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Puppies from Cameroon Scam - Lagos pet scams

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Hi - I am from the United States and bought some puppies from someone in Cameroon. They now say the puppies are stuck in Douala Airport and and am getting kind of skeptical about the purchase as they are now asking for more money. The dogs are two yorkie terriers. Any advice? Many thanks.


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    Hi. this is a scam - do not send any money to these guys. There are no puppies!
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    jasond did you have any telephone communication with the seller?
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    me and my boyfriend wanted to adopt a english bulldog puppy and we were involed in the scam they wanted us to send them money and when we said no they said that they will registure the puppy and we can call the airport with our visa number once he is ready to be sent. I then went to the airports website and came across this . There e-mail adress is [email protected] and we did have a phone conversation with them , they clam to be Jessica and Frank.
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    salve, noi abbiamo contattato un signore, ke dovrebbe mandarci un cucciolo di chihuahua e dice ke
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    Heads up i just talked to moro valdes at [email protected] They tried to sell me a english bulldog its a scam !!!!!!!!!!!! it is the same scam artists as bbps .
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    OI. Eu tamb
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    ya the yorkies aren't coming. Ive tract the people and its a huge scam. I have the same email saying id get 2 of them but they take our money because it's worth more over there and they wont leave you alone either just block their emails as spam.
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    This Is a huge scam they just tried to get me to western union them money for yorkie puppies and something told me it wasn't right so I was going to have them shipped myself. Thank god for this website and you guys warning me before I fell for it! I just lost my puppy, he was hit by a car, and they were actually going to try to gain from it. Low lifes!!
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    Oh and they were using the e-mail [email protected]
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    Hi I am trying to buy a maltese from some people who are missionaries and are in cameroon. They had 2 weeks to send the maltese back to the US. I got airport information and Im getting the puppy free but I just had to pay the money to get her here to the airport through a money gram. Does this sound like a anything anyone else has experienced? It seems legit.
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    Hi I am from South Africa. I have seen a advertisement on the Internet for a chimpanzee that are for sale.
    I contacted the person and she also said the chimp is for free but I also must just pay the airport fees. The airport will contact me because she already left the chimp at the airport, but I don't get any answer from the airport. After I asked a few questions she send me the airports e-mail and fone number - wish is not the right number - I looked on the airports web page for the right numbers but could not get hold of them. I don't know what they try to achieve with this. I really want the chimp but thing dont sound well? They are also from Western Valley Cameroon - Laura Ashley? Do you think I can trust the deal? The advertisement show Omaha Nebreska but it is way out from Cameroon. Sorry for my English.
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    My Fiance' and I were looking for dome yorkie puppies and we contact a woman through the website. This article stated that they had free yorkie puppies. We spoke with the lady through email and it seemed like a scam. They also wanted us to send them money through western union. All of the comments written on this page seem to be the same exact things that she was telling us. We also offered to buy the plane ticket ourselves but I am afraid if we go any further we will not see these puppies.
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    Here's a good rule of thumb: Do Not Buy Animals over the Internet. Whether it's chimps or puppies or baby giraffes - there is a very good chance you are being scammed!
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    [email protected]
    [email protected]'




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    Why on EARTH are you wanting to buy a chimanpzee?
    Never mind the legality of it all - they're wild animals and should be kept in reserves or be left alone in the wild.

