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Cost of living in Turkey

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Me and my partner are attending a wedding this year in Hisaranou. Both of us have never been to this part of the world before. I was wondering if someone has and could tell me the cost of living. We are staying self catering so therefore will be eating out all the time. We are not sure as to how much money to take with us. Any pointers would be greatly recieved.


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    See here for some useful info on Cost of living in Istanbul - towards the bottom of the page is a table with average costs of everyday things. Let me know if it helps!
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    Just seen this topic and think the prices are a little high!! I have never paid more than 1 lira for a loaf of bread in Turkey!!! Obviously depends where you shop.

    Meals out vary as well - those in the "tourist trap" are far far more expensive than those where locals eat. I know last time I looked it was 25lira in a tourist place for a basic chicken meal - We ate out last week in a local place including drinks, tea, salads etc etc and it came to just under 25lira for 2 of us including the tip!

    Basically it is hard to generalise about prices.

    A tip though is to visit a supermarket and stock up your fridge as you are self catering - it's the incidental snacks and drinks on holiday that really hike up your holiday costs. Far better to nip back to your apartment when by the pool for a juice that cost you under 2 lira for the carton than pay probably 5 lira for it by the pool - similar with cola etc. A beer in the supermarket is 2.5 lira but one by the pool or in a bar will cost anything from 5lira upwards. I always found by being careful in the day you could afford to splurge at night!
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    That depends on what you eat but if you cook, you would not need more than 1000 Turkish lira per month.
    and I would not carry my money, there are plenty of banks and Atms everywhere.
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    Yes there are plenty of ATMs etc but many banks make extortionate charges for withdrawing money abroad. There are some accounts that don't charge - the Nationwide Flex account in the UK springs to mind.

    As anywhere make use of any provided safety boxes for money, passports and other valuables. Does save the frantic hunt for your tickets when you depart as they ARE in that safe place.

    If you shop prudently, steer clear of imported luxuries (including imported alcohol) you should get by on a reasonable amount of money. By the way 1000 turkish lira is roughly £460. You get a better rate of exchange here in Turkey than in the UK. Don't exchange money at your hotel though as it's usually a poorer rate of exchange and often a commission fee is taken. Use the PTT (Post Office), a bank or exchange bureau. They all display the exchange rate. I would actually suggest that if you are eating out every night you may need more than calledman's estimate.

    Imported alcohol is heavily taxed. The local beer Efes is morre than acceptable and the local spirits - vodka, gin etc can become very palatable after a couple!! Local wine has improved dramatically over the last 5 years or so. Angora is a very nice red and also they offer some nice whites! But if you start demanding Smirnoff, Gordons etc then the bill really racks up. I've found as long as the mixer is good e.g. Shwepps, Coca Cola etc you really can't tell the difference!!!

    bring a credit card for any unexpected expenses then you are more than covered :o)
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    hii everyone i am planning to go for an internship to Turkey(Bursa) don't have any idea about the prices .
    i want to know how much does cost the food here i am talking about daily food bread milk ... i don't have to pay for accomodation it is provided . and i want to know the fare for transportation . as i am planing to make a trip around the country . i will thankfull if u help me and give me the prices in Liras . and if u have any other advices to give that is going to be good .
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    Well as all your accommodation is provided I think you'll find Turkey a fairly reasonably priced place to live.

    Transport is not expensive - local buses are usually between 1 and 2 lira a trip (Antalya prices) and going further afield is easy and cheap. There are excellent bus services around the country and domestic flights if booked a little in advance are cheap. My brother in law visited from Istanbul and the fare was just over 100 lira return. Check outt Pegasus, Atlasjet and Anadolu Jet.

    Food prices as long as buy local produce are very cheap - bread is around 1 lira a loaf and a litre of UHT milk about the same. Fruit and vegetables are always cheaper at your local pazar - I pay around a lira for a kilo of tomatoes. Meat is expensive here although chicken not too bad - I can buy a whole chicken for 5 lira but beef and lamb can be over 25 lira a kilo. Avoid imports such as nescafe as there is more tax on these. Alcohol has recently gone up in price - a beer in the supermarket is now 3.5 lira for 500ml.

    Different supermarkets as well have different pricings but as a rule Sok and Bim are cheap while Tansas is mid range and Migros the more expensive one!

    Shout if you want anymore examples :o)
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    it is depend where you want to live :) for example Istanbul is very expensive, but south of Turkey is cheap, warm and there is no traffic jam :)
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