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Turkish Visa - are there any changes?

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Does anyone know if thr turkish visa arrangements have changed,from the uk?


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    In what way?

    Tourist multiple entry visas are still available for £10 per passenger at the point of entry to Turkey and valid for 90 days.
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    entering Turkey with a Multiple Visa, the stamp has changed and we dont know for certain why? Now it states 90 Days and 180 Daysdont want the context is Does anyone Know?? Steve Mac
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    That was my Post, dont know what went wrong there Sorry, should have read.... Now it States 90 Days & 180 Days. We dont know what the context is Does anyone Know??
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    There seems to have been a spate of this happening!! Not sure if there are plans afoot to change the visa arrangements or they're using up old stock or they have decided to have one stamp but make it do for several different countries!! It is still 90 days multiple entry for UK passport holders :o)
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    News Alert - updated: Rumours have been circulating on forums, and elsewhere, about new Turkish visa regulations that appear to have been recently introduced.

    Kalkan Turkish Local News has made enquiries, and we believe that the rules have indeed changed, and it is going to have a big impact on those foreigners who are here long term, and have thus far relied on renewing their visa every 3 months.

    We spoke to Oktay
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    The reason for the changes are to make people who live in Turkey long term apply for residency status, this means they will have to take a 1-5 year residency permit at a high cost to themselves. I live in Turkey and have done so for last four years, at my last renewal 2 years ago for my wife and I it was £2000 each for 5 years. This change is likely to have a heavy impact on expats who renew their visa's on a 3 month basis. I would expect that there is likely to be a lot of expats heading back to the UK.
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    We left Turkey on 5th July 2010 after a three month stay and are now in UK till 8th Sept when we want to return and sail our yacht away. Is the new law retrospective so that we cannot return till 5th October? Will we have to obtain a residency permit to recover our yacht before 5th October? What is the minimum residency permit duration and cost?
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    Check what it says on the visa stamp in your passport. If it just says multiple entry for 90 days you should be OK but if it has the 180/90 days you may have problems. Check the number of days you were actually in Turkey - did you leave at any point in the 3 months?

    Here's a link the the British Embassy in Ankara website about this very subject

    Hope this helps or at least will give you time to contact the Turkish Embassy in London for any assistance you may need. Although I contacted re this change 2 days ago and they said there were no changes at present!!!!

    It seems there's beena lot of verbal communication but noting official in writing......yet
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    Does anyone know if the new procedures effect Australian passport holders?
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    What's more, now fines and bans will be issues to all those that overstay their visa as follows:

    Overstay 1-15 days - no ban

    Overstay from 16-90 days - banned for up to three months

    Overstay for more than 90 days i.e. from the 91st day, banned for up to six months

    Once you overstay and are fined and banned you can only apply for a Turkish visa at the consulate of your home country, you cannot actually obtain from Turkey.
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    Hi we recently had our UK car taken from us by customs as we left it there on a trip back to the Uk and came in on this new visa. we had car on our passport until 07 October - but they said it was now invalid - a mistake on the border customs part. multiple - up to 90 days within a 180 day period are allowed - explained by customs. Also if you leave a Uk car in customs after 30 days it becomes their property. we were not even allowed to take cds from car! Residency and new car now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    HI i have been told that to obtain my residancy permit i first need to obtain a llce nufus from my tax office or else i will be refused can you please advise thanks.
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    Latest from the British Embassy in Ankara is at
    So the tourist visa has for the time being reverted to it's original status of 90 days multiple entry following a meeting of British officials and Turkish officials. How long this is for though remains to be seen and there has been no clarification as of yet of the status of those that had the "new" visa.

