Puppies from Cameroon Scam - Lagos pet scams



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    Nadine Green is also a scam so i think im not a hundred percent sure but she is also from douala cameroon
    and tried to send me a maltese.. i'm not a hundred percent sure yet but yeah... i don't trust it but i gave her
    my address do you think they will use my address and phone number to hold it against me?
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    DO NOT DO IT!!!!! I sent $200 for and english bulldog pup, then like others had to send $150 for a warmer crate, then they wanted $600 for insurance - which I did NOT send. This is horse crap. These people thrive on animal lovers because we are sofg hearted. The balls they have to be faithful and say things like "God Bless" and "Keep the Faith", etc. is not a christian thing to do. I, too got "official looking" airport documents and when I got the 3rd one asking for $600 I googled the airport, found contact information for the airport commision, sent information about what I have been going through and he confirmed that they do not operate in such a fashion and the insurance fee is bogus. This started with an Anthony Lopez in Cameroon selling 3 English Bulldog pups for $200 "travel fee". Be aware of email anthonylopez20094@aol.com.

    Here I have been SICK thinking that my pup has been traveling for 7 days and there IS NO FRIGGIN DOG!!! Let's all ban together to get this STOPPED! And for the jackass who said we are stupid....SCREW YOU!!!!!!
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    my boyfriend was buying me 2 teacup yookies and we sent 300.00 2 them 4 puppys then sent the airlines 600.00. i guess it was a scam cuz now they want 200.00 4 some paper work.
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    Thank you guys for the advise above a MILLION TIMES OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was falling for it - it got to the point when I said I wanted them (2 English Bulldogs) she took them to the airport & said they we're there at the Cameroon Airport. The airport called me & I started asking all these questions and the guy actually had the balls to tell me I was asking him to many questions and hung up on me (RED FLAG)!!! I told the girl to get the puppies back from the airport and send me a photo witht the little guys standing on a piece of paper with my name on it and now of course she can't because they are already at the airport......Thanks for the 411 people you saved me - she keeps emailing me to assure me all is right, lol! It sucks that there are these aholes out there - can't trust anyone anymore, guess its every man/woman for their selves which hurts the one's that are legit!
  • The internet is like the wild west sometimes. Be sure you only give your money to reputable companies.

    If you want a dog, go down to your local animal shelter. It's normally free and you'll give an animal the chance it wouldn't have had otherwise.
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    I recently saw a post on Milwaukee Craigslist stating my puppy needs to be rescued. So we replied asking why it need to rescued. They deleted their post immediately after they respond to us. They stated they had just recently left to Cameroon for a UN volunteer mission for helping pregnant women and children with malaria.
    We were told that Cameroon doesn't allow pets in from different countries, and they said they need to send her back in 2 weeks. Her name was Daisy and she was 9 months old. They then sent pictures and questions for us. We replied with questions for them.
    They dropped little hints, like ending their email with waiting.....
    Soon we said we would like to take Daisy into our home, we set up information to get her plane ticket, we would say that we weren't paying until the dog arrived in Milwaukee, but they repeatedly said don't worry we love our little girl...
    Just after that email, we received one from his "junior brother" who was now in charge of the shipping the dog..we thought that was funny, and emailed the original family, stating who he is and why does he want the information. they replied stop emailing him, forward all of his emails to me and i will track him..so we did..and later that night the family said we don't who he is but we believe that he is trying to steal from us...and not to email back to anyone who didn't close the email with I love my puppy...(it seemed all good up to this point)
    we saw little flags but didn't think much of it.) We sent the money ($160) through Western Union, unfortunately when we went to pull the money, he had already taken it. He sent an email saying email as soon as you get Daisy, I want to know how she is. And he sent the plane information, which looked real..but i noticed little things that looked unprofessional, but he gave us flight numbers, and it said an agent would be delivering the dog to our home..That was a major red flag for me. I would think that we would have to come pick her up at the airport to verify all the information. I checked the flight numbers, and all were real, one actually said canceled, so my daughter thinks there's still a chance that its coming tomorrow..sadly I don't. The agents name was KELLY BRIGHT, I googled that and saw so many hits with scam and her name. Right then I knew either this family was for real and sent it through a scam, or the man behind the emailing was truly the scam artist.
    The last flight number was suppose to be a plane coming from Atlanta to Milwaukee, but instead it was Atlanta to Dallas. I know it was a scam now. There emails were morelover88@gmail.com and ayaforbelmond@yahoo.com don't respond to them, don't agree to anything they want..its a scam.
    I emailed them 2 last night asking what the food the puppy ate, and if they knew anything about KELLY BRIGHT....sadly they don't even have the guts to respond. I'm responding to them today saying Daisy never came, where is she? but i know i won't get an email back....Its just sad that we can't even trust people these days. Animals aren't property, there family...
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    I'm corresponding with a man from Cameroon his name is Gareth Bents with similar situation. This is the e-mail I received:

