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I need a hotel in Rome, any ideas?

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Hello, can anyone recommend a good hotel in Rome? Ideally something central and mid-range prive wise. Thank you!


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    Hotel Campo dei Fiori!
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    Hotel Modigliani you wont go wrong! we stayed here in 07 and you could eat your dinner from the floors it was so clean! rooms are lovely with a view over the city and a lovely little garden area. it is in a lovely area, around the via veneto, where you are within walking distance to the trevi fountain and spanish steps, the borghesi villa and gardens, "harrys bar" on the via veneto and a metro ride to the vatican.go to their website, good luck
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    I travelled Italy for the first time this year someone recommended a site that just fetaured Hotels not organised holidays, I think it was if not anyway I stayed at the Roma Congress which was really nice.

    Hope this helps
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    Hotel Felice., budget and central.
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    I use a website Also public transport in Rome is very good and cheap, so you can use a hotel a bit out of the centre andd still get around easily. Just make sure you choose one near a bus stop or metro. A 24 hour ticket to cover all rides is abot 4 euros from a tobacconist shop. The advantage of this is the ristorante are also much cheaper out of the tourist hotspots and more authentic, catering to the locals rather than the international visitors. House wine in Roman ristorante is usually good and very cheap.
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    I am over 60 and intend to travel to Italy with my daughter. Do you think trains will be difficult with luggage since I am coming from the Far East and therefore to bring a big suitcase? Anyone who knows a good local reasonable tour agent who can help us plan our travels to Rome, Venice, Milan and Tuscany? Is it safe for two women to drive in Italy -just between towns?
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    I recently stayed in the New morpheus B&B, via palermo 36. It is near Viminale and metro station.
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    Hotel maikol is nice but depends on your taste ...

    check sites like Just Cheap Hotel ( ... good for cheap deals
    or Trip Advisor ( ... good for reviews
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    usually, the off peak season between December and july is the cheapest time to go.
    I used to book my accomodation but you could also book through
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    Lots of nice hotels in Rome, but like Paris, it's hard to find find decent sized rooms and clean rooms. also rates are different on all the sites like expedia, venere, hotelclub, opodo, orbitz, .... http/ is great to check people feedback and rating and is to find which website has the cheapest rates.
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    Hi, We are first time travellers to Rome. We are accompanying our retired relatives (this is a once-in-a-life-time trip for them) so we wish to make it comfortable and stress free (allowing us to spend time and energy touring and waiting in long queues during the August trourist rush!).
    We would like recommendations for a cheap hotel or B&B in Central rome. It should be peaceful and only a 5 minute from a metro. The most vital requirement is that it must have cheap/free car parking space for our car.
    If we cannot afford such a location, we are willing to go a little further out of the centre as long as it is no more than 30min on the metro and only a 5min walk between the metro and the hotel. Could someone please advise us? Our budget is 53 Euros a night per for a double room (£45) and we'll obviously be booking two of these per night.
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    I suggest this new and Kosher bed and breakfast in Rome centre.
    Their website is I think

    They are in Porta Pia close to the center I Have been there and the prices are competitive, and the quality is pretty high!
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