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Please advise if a client travelling on a UK Passport needs to apply for visa to visit Morocco


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    No.... is the simple answer. Your Passport does need to be vaild for at least 6 months prior to expiry. When you arrive in Morocco you will be given an "Embarkation Card" to complete. (Very simple.... Name, passport number, nationality, profession, reason for travel, place you are staying in, where you have come from). You then hand this over to an Officer in a Customs Kiosk who types your details into his/her computer and subsequently stamps your passport. When you leave Morocco you will have to repeat the excercise which makes sence as they then know that you have both arrived..... and left their country.
    If you are flying into Casablanca or Marrakech do be warned that sometimes the que through customs clearence can be VERY time consuming, especially if several planes are leaving at similar times and hundreds of passangers are queing up. GIVE YOURSELF PLENTY OF TIME TO GET TO THE DEPARTURE LOUNGE.

    Hope that helps
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    I am planning trip o Morroc. I am joining a tour in Morroco. I will have some free time to shop in Marrackech and Casablanca. Which shopping places would you sugest . Will be staying at Barcello Casablanca. Do you also know what are the trading times of shops.

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    The main square of D' jemaa-el-Fna (Marrakech) is surrounded by an endless labyrinth of souks (bazaars) which are well documented and sell pretty much everything from souvineers, slippers, handicrafts, artwork etc to chickens, spices, live reptiles and on and on... The whole area is a facinating carnival atmosphere which conjures up visions of snake charmers, acrobats, sooth-sayers, musicians, food stalls and the like.

    Fascinating, it certainly is and especially when the sun is starting to set and the rich abundance of gastronomic flavours fill the air, trapped in plumes of smoke and steam to give the Djemaa-el-Fna its twilight eeriness, a mesmerising quality I have found nowhere else. As the evening darkens, the hustle bustle of activity rages on. The exotic music appears louder and more hypnotic.

    The Shaman display their apocotheries and cures, both living and dead, which always begs the question “how does one apply such a thing”? A fine example is the Black Scorpion trapped inside a jam-jar. “It’s for haemorrhoids” I am informed. “well… um.. if I had Piles…. How would I apply it”? Seemed a suitable response. “I suggest you kill it first” Came the logical answer!

    The souks are open all day up till 10.00pm. Go to to see a map and photo.
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    Hi dear
    I would like to know why f.r.s company (through it manager in Tangier ) offers you a cheap fast ferry tickets under a condition of visiting his shop in Tangier.
    Thank you
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    I am planning a holiday to morocco next year with my wife, we plan to fly to casablanca then go by train to fez and marrakech. We are then contemplating hiring a car and travelling to Ouarzazate over the atlas mountains, is this possible or advisable in April?
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    April is a good time in my opinion as the mountains will still be covered with snow but should be thawing now; some great scenery to be seen.
    Stay in Casa as little as possible and get the train asap to start exploring the older parts of Morocco.
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    Hi..... I plan on visiting a friend in Morocco, next year end of March 2010 or sometime in april. I am traveling from the USA. I know I need a passport. Is there anything else.. I may need to bring? I never traveled, to another country, before.
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    From USA you only need your passport but this must have at least six months validity.
    The only other requirement is that you present an entry document which sgould be handed to you in flight.
    The document asks for your personal details such as name, home address, passport details, where you are staying in Morocco and other minor details.
    You hand this in at immigration control along with your passport and the whole affair is iver in minutes although control are very methodical (slow in other words).
    I have plenty of these but I'm in the UK; I can sned you one by e-mail but you can only use the official ones and not photocopies onto paper.
    As you have not stated where in Morocco you are going I cannot give specific advice although you must take something for upset tummy as food poisoning does occur but does not affect everyone. My only experience (of my many visits) was in Tanger and that had me flat out for two days in Gibraltar.
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    Hello I am hoping to take my VW into Morocco in April, I understand that the Algerian road border is closed, so I will have to go back into Europe (Spain) to then take a ferry to Algeria. Can anyone clarify /confirm this please
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    Yes the border has been closed since 1994 so forget Algeria and either spend more time in Morocco in such beautiful lanscaped areas as Chefchaouen or make your way by ferry to Europe and then Tunisia.
    Algeria is not a safe place to visit; you should check the website for your embassy or Foreign Office if one exists (as does in UK) for up-to-date advice. You should only go into Algeria (a) if on diplomatic business or (b) to stay in the large cities and never venture into unpopulated areas as kidnappings are not uncommon including murder; a fatwa (death sentence) is still in place against foreigners here.
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    Im planning a holiday in Morocco with my girlfriend, I just read how sexual relations is not permitted by law to unmarried people etc... will this cause any hassle for us, i.e. staying together etc
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    This depends on what nationalities you are: if either of you is Moroccan you will not be allowed to share the same room in any hotel, anywhere in Morocco as the hotel may lose its licence.
    If on the other hand, one of you is Moroccan, then the only recourse is to rent an apartment.
    Couples of any race in other circumstances (married or not) is irrelevant and they can share the same room.
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    What is the night life like??...Are there any night clubs for young people???
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    Try this:
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    What is the best month to travel to Marrakech??
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    i am a pakistani national living and working in uk for last 4 yrs.i applied for visa to morocco in oct 2009,but no repsonse,so i applied again in dec 2009 ,and still waiting for it.i just called and asked the ref # of my application,so can anyone advise me where in morocco does my application goes for i can call them or check with them.
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    For Reza:
    April, May and September are warm enough to enjoy, but not too hot to suffer. Not too many tourists either, best to avoid week around Easter.
    Marrakech is usually cold in December; around 15-20 centigrades during the day which is cold by Moroccan standards but warm for europeans. In summer months it can get too hot and clammy as this is far inland with no cooling sea breezes.
    My preferred times are November, March and May, the latter two are said to be peak periods but this does not mean you will pay high prices for accommodation; by careful shopping around on various websites you can get some good deals.