    "Nice reading from you once again,i just want to hope my puppy will be taken very good care of while at your home.The flight fee per puppy is just 200euro and the puppy shall be delivered at your home.As for a proof,the delivery agency in charge of transporting the puppy will contact you as soon as the puppy shall be at the airport and you shall make the payments to the delivery agency yourself and not to me..They shall give you the flight details and also the dispatch number.The puppy shall come with all her health papers since they are needed for the flight.
    She will also be sent with some toys and clothes.
    So if it is ok by,then get back to me with the following details so i can get the puppy to the airport either today or very early tomorrow morning for the next available flight to your location ok:
    Your full names to which i shall address the puppy,
    The names of the closest airport to your home,
    your cell phone number and
    Your house address to which the puppy shall be delivered.

    I wait to read from you as soon as possible so the puppy can be flown.
    Have a nice day.

    Sound familiar?? :-)

    I know it's a scam especially after reading the above messages!! I'm going to see how far he's going to go...I'm definitely NOT going to send him any money!!
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    Faye-Arv: please keep us posted on how it goes! Have some fun with this scammer - string him along a bit. See if he can get you a Saint bernard.
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    Iam from CentralAmerica , , thank you for warning about this , a yorkie terrier was supose be sent to me , they did not ask for money ...yet, but when I read this , I did not like this kind of business, with this poor and beautiful animals, Please do not play with this lives , and people feelings , who just want to give this puppies a home!!!!!
    the adress was alaji port [alaji_port@yahoo.com], and the site where I found this was :
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    Well, we didn't see this before it was too late. My daughter was looking for a puppy and found the web-site about a yorkie, so we started checking in on this and it seemed like a ok deal, he sent use the information to send the money. He asked for it by western union and I thought about it and at that time it sounded fishy but I was giving someone the benefit of the doubt. The guy only wanted a hundred and fifty dollars for the puppy. We asked him if their would be any more fees and he said no. Well, I sent the money and then he wanted the information from western union so we sent that to him. He emailed us back and gave us the registration number and plane information and said that the airline would be in touch with the other information. The next day, we got an email from an airline giving us the flight arrangements and what time. Well, the next day the airline said that the puppies were in hold by a vet to be checked out and to make sure they were ok, then the next day the airline said they needed insurance money for the dogs 398.00 dollars for insurance, well I didn't want to lose the dogs so I sent the insurance money. then the next day they sent us an email that said they couldn't ship the dogs without a crate and that we needed to send 400.00 dollars. But when the puppies showed up at my door I was supposed to get the insurance money and the crate money back. Well, Know I was getting upset and started thinking again. Why couldn't I pay with my card to start with and why didn't the airline say all of this information up front and if I was going to sell a dog and have it shipped I would have let the buyer know this up front so that they could be prepared for the expenses. We started calling around and we are pretty sure this was a scam. We even talked to this crazy person over the phone. He could call us but we can't call him. I used my card at western union to pay for the insurance but I don't think that I can still get it back, so I lost 548.00 Dollars to this jerk so maybe someone else won't. Maybe I can find a human being to get my daughter a dog.
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    I had a friend that was recently scammed by a person in Spain. So I thought that I would look into this scamming business that is on our local site. I found one: yorkie to be shipped to me asap without money yet. I want to see how far I can go with this person. My friend lost up to 350 dollars at christmas time mind you. She was looking for that perfect pet for her only child. I am certainly not sending this person any cash. I'm glad that I found this site. I will get my friend to look at this site. Good luck and I am so sorry that you went through this. God Bless.
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    Hi I am looking to purchase a baby maltese and i have been told to contact the airport and make payment arrangements with the airport. am i going to be getting scamed or does this sound legit? someone please answer asap. the email that is contacting me is minora_scott@yahoo.com has anyone been sent anything from this email before? and as well i live in canada does anyone know the area code i put infront to contact this airport by phone?
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    I really really wish that I had half the money that most of the people on this forum page have. I'm just glad that I have twice the sense to actually realise when a scam is being pulled. Never have I seen a better example of the phrase 'A FOOL AND THEIR MONEY ARE SOON PARTED'.