    The British Embassy has promised to publish new information as it receives it.
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    @ Gemmler "The reason for the changes are to make people who live in Turkey long term apply for residency status,"
    If this was the case then it should apply to ALL people and not exempt Germans, Italians and French.
    Lets hope the Turks aren't relying on anyone but the French Germans and Italians for support in their EU application
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    How short sighted the Turkish Government are. Not only will this alienate British investment in Turkey it will have a serious impact on the economies of the turkish community. Droves of UK nationals will abandon the country and bring back the money invested in the Turkish Banking System. How is it possible that a country can openly be discriminatory about who pays for a visa and who does not. No receipts are given or offered at entry points to the country. Money that goes in the bin under the counter is not accountable. Payment has to be in cash and the correct amount. No change given. Smacks of total corruption to me. They have different rates for different nationalities. Countries that do not support their entry into the EU pay no visa charges. Why?? Is it because Turkey wshes not to upset them.The UK government openly supports Turkey in joining th EU but the citizens of the UK in Turkey are one of the most heavily penalised in terms of cost for residency etc. Every price hike and raise in cost is purosely aimed at the Brit Community. Turkey is being racist and discriminates openly in its operation of border control and acceptance of foreigners into their country. Mr Attaturk will be turning in his grave at what is going on in the country he hoped would be accepting of different race, creed and religion. God rest his soul.
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    We entered Turkey on the 19th July and were given the new 90 days in 180 visa. Then the rule reverted for those subsequently entering with the issue of the old 90 days renewable on leaving and re-entering Turkey. However, how does this affect us as we have the new visa stamp. We wish to stay for four months as normal for us and renew by going to Kos for the day. Can we do this again even though we have the new visa in our passports.
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    Apparently the jury is still out on this!!! Keep an eye on the British Embassy site as they have promised to update or contact them. May be worth checking locally as well. I'm guessing you are in the Bodrum area? If so there is a British Vice Consul there - may be wortha visit.

    Just as an aside my daughters visited in June and had the US dollar visa put in their passport with the dollars crossed out and £10 hand written in!!!
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    Mr Peter,
    Hello and thank you very much for your message. However, you're missing a very important point:
    Did you know that the UK is one of the few countries in the world which requests visa for ALL the Turkish passports types such as Regular passport, Special passport, Service passport even Diplomatic passport? Yes, that seems like a two enemy countries.
    Now, please think once again why you have no visa-free access to Turkey.
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    Steve Mac... Sounds like Clareg is the most clued up, thanks for your input and i am watching the Embassy site with great gusto..... crazy situations arising... something is strange... any way i am watching the forum for the crecendo.. someone must have the answer... bet they cant wait to bung it in!!! Well hurry up then LOL..........
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    Thanks Steve.
    I think the best solution is to check the Embassy website before any intended travel as this was initially implemented before any British Consulate in Turkey or the Foreign Office were informed. They stepped in and this is why this was reversed - for the time being.Also most countries do pay a charge and there were 46 other country's visas affected. In fact at current exchange rates the UK is one of the more reasonable!!! OK not by much but most EU countries have to pay 15 Euros.
    Anyway however much we discuss this it isn't going to alter the situation - I think we just wait and see :o)
    Also John Baba contact your nearest foreigner (Yabanci) department at the Polis station to clarify your situation
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    You should be Ok but do check with the Embassy website in case it changes. Also if you don't have a Certificate of Non Impediment you must be resident in Turkey for 21 days and get this from the British Embassy in Izmir - Not suggesting you haven't sorted it but a reminder. Remeber your intention of marriage has to be potes for 21 days there as well if you don't have the CONI.

    There's lots of rumours about the visa which is why I say keep an eye on the Embassy website
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    hi me and my family moved to turkey 6months ago we came with our car they gave us 6months at customs so the car has to go back on 16th january. because im a british citizen i had to apply for residancy which was not a problem they gave me a year does that mean i can keep the car here too? :))
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    Hi Londoner

    Where are you living in Turkey?

    Despite your resident's visa I think your car still has to go back or you have to prove you've sold it to another foreigner or you have to pay a huge import and tax bill!!!

    Just found this article in Zaman Newspaper and to be honest the hassle doesn't seem worth it!

    Also found this from a Turkish customs source:


    A. If the customer has got a residence permit , he/she does not import a motor vehicle into Turkey in Temporary status.

    If the customer has not got a residence permit and entries to Turkey with 3 months visa, he/she
    can import his/her own car to Turkey in a temporary status max. for 180 days.
    According to the staying duration in the last 1 year in Turkey of customer, the customs can give the staying duration of car in Turkey less than 180 days.
    At the end of 180 days or duration/given by the customs, client has to move the car out of Turkey. No any tax –duties-deposites to Turkish Customs for this status.The owner of the car is to be present at the customs office during the customs process.
    Documents: Original Passport , original registration certificate of motor vehicle and traffic insurance certificate/which will be obtained from the insurance company in Turkey, International driving licence.