    For Umar:
    Do you have a British passport?
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    no. i am pakistani national & pakistani passport holder.i am in uk on work permit.
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    hi i am booking a weekend in marrakech at beginning of march and staying in a riad . does anyone know if alcohol is forbidden or can you drink in any places around i.e bars , restaurant cheers lee
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    John 9159. VMT for your information on Algeria, it was as I suspected, so I will seek a bypass around Algeria, I always feel it's a shame that borders are so contrasting.
    I read your report immediately, it just took me a while to respond to the festive period
    Regards and Thanks Mark
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    Marrakech has many places where drinking alcohol is permitted, bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels. There are also supermarkets where you can buy alcohol for personal consumption, Acima in Gueliz district and the very large euro-style Marjane for example.
    Generally Riads are not in favour of alcohol nor do they have bars within.
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    I am an older woman and I will start this year's travel in the middle of May in Morroco , where I join a tour. My first question is: I arrive in Casablanca 1 day ahead of the tour and leave after 2 weeks from Marakesh to Tangier on the night train; can I buy the train ticket in Casablanca the 2 weeks before, or is it better or even possible to buy it on the net? My other question is: How far is it from thr train station in Tangiers to the ferry to Tarifa? Do I have to book this ferry?
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    I am a Paksitani, living and working in Saudi Arabia. I applied for a visit visa to Morocco about a week back but so far there is no response from the Embassy. The official at the Moroccan embassy did not give me any receipt or tracking number for follow up.

    I am wondering if they really grant visas to Pakistani nationals!!??!!
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    Going to Marrakech end March. My husband has a heart condition for which he takes Diuretics - ergo needs to use the loo frequently - can you tell me if there are public toilets and are they easy to recognise?

    Many thanks
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    I am going on holiday to Agadir (Marrocco) next week with my husband & our the 9 month old baby. Can anyone please give advise, what I need to know.
    Are there big supermarkets where we can buy baby food, milk, nappies?
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    Diane - not many public loos around but most cafes, restaurants etc will not mind you using their facilities.

    Oxanat - within walking distance of most hotels is Uniprix which sells nappies; also on the same road (Ave Hassan II) is Sawra and Ifra supermarkets which sell baby food. There are at least 10 chemists/pharmacies which I can locate around town which should sell same.
    On the outskirts of the tourist area is Marjane (taxi ride 12-15Dh) which may sell these but I'm not cerain.
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    What should I do to get my laptop through Moroccan customs without paying exorbitant fees? I've heard you can get it registered in your passport. How do I do this?

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    Unless you really need to take your laptop with you (eg for work) you should leave this at home.
    There are so many internet cafes almost everywhere and very cheap to use at about 4Dh per hour (€0.40).
    As for customs, I cannot see that you will have much trouble unless this was new and unopened as though it were to be sold. You should not be expected to pay anything for bringing one into the country unless they want to make an excuse to earn a bit on the side for no reason at all other than to make you think that you SHOULD be paying an import charge.
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    hi i got visa to morrocco, i am sri lanka working in qatar, the visa issued on the specific date which 23rd april to 8th may, no my shedule got change to 6th to 16th, i am reaching morroco by 6th of may, wil i able to enter? once i enter what should i do to extend the visa once i am in morroco, please help me on this urgent?

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