    To all those that have been scammed...get some chalk and write on the board 1000 times 'I must not be such a fool, I must not be such an fool, i must not be....' If someone in Africa is offering to sell you puppies, chimps (simply IMMORAL), guppies in a bowl, a bag of tangerines or a box of smarties for a price that is too good to be true...IT IS A SCAM.
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    I own a Vietnamese restaurant and am trying to buy yorkie puppies for a special dish i am wanting to make. Can you make recomendation for good place to get these little creatures? They taste so good, I msut have them. If there are so many breeding in Cameroon, maybe i go there and buy whole shipment of thse fury fellows. If I get lucky with hot deal i tell you all so can make purchasse from me. Or come to my Vietnames restaurant in London, England: Hanoi House in Shperherds Bush.
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    okay to the post above me ......................your one sick individual, how about we cook you up and eat you? i mean its 2009 now, get with the times..........eat a cow or a pig. DOGS ARE HOUSE PETS NOT FOOD YOU SICKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    as for the scam, i was looking on kijiji for a puppy in the toronto area, bc i had found my dog that i currently have. i came a ccross a 14 week old Beagle named rima, once the person informed me that they were in Camaroon(africa) i grew suspicious......but being the curious person that i am, i played it out as if i wantd the dog, he told me that he was on a research assignment and he couldnt care for the dog any longer, he then asked for my info and said that he would register her at the dept of animal at the airport...........they even went as far as sending me a confirmation email for my flight, which stated that i would have to go to western union and western union $100.00 to some mane that they claimed to be the company secretary, they have also called me and thats when i informed them that i knew what was going on and that i had never planed on taking part in their scam......heres some of what the :comfirmation email looked like"

    Good day Sir/Dr/Mr/Mrs JESSICA ANGER,
    This is to notify you that we have a flight arrangement to put your dog on flight.This dog is a male beagle dog. The name of the dog is Rima.
    The reservation was made today morning, TUESDAY 17 FEBRUARY 2009, by :

    Mr Albert gasser,
    Victoria Limbe,
    38 botanic avenue

    The flight schedule if payment is done on time is as follows ;
    The dog will be delivered TODAY TUSEDAY 17 FEBRUARY 2009 7:45 PM in the evening by one of our agents by name Olaf Donalds.

    The address below is your address that Mr Albert Gasser gave us:
    Jessica Anger
    255 willson rd
    apt 301
    welland, ontario
    TEL: (905)329-7232
    Verify your address above and confirmed to us if correct.This is a security measure so that the dog should be delivered to the right personality.

    You have to pay the flight charge of 100 dollar by western union (WESTERN UNION ) to the address of Mr MONIE RAOUL. He is our company secretary.

    Payment details :

    Name: Mr MONIE RAOUL,
    Address:Yaounde Nsimalen,
    City/town: Yaounde,
    Country : Cameroon,
    Zip code : 00237.

    When you go to pay the money at western union office, you will be asked to give a security question and response.

    For security question use : CODE

    For response use :RIMA

    NB:Do not try to change this security question (CODE) and response(RIMA)

    When you pay the money, you have to send to us immediately by email the reference number (MTCN) 10 digit number so that our secretary will be able to collect the money immediately.

    You have to pay this money on time so as to facilitate the flight of the dog on time as scheduled on our flight program.

    Please Kindly email us with the 10 digit reference number as soon as the payment is done and confirm Your address so that we are sure that delivery is actually done at the right personality, we are waiting for your soonest reply.


    TELL: 0023797554328
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    I, too, came across these scammers. I thought I would have a little fun with them here are the emails i got:

    Thanks for the mail. the are still available they are well trained and well playful to kids and other house pets,they are 12 weeks old,they are well AKC register and vet checked ,they are full health guarantee . All i want for them is someone who will take good and proper care for them,so all i want from you is just to promise me that you will take good care of them and provide them with love and care i can still separate them if you wish to take only one i am asking just $100 for each because they are on adoption and not for sale,if they were for sale,they would have cost you more than that amount,so please if you are interested in getting one or both
    just get back to me with the answers to
    these questions below.
    -Where are you located ?
    -How soon do you need the puppy ?
    -Are you use to puppies ?
    -Are you sure you will take good care for this puppy?
    -Do you know of any good vet doctor in your location?
    -How many to you want?
    -Male or Female
    After answering the question above , it will make us believe that you are going to take good care of The puppy then you are free to welcome them to your home. This puppies are coming from Victoria Bay Cameroon If you wish to achieve this goal with me, kindly get back to me so that we can proceeds?.

    They also sent three pics of the "puppies"

    Here is the second email:

    Hello, Yes it will cost $600US for both puppies including flight fee? i have a friend that have flight a puppy over sea to Canada and all i wanted was your full delivery address where the babies will be deliver to you? the puppies will be coming along side with their health papers, playing toys feeding food and water on their trip to your location? they will deliver you the puppies with all papers. you will only sign the delivery papers to show that you have pick up the puppies, so should i give you my address so that you go and western union the $600.00 US to me. if so just get back to me and let me know? and also will you keep sending me update pictures of the puppies so that i can see how there are doing in their new home. Thanks for being so familiar to me and the puppies.
    Thanks and God bless you.
    Cloyed cloyedella@yahoo.com

