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Best weather in Thailand in august/september?

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I am planning on going to Thailand to practice thaiboxing for one month. My only opportunity to get a month off from work is from approx. august 20th - meaning that I will be there during the peak rainy season. However, I know that the climate varies from region to region. Therefore: Where should I go to get as little rain and as much sun as possible? I do want to combine my holidays with some beach time, so I want to go to one of the islands/somewhere along the coast. All helpful comments will be much appreciated!

Best, Ellen


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    Hi Ellen,

    I think that you're best bet is heading for a Thai boxing school on one of the Eastern Islands such as Ko Pha Ngan, Ko Tao or Ko Pha Ngan (famous for the Full Moon parties), as the heavy rains tend to hit the Phuket side of Thailand during late August/early September. This should minimise your chances of being hit by the brunt of the monsoon showers, as the islands I've mentioned should be the driest area of the country during this period.

    Equally, there's quite a bit of luck involved where monsoon weather is concerned. Some travellers experience bright sunshine with intermittent showers during the monsoon period, while others have a soggier holiday. Thailand really is great at any time of year, and you should still see some sunshine - it's just a little more difficult to bank on that during this period.

    We've sent plenty of customers to Thailand during monsoon, and nobody has ever returned saying that the weather had a really negative impact on their trip.

    Anyway - sounds like a really great trip. Have a brilliant (and boxing injury-free) time!

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    Bryony, thanks for the advise - much appreciated :-)
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