the Manila zoo. I have been there and I was really shocked with what I have seen. This is shame for Manila, same as was the Smocky Mountain.
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