    I think I'm gonna email them back and tell them that i'm just gonna fly over there and pick the puppy up myself! LOL! See what they say then! LOL! I wish there was someway we could have the ads blocked on these classified sites.
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    Ok, here is the email i sent back to them saying that i was going to just fly over there to get the puppies:

    Oh yes! I'm very excited about the puppies! They wil l be like new babies added to our family! We will love them dearly. We are even planning to decorate a bedroom in our home just for them! I'm so excited about the puppies, my husband has offered to fly me to your location so I can pick the puppies up! I'm so excited! My husband is actually an ex-CIA agent for the United States government. He will be coming with me to get the puppies. Please tell me the name of the airport closest to you so I can get my flight information and buy airline tickets. Please send me your contact information so that I will be able to contact you when we arrive. We will be there as soon as we can get a flight out. It could be as soon as Thursday. I'm so excited about the puppies. My husband and I plan on making a mini-vacation out of the trip. Thank you so much! Thank you Thank you! I trust is in you! I can't wait to see the little darlings!

    LOL! I wonder if they will even email me back now! LOL! Lying A**holes!
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    hi guys i have came accross some similar scammers i tries t obuy bulldog puppy frm a pearson who was giving me puppy for free
    here is mail i got frm him
    >>> From: obenfamily <obenfamily@gmail.com>
    >>> To: Raj Shah <raj_8712@yahoo.com>
    >>> Sent: Monday, February 16, 2009 6:02:46 PM
    >>> Subject: Re: re free pups for adoption
    >>> Hello,
    >>> Actually, i am located in the Western Region Of Cameroon, where i
    >>> will be shipping the puppies to your location, which they will be
    >>> delivered right at your door steps in a crate and all play
    >>> toys, with a 1 year health guarantee. But, before i give this puppy to
    >>> you, you are to promise me that, you are going to always take him/her
    >>> out or a walk, take proper care of them, and always send me recent
    >>> pictures of them. They will be coming with all work papers, food
    >>> menu.They are AKC registered, and on all recent shots up to date. If
    >>> the shipping fee is made available now, then you will have these
    >>> babies, delivered right at your door steps in about 8-9 hrs time since
    >>> they
    >>> will be taking a direct flight to your location. And for you to get
    >>> these babies, you are require to provide just the shipping fee to your
    >>> location . So we will also like to know where you are located. So how
    >>> are you preparing to welcome these babies? Have you got more play toys
    >>> for them, will you always take them out for a walk?And they will be
    >>> coming along side with their resident permit
    >>> They are 14 weeks old, they love the company of kids and other house
    >>> hold pets. They are house,
    >>> toilet, table trained.
    >>> Are you married...........................
    >>> Do you have kids........................
    >>> Are they friendly with pets...................
    >>> Have you ever kept Puppies before...........
    >>> Where are you located..........................
    >>> Will be waiting to read back from you soon.
    obenfamily@gmail.com is a scammer dnt deal with him
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    jillianferry4cm@gmail.com ,NINAJYOCE@YAHOO.COM,obenfamily@gmail.com,etc are some of d biggest scammers dnt deal with them
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    Once again I am glad you get back to me with at least some answers to my questions, so like I did mention in my last email that you are only going to be paying for the puppy's air ticket so it can be ship to you, I want you to know that I am still standing on those words and also I want you to know that the Minister of Fishes and Animal Husbandry has make a reduction on any pet or animal that is being ship from Cameroon to any other country so it is not going to cost you that much to have any of this puppies ship to you, just $550 for everything including the puppy's air ticket and some food that can last with the puppy for at least 3 weeks so please do let me know which of this my puppies that you will like to adopt so I can get to give you some more details about he/she and even send you some more of his or her pictures. Also Note: that you will need to pay 2/3 of the above mentioned amount which is $400 first before the puppy can be ship to you and when you receive your puppy and check to see that he/she is in good health you will now send the balance of $150 but if you will like to pay all the money at once then there is no problem you must pay this money before the puppy can be ship to you. Hope to hear back from you soon and also please get back to me if you are ok with that Also you will need to pay the money to either through Credit Card of Western Union Money Transfer okay my full address where you will need to get the money send to is
    Country_____________: Cameroon
    City________________: Douala
    State______________: Littoral
    Zipcode___________: 00237
    Full Name_________: MANDA CHRISTINA
    Phone_____________: +237-9930-4771
    Test Question_______: What Faith?
    Test Answer________: Christian
    I will be waiting to read back from you soonest.
    Thanks and God Bless You
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    Well I have to say I wish I would have seen all of this before I sent $100.00. I had e-mailed this guy on 2 yorkies he had for free, he asked me questions and I answered them. He e-mailed me back and told me it would be $100.00 to ship them over here to Ga. So I sent the money western union. Receivers name is Bonfin Yerima. I sent it to Littoral Douala. Then I get an e-mail from the air port Nsimalen international