    What surprises me most is that even after reading all the comments on this thread people are still asking whether not they're involved in a scam!
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    I asked because I trust people to mush. I love animals and wont harm them in any way or keep them for the money or for a SCAM like other people. We have a big farm with lots of wild animals and game. Chimps and all other animals are more loving then any human ever can be.
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    Hallo dies soll eine Warnung sein an alle !!!!!!
    Wir sind auch fast hereingefallen auf jemanden der uns Welpen verkaufen wollte.
    Wir sollten 120.-€auf die Western Union einzahlen, damit die Tiere zu uns kommen können. Darauf ließen wir und Gott sei Dank nicht ein.
    Der Anbieter verstrickte sich in immer mehr Wiedersprüche so das wir es durchschauten. LASST EUCH NICHT AUF VORAUSZAHLUNGEN EIN EGAL WIE VERTRAUENSWÜRDIG GESCHRIEBEN WIRD!!!!!!
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    Hi! Have just tried to send some money to a guy in Cameroon via Western Union - thank god my bank blocked the online transaction and I had to call Western Union who informed me about all these scams - went back online and googled the fraud prob in Cameroon and found all these comments from you lovely people - I knew nothing about it! The woman at Western Union said it was almost 100% a scam - what are these people like?! I wasn't trying to buy a puppy, or a chimp (!), tho - check this out, was trying to buy Giant African Land Snails for my daughter - tiger snails, the biggest you can get. She loves garden snails and I thought she'd love a really big one - well, four actually. So, I was trying to send him £150, and Western Union was going to charge me £25 too. He SAID he was waiting at the airport for me to send the money, with the snails in a tank in his hand, waiting to send them to me. So he's probably still there ... waiting! Because I'm not going to send him the money. God, I feel so stupid because it all sounds so obvious NOW - but I felt really hassled thinking that the guy was waiting at the airport to put the snails on the plane!!! Oh well, we live and learn! Good old, gullible me! Until the next time ..... I bet he's going to bombard me with emails now ....
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    I almost got sucked into this scam.It seemed to good to be true that I could get a Maltese puppy for the price of shipping.I was'nt going to send her the money,so she said she would pay.I went along with that.It sounded ligit.Everything was going like clockwork.When she said the airline needed a refundable insurance for the puppy, thats when the red flags went up.They wanted $300.oo extra for this.She made the mistake of telling me what airport she was at.So checked the airport web site and thats when I found out this was a scam.I was so relieved that I found this out.Her e-mail address was [email protected] am thankful the airport reported that this scam is going on warning people to beaware.I e-mailed her back telling her she is nothing but a crook,warning never to send any more e-mails.This has taught me a lesson thats for sure.When it sounds too good to be true,it is'nt.
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    hi, me and my boyfriend recetly just paid a guy 50$ for an english pup from cameroon and have to send him the other 50$ when we recieve the pup. the pup was suppose to be sent thursday but i got an email from this airport( douala international) saying that the crate the puppy is in will not be warm enough for the pup with our weather because it is winter down here so we have to pay some agent at the airport ( bacha penn) 450$ to rent a crate and then our puppy will be shipped and delivered and we will receive the money back when the pup arrives. we are suppose to send the 450$ tomorrow can you please help me out and tell me if this is a scam or if its true and my puppy is really at the airport.
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    well i guess I'm the biggest sucker because I sent 2 western union orders for 200.00 each to Douala for 1 teacup yorkies---still waiting
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    Hiya all!
    I just had the same issue!
    I had seen an ad on for Westie Pups - just what I wanted! I emailed the couple
    For 2 weeks they gave me a KC name and everything. Told
    Me that they werenin Aberdeen but were moving to the US for a research job and couldn't take their pups with them. They said that they didn't want to sell the pups, just rehome them and we could either our pup up or have him delivered. We opted to pick him up as I have family in Scotland and we were going to make a weekend of it, just had to wait untill next weekend when we were both off! The lady told us they he had to fly to the states this week so soul be tale a home delivery. No problem I thought...
    ... Cut to Monday morning, the day of delivery! I get an email saying that the pup was with the delivery company and we qoul be hearing from them so that we could make a payment of £150 for delivery, BUT (here it comes) they had to pay their £30 registration fee by "money gram" to Cameroon which was "airpets oceanic" HQ (cue alarm bells). They phone me several times but as I was at work I didn't answer the call, I tried to phone the number on the email but it was wrong, so I google "Airpets Oceanic" and called the free phone number on the website "No Mam we do not have offices in either Aberdeen or Cameroon, just here in Heathrow!" says the very British lady on the end of the phone (alarm bells turn into sirens). The next time the phone rings I answer and can barely understand the very strong African Accent talking to me. I ask them where they are "Scotland" is the reply (so why did the phone code come up as +237?), I then ask for and address, which i punched into the sat nav (FAKE)! And the man in the phone was insisting that I send the money ASAP so that the delivery can be made - no chance - I toe them that I soul pay the driver on arrival and would not be sending any money to Cameroon. The man became very agressive so i hung up. I contacted my local police station who sated that they new about it but could do nothing as no offence was made by me or to me! The next time they rang I told them that I had informed the police and I haven't hear from them since.

    It is now my mission to tell as many people as poss about this SCAM!!!

    These people are NOT poverty stricken or in need of charity - they are Greedy Crimnals!!
    Never send money via "money gram" etc, it is not protected!!

