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Weather in Thailand and Honeymoon

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I am considering to spend my honeymoon next July in Thailand but I am very confused about the climate and weather. Since in June there is monsoon climate do you think that it will be raining almost through out the whole month of July and August?




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    Hi Ruby
    Thailand's monsoons can happen any time from June to October. In September and October there is also a lot of flooding throughout the country. July and August are in the monsoon period so you should make sure you have detailed weather updates closer to the time.
    Regardless, I hope you have a wonderful honeymoon!
  • Hi ruby, monsoon season is still a good time to visit Thailand. The rains dont last long, often only in the afternoon, and then the sun comes out again and everyone goes about their business. It actually cools things down a bit, too.
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    Thanks for your information about the climate and I really hope that it will not be very rainy next July more over no flooding cause we really wish to spend our honeymoon in Thailand. Can you please suggest me a very relaxing island or resort with best crystal clear water and beautiful beaches which I can spend for about 5days please?


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    Koh Phi Phi is a fantastic island off the west coast of Thailand - Really beautiful, stunning turquoise waters, a slice of heaven! It's the smallest of Thailand's islands, so small in fact there are no cars, and it is by far the most beautiful island I went to while I was there.
    See the guide here:

    I didn't go to Koh Tao but I heard great things about it:

    Apparently Krabi is also amazing:
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    Anybody been to Thailand (Koh Lanta/Phuket region) in November?
    Worried about the weather/rain but really want to go!

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    Am planning to go to Phuket early April. I've heard its the hottest time. Is it much hotter than other times. Has anyone got climate info for April
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    Hi Jenron,
    Yes, early April the hottest time everywhere in Thailand. So why there is a special
    festival " Songkran " during 13-15 th April , the water splashing blessing on everyone
    and the Thai start a New Year, but but if you want to join this festival the best
    destination must be in Chiangmai ,North of Thailand there's amazing Songkran festival.
    enjoy your holidays
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    Check out our Word Travels rainfall and temperature charts for Thailand - pretty much answers all the questions above.
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    I plan on going to Thailand in mid-august and for approximately one month. This is the only period I could get time off from work - hence the bad timing weatherwise. However, I am hoping to find someplace where the weather is relatively good. Any advise on this would be much appreciated!


    P.S. As I plan on practicing thaiboxing while there, I have done some research on schools. It seems there is a very good one in Rawai, Phuket, but is this a particularly bad location to be during the rainy season?
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    Hello there,

    It's east to get really hung up on weather and climate charts when booking a trip to Thailand. Strictly speaking, the weather tends to be at its driest and brightest from mid-November to April. Having said that, there's a common misconception that the monsoon season is basically a constant downpour. This definitely isn't the case. Often, the monsoon amounts to a pretty heavy and epic late afternoon downpour to clear the air. So, the weather may be a little more changeable, but on the whole, still often sunny. I travelled to Thailand during May and June, which are technically monsoon months, but the weather was lovely the whole time, and the showers were very welcome in such humid conditions. The other bonus about travelling in monsoon season is the peace - far less tourists are about over monsoon. Consequently, rooms and bungalows tend to be cheaper over this period.

    Ellen - you might find the area around Phuket a little tricky in August, purely because this is where the rain will be heaviest at this time of year. If you're after more reliable weather, you might be better off finding a boxing school around the eastern islands of Ko Samui, Ko Pha Ngan and Ko Tao. There are quite a few Muy Thai schools around now, so there should be a good one in the area.

    Hope that helps!
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    Thank you so much, TravellingB - sounds like good advise, and you helped me reach a decision on where to go :-)
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    August is not the best time for traveling especially if you wanted to visit the islands. A central tour of Thailand would be your best option. Kanchanaburi has plenty of things to do if the weather is bad. you could also do a central tour following the northern train line up to Chang Mai stopping at places like Auyattha, Lopburi, Lampang and Sukhothai on route.

    you will also find some good Thai boxing academies and local gyms in Chaing Mai
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    Most of Thailand will experience three main seasons:
    - November to January: Dry, sunny days and cool nights.
    - February to May: Hot and dry. April is considered the hottest months
    - June to November: The Green Season (so swap a beach holiday for rural Thailand with shimmering emerald rice fields!)

    If venturing to the South, then be aware that the west coast (Phuket, Kao Lak, Krabi) will experience rain and stormy weather from April to October. The East coast (Koh Samui) will witness most rainfall between September and December.

    Hope this helps!
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    I am looking to go to phuket at the end of october through to the first week of november.. Is it a good time to visit amd what will the weather amd tempreture be like? After the flooding which happend in bangkok recentley i
    Am very worried about going incase it will effect my holiday. Can someone please advise me on what i should do. Also i am deciding on where to stay in phuket.. Karon or Cape panwa??? Patong will be too busy, i want to stay away from busy parts but still be close to shops and places to eat and shop and a lOvly beach!
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    Hi...late October will be mostly ending of monsoon. Very less amount of rain you will be seeing. If it's rain then will normally last for few hours. You can still enjoy sea, sand and sun !!!! I actually think its one of the best times of the year to go as its still low season, therefore accommodation is much cheaper!

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    need information about Thailand... will going to Thailand next January 2012...
    is it save to go Thailand those month?
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