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Portugal: Schengen visa and UK visa

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hey guys,

I''m a Indian and I'll be doing a term in Portugal this spring on a student exchange. I want to travel to UK to visit some friends first before the term starts. Can anyone tell me if I need to show the actual flight bookings and accomodation details(I'll stay with friends in UK and will be finding a hostel/flat in Portugal) for these visas? or just an itinerary giving my plan of travel? and will it land me in trouble if I change this itinerary later?
I don't know my exact travel plan yet. I might make a stopever in Oman on my way there(they have visa on arrival)... lol can I actually apply for the UK visa atleast with such vague plans? As there is no UK visa center where I stay, I would like to get it in the X mas break when I go home. Other 2 can be done later.
Would highly appreciate any inputs at all! Thanks in advance :)


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    For a Schengen visa you are requred to show transport tickets/hotel reservations etc with the application, but for a UK visa they say not to book flights etc until your visa is issued. Method of travel is not required however a letter of invitation from your friends with offer of accommodation and address will be required. You will also have to show evidence of sufficient funds to pay for your travel and your living costs for the duration of your stay.
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    thanks for the reply :)
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    Hi im melanie i want to travel all over europe do i need to apply schengen visa and what is a requerment im here in Israel but im a pilipina

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    Visit for destination advice
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    am a Nigerian with Nigeria passport still in Nigeria and looking for an opportunity to get out of this country....can anybody help me with good information in europe, i woun't mind anywhere in Europe, just need to get out....All effort will be appreciated. [email protected]
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    heaven4sure2, what are you trying to get out of? Better get your acts together and stop embarrasing yourself and ur fellow countrymen.
  • hi im a filipina holding a GCC (gulf cooperation council passport) here in united arab planning to visit my friend in bahrain just for 7 days before i go directly to philippines for a vacation.i have my 2 way ticket from uae to philipinnes &from phil to uae.
    *is it possible to visit my friend?
    *what are the requirements i need to prepare if there is?
    *how much the fare going to bahrain from uae?
    *my passport will be expired on march 22, 2011
    *or do i need to consult in a travel agency here? to make an arrangement for this?
    feedback immediately will be appreciated! [email protected]
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