    Meanwhile, if the customer is retired and having got a pension from the STATE , the customer can bring his/her own motor vehicle by receiving a permition from the TOURING SERVICE in Turkey. For that reason, the customer is to be translate the retirement ID card or certificate into Turkish language first, submit to the Touring Service and get an approve in order to bring it to Turkey.If no any problem, he/she can import the own motor vehicle by paying a deposite (guarantee ) to the Touring Service.
    B. If the customer has got also a working AND residency permit , client can import his/her own car in a temporary status by receiving a temporary Turkish plate/licience during the residence permit by paying a deposit(guarantee ) to Touring Service. At the expiration of residence permit(if leaves from Turkey ), the client has to move out of his/her own car .The deposit is going to be given back to the customer by touring service.Please, check that amount of deposite/guarantee from us by advising the make, model year of vehicle and cylinder capacity of engine.
    Documents :
    • Original passport with working visa isued by Turkish Consulate ( with 2 copies )
    • Original residence permit ( with 2 copies )
    • The working permit (received from the Ministry of Labour and Social Security in Turkey) (1 org + 2 copy )
    • Bank guarantee, isued by a local bank or cash payment to Touring Service ( the amount depends on the cc and year/modell of the car )
    • Original title of car ( with 2 copies )
    • The registration of the company to the Chamber of Commerce in Turkey (1 Org + 2 copy )
    • A letter to Touring Service from the customer’s company.(a draft will be given by us )
    • The delivery form of car to the warehouse in the port. ( with 2 copies )
    • Original Driving Licience ( with 2 copies )
    • The insurance policy of car in Turkey
    • The Entry Carnette of foreign vehicles that received from Touring Service in Turkey (with 2 copies)
    • Written Undertaking ( sample will be given by Turkish Customs )


    One car per family can be imported but is subject to substantial import duties/taxes.
    Car must be registred on the name of importer since 6 months in the Origin Country before incoming to Turkey and must not be older than 3 years ( inclusive registration date and year of model ) and must be
    used ( no brand new ). Please get in touch with in order to learn Import Tax by giving us the make, model (year) of car and cylinder capacity of engine . The owner has to get in touch with Turkish Embassy/Consulate to receive necessary info and documents before to ship the vehicle to Turkey.

    Looks as though the hoops you have to go through would be arduous and possibly cost a lot. I know you have to leave a large sum as deposit to prove you won't do anything with the car you shouldn't and is returnable when you return the car to the UK or sell to another foreigner who then provides a deposit!!! nightmare really.....

    Good luck though
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    i have recently heard the term have changed for the turkish visa that you can only buy once a year i tend to go several times a year and not all within a 90day period will i still be able to do this?
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    Hi Susan

    If you are a UK passport holder the rules are changing on 1st February 2012 - as far as we are aware.

    From the UK FCO website

    scroll down and you get the following:

    Changes to Tourist Visas for British Nationals

    Since 2010, Turkish visit visas issued at arrival ports state that they are valid for multiple stays up to a maximum of 90 days in a 180 day period.

    Up to 31 January 2012, this rule has not been enforced by the Turkish immigration authorities, who were operating a flexible interpretation of the requirement.

    However, from 1 February 2012, the new visa rules will be fully enforced, and you will only be able to stay in Turkey for a total of 90 days in every 180. We had approached the Turkish Authorities to see if this implementation date could be delayed but unfortunately, it could not.

    If you plan to remain in Turkey for a period of more than 90 days after 1February, you should either enquire about longer stay visas from your nearest Turkish Embassy before departure, or if in Turkey, you should enquire at your local Foreigners Police Department (Yabancilar Sube) before 90 days expires. If you stay in Turkey for long periods of time, it may be worth considering obtaining a residence permit.

    Be careful not to overstay the 90 day period. Overstaying is taken very seriously by the Turkish Authorities. As is current practice, those who overstay the 90 day limit could be fined, detained, deported and banned from re-entering Turkey.

    So to answer your question as long as you don't stay longer than 90 days in any 180 day period you'll be OK.
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    I have now, due to the changes in Visa rules obtained a residency to live in Turkey. I am going back to the UK for Summer can I bring my Motor Home ( UK plated ) to Turkey and for how long?
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    I am off to turkey in April for 40 days and then back to UK for about 120 days and wish to return late September for another 40 days in which time my original 180 day will expire during my second visit.Anybody know if I will be allowed to buy a new visa when I re enter Turkey in September although my previous visa is still valid on entry date but I have left for over 90 days
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    Hi Jean

    ? haven't a clue!!! May be worth contacting the British Embassy here in Turkey.

    Let us know how you get on as ?'m sure there will be otehr people with similar questions
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    I am wanting to go to turkey in april, come back for 2 week and then go back for 3 month.
    Can I do this? If I buy a new visa on my second visit? x
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    Hey Folks, I'm from Belgium, so not sure if i'm the in the right place here.
    But perhaps there is someone who can give me a hands up.