    Name; Sandra Hupkins (apparent breeder) using yahoo address
    Delivery Co; Airpets Oceanic (who are a legall UK company, but their name is being used by these con artists)

    Good luck finding your ideal pets but please use local breeders who you can go and visit (even if it does mean paying a bit more) or rescue from a recognized animal sanctuary!
    Best Wishes,
    Clair, UK
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    Sorry for the typos above, am just getting used to the iPhone!
    Clair, UK
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    Gawd I think all Americans are getting really STUPID. Anything that requires money SENT via money gram, western union ect..UPFRONT for something thats SIGHT UNSEEN to be SHIPPED out of another Country, Is nothing less than a "HA you dumb assed American I just took your money and you can't do anything to get it back"... SCAM
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    I was also going to fall for the scam, until I decided to search for Western Valley, Cameroon. When I googled this I found links talking about a scam and found e-mails that read exactly the same that mine did. It sounded too good to be true from the start only $111 for shipping, free maltese. For me they used the e-mail [email protected] and I asked them for pictures and they included them. Here's a link to a page that lists e-mails they have used, actual e-mails, and a lot more on these scammers. Hope this helps
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    Identify and Avoiding the Cameroon Pet Scammers!!!
    Go to this blog
    You will be surprised to find e-mails that read exactly like yours, at least I was.
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    Yes, I to was taken and scammed by someone selling a puppy chihauhau from Cameroon...they asked me for an adoption fee, which I sent like an idiot...then they emailed me back for $270 more!! I urge anyone looking into buying or adopting a pet from Cameroon to STOP NOW!! It's definiteley a SCAM!
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    I was just about to go for the scam. Elizabeth Chris claimed to be a missionary with a Maltese that wasn't allowed there and had to be sent be to the states. All I had to pay was $190 for the ticket. I received a very official looking email from the airlines a few moments ago but after reading all these comments I think it would be best to pass.
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    Thanks! you guys saved me $250 to 'adopt' an english bulldog pup that although adorable in the pics, doesn't really exist! I even stated to "leslie [email protected] " that it sounded like a scam and she assured me that "being a devout christian, she could never take my money without sending 'Precious' as it would be wrong in the eyes of god"... too good to be true is right! punk ass cameroon.. try an' scam me!
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    Nadine Green is also a scam so i think im not a hundred percent sure but she is also from douala cameroon
    and tried to send me a maltese.. i'm not a hundred percent sure yet but yeah... i don't trust it but i gave her
    my address do you think they will use my address and phone number to hold it against me?
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    DO NOT DO IT!!!!! I sent $200 for and english bulldog pup, then like others had to send $150 for a warmer crate, then they wanted $600 for insurance - which I did NOT send. This is horse crap. These people thrive on animal lovers because we are sofg hearted. The balls they have to be faithful and say things like "God Bless" and "Keep the Faith", etc. is not a christian thing to do. I, too got "official looking" airport documents and when I got the 3rd one asking for $600 I googled the airport, found contact information for the airport commision, sent information about what I have been going through and he confirmed that they do not operate in such a fashion and the insurance fee is bogus. This started with an Anthony Lopez in Cameroon selling 3 English Bulldog pups for $200 "travel fee". Be aware of email [email protected]

    Here I have been SICK thinking that my pup has been traveling for 7 days and there IS NO FRIGGIN DOG!!! Let's all ban together to get this STOPPED! And for the jackass who said we are stupid....SCREW YOU!!!!!!
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    my boyfriend was buying me 2 teacup yookies and we sent 300.00 2 them 4 puppys then sent the airlines 600.00. i guess it was a scam cuz now they want 200.00 4 some paper work.
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    Thank you guys for the advise above a MILLION TIMES OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was falling for it - it got to the point when I said I wanted them (2 English Bulldogs) she took them to the airport & said they we're there at the Cameroon Airport. The airport called me & I started asking all these questions and the guy actually had the balls to tell me I was asking him to many questions and hung up on me (RED FLAG)!!! I told the girl to get the puppies back from the airport and send me a photo witht the little guys standing on a piece of paper with my name on it and now of course she can't because they are already at the airport......Thanks for the 411 people you saved me - she keeps emailing me to assure me all is right, lol! It sucks that there are these aholes out there - can't trust anyone anymore, guess its every man/woman for their selves which hurts the one's that are legit!
  • The internet is like the wild west sometimes. Be sure you only give your money to reputable companies.

