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Tipping in Tunisia

edited September 2008 in - North Africa
What is the custom in Tunisia for tipping for meals included on a group tour? Are the tips included in the restaurant billing to the tour company or do individuals need to tip at each meal? If individuals need to tip what would be suggested tip at a 4 star restaurant for lunch or dinner?


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    Hello Benita,

    Since locals seldom tip, it is always appreciated when tourists do. Waiters in resort and hotel restaurants generally expect a tip of 10% of the meal bill. Note that restaurant owners benefit from group bookings; waiters rely on tips to earn their living. If you want to free your clients from the obligation to tip, agree up front with the owner to include a 10% premium in the bill for staff service. However, to ensure the staff receive the money, it is preferable to hand it personally to the waiter(s).
  • Hi - there is no doubt that local waiters really appreciate a tip for good service. They are often subordinate family members working for a relative who owns the restuarnat and as such will earn a very low salary. The tips make all the difference!
    - Dave
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