    I lived in Istanbul for about 3 years illagely my girlfriend is turkish and just stayed at her home and did what i had to do to eat and live how i wanted it.
    Now i came back to visit my family and i earned myself a painful 5 year ban.

    I am desperatly trying to find a "way" to get back inside. Which does not include having to marry (not that i do not want this, but we want to keep that special moment for in a chosen time)
    I heard it could be done with a ferry from some part in greece. Because of they would have a different control routine once you arrive at Turkish boarder line ?

    I sadly do not have the luxury to just go and hope for the best. I need to be really sure and go with knowing i will arrive where i want to be.
    This due to some "personal" problems in homeland. So once i start going i need to be sure i won't find myself having to come back. :/

    I don't want to sound like i want too much, hm :/

    Just wondering if anyone has any insight or experience with this ?

    I thank you very dearly much!
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    Hi Jimece,

    We are french, living in istanbul and the new visa renewal of feb 2012 is a major pain in our ass. We've entered the country on dec 6th and plan to stay here until mid-april. But now, you can't just cross the border and come back for another 90 days. The problem is, we have family and friends who already bought there plane tickets (with no refundable insurance) to come visit.
    So we don't know what to do, being scared of getting fined a huge amount if we overstay.

    Now I understand you have overstayed you fair share and got banned 5 years, but did they ask you to pay a fine, and if yes, how much and did you?

    One of our option is to just stay until april, and if we can avoid paying by getting banned, that would be awsome!!we are traveling the world and that should take much longer than the ban they would give us, so no big deal.

    In our serach for an alternative, we found this ( ) that might help you - it's a stretch of land between Greece and Turkey that seemed crossable by foot - the rest of the border is a river. So if you want to fraud your way into Turkey, it might be a good option for you.

    Waiting for your answer

    Good luck in your search!

    Alexandra & Beno
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    Hi there Alexandra & Beno
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    Does anyone know anything about Bulgarians staying in Turkey??. I am originally from the UK but have Turkish citizenship. My boyfriend is Bulgarian. He arrived here May 2011 and after 3 months we applied to the Passport police for a residency visa. We were told he could only apply for 6 months which he did and was given this. After 6 months we applied again and he was told after 2 weeks !! ' sorry we not doing Bulgarian visas any more, you have 3 days to get out the country' !!!!!!
    Can anyone give me a contact e mail for the turkish foreign office so I can query this ?
    Many Thanks

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    Residents visas are handled by the Yabanci department of the local polis. Which area are you? In Antalya the Polis have quite a comprehensive website with all the information you need to apply for different types of resident/work visa etc.

    This is the mfa website and there is a contact page but only with a phone number

    Good Luck!!
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    I note the Visa for which one pays £10 lasts for 90 days. I am going to Turkey for 28 days, returning to the UK for 3 days, then going to Turkey again for a further 28 days. Will the 90-day period cover me, or will I have to pay again?
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    if my maths is correct this comes to 59 days altogether so you should be fine. Point out the dates to the passport control officer. Also on your first entry make sure the dates stamped on the visa are very clear. ? had fun and games once when leaving Turkey just before the 90 day expiry as the date of entry was unclear. The guy in the booth had to call his boss to get permission to stamp me out!!!

    When you get your visa check the wording on it as well as again there may be changes. So far these seem to be changes that everyone is hearing about but difficult to substantiate. One is that the visa is issued for 180 days but only 90 may be spent in Turkey. The other that the visa will be 3 months rather than 90 days.

    Do check!!!
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    If a person has a new 90 days in 180 visa stamp in their UK passport and they only use 70 days and return to the UK but their passport expires so they get a remewal. Can they then come back into Turkey for a month with a new visa stamp or do they have to wait until the original visa stamp in old passport has expired?
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    Hi Clarecg
    It's here again,So if i Buy my Multiple entry Visa i can stay in Turkey for 90 days in 180. when the visa Expires i can enter Turkey again on another multple entry Visa,and do the same onthe new one.So its not going to affect Holiday makers,and its really made it cheaper for ex pats to stay in Residency!...... SteveMac.
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    As far as ? am aware you can only spend 90 days in Turkey from the date of issue and cannot get a new one until 180 days have passed. But here is Turkey and who knows when it wil be forceably applied. ?t really doesn't affect normal holiday makers. Also ? have heard that the residency visa fees are set to rise substantially. The last figure quoted was over 600 TL for a year......... we'll see what happens :o)
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