    If you want a dog, go down to your local animal shelter. It's normally free and you'll give an animal the chance it wouldn't have had otherwise.
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    I recently saw a post on Milwaukee Craigslist stating my puppy needs to be rescued. So we replied asking why it need to rescued. They deleted their post immediately after they respond to us. They stated they had just recently left to Cameroon for a UN volunteer mission for helping pregnant women and children with malaria.
    We were told that Cameroon doesn't allow pets in from different countries, and they said they need to send her back in 2 weeks. Her name was Daisy and she was 9 months old. They then sent pictures and questions for us. We replied with questions for them.
    They dropped little hints, like ending their email with waiting.....
    Soon we said we would like to take Daisy into our home, we set up information to get her plane ticket, we would say that we weren't paying until the dog arrived in Milwaukee, but they repeatedly said don't worry we love our little girl...
    Just after that email, we received one from his "junior brother" who was now in charge of the shipping the dog..we thought that was funny, and emailed the original family, stating who he is and why does he want the information. they replied stop emailing him, forward all of his emails to me and i will track we did..and later that night the family said we don't who he is but we believe that he is trying to steal from us...and not to email back to anyone who didn't close the email with I love my puppy...(it seemed all good up to this point)
    we saw little flags but didn't think much of it.) We sent the money ($160) through Western Union, unfortunately when we went to pull the money, he had already taken it. He sent an email saying email as soon as you get Daisy, I want to know how she is. And he sent the plane information, which looked real..but i noticed little things that looked unprofessional, but he gave us flight numbers, and it said an agent would be delivering the dog to our home..That was a major red flag for me. I would think that we would have to come pick her up at the airport to verify all the information. I checked the flight numbers, and all were real, one actually said canceled, so my daughter thinks there's still a chance that its coming tomorrow..sadly I don't. The agents name was KELLY BRIGHT, I googled that and saw so many hits with scam and her name. Right then I knew either this family was for real and sent it through a scam, or the man behind the emailing was truly the scam artist.
    The last flight number was suppose to be a plane coming from Atlanta to Milwaukee, but instead it was Atlanta to Dallas. I know it was a scam now. There emails were [email protected] and [email protected] don't respond to them, don't agree to anything they want..its a scam.
    I emailed them 2 last night asking what the food the puppy ate, and if they knew anything about KELLY BRIGHT....sadly they don't even have the guts to respond. I'm responding to them today saying Daisy never came, where is she? but i know i won't get an email back....Its just sad that we can't even trust people these days. Animals aren't property, there family...
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    I'm corresponding with a man from Cameroon his name is Gareth Bents with similar situation. This is the e-mail I received:

    "Nice reading from you once again,i just want to hope my puppy will be taken very good care of while at your home.The flight fee per puppy is just 200euro and the puppy shall be delivered at your home.As for a proof,the delivery agency in charge of transporting the puppy will contact you as soon as the puppy shall be at the airport and you shall make the payments to the delivery agency yourself and not to me..They shall give you the flight details and also the dispatch number.The puppy shall come with all her health papers since they are needed for the flight.
    She will also be sent with some toys and clothes.
    So if it is ok by,then get back to me with the following details so i can get the puppy to the airport either today or very early tomorrow morning for the next available flight to your location ok:
    Your full names to which i shall address the puppy,
    The names of the closest airport to your home,
    your cell phone number and
    Your house address to which the puppy shall be delivered.

    I wait to read from you as soon as possible so the puppy can be flown.
    Have a nice day.

    Sound familiar?? :-)

    I know it's a scam especially after reading the above messages!! I'm going to see how far he's going to go...I'm definitely NOT going to send him any money!!
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    Faye-Arv: please keep us posted on how it goes! Have some fun with this scammer - string him along a bit. See if he can get you a Saint bernard.
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    Iam from CentralAmerica , , thank you for warning about this , a yorkie terrier was supose be sent to me , they did not ask for money ...yet, but when I read this , I did not like this kind of business, with this poor and beautiful animals, Please do not play with this lives , and people feelings , who just want to give this puppies a home!!!!!
    the adress was alaji port [[email protected]], and the site where I found this was :
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    Well, we didn't see this before it was too late. My daughter was looking for a puppy and found the web-site about a yorkie, so we started checking in on this and it seemed like a ok deal, he sent use the information to send the money. He asked for it by western union and I thought about it and at that time it sounded fishy but I was giving someone the benefit of the doubt. The guy only wanted a hundred and fifty dollars for the puppy. We asked him if their would be any more fees and he said no. Well, I sent the money and then he wanted the information from western union so we sent that to him. He emailed us back and gave us the registration number and plane information and said that the airline would be in touch with the other information. The next day, we got an email from an airline giving us the flight arrangements and what time. Well, the next day the airline said that the puppies were in hold by a vet to be checked out and to make sure they were ok, then the next day the airline said they needed insurance money for the dogs 398.00 dollars for insurance, well I didn't want to lose the dogs so I sent the insurance money. then the next day they sent us an email that said they couldn't ship the dogs without a crate and that we needed to send 400.00 dollars. But when the puppies showed up at my door I was supposed to get the insurance money and the crate money back. Well, Know I was getting upset and started thinking again. Why couldn't I pay with my card to start with and why didn't the airline say all of this information up front and if I was going to sell a dog and have it shipped I would have let the buyer know this up front so that they could be prepared for the expenses. We started calling around and we are pretty sure this was a scam. We even talked to this crazy person over the phone. He could call us but we can't call him. I used my card at western union to pay for the insurance but I don't think that I can still get it back, so I lost 548.00 Dollars to this jerk so maybe someone else won't. Maybe I can find a human being to get my daughter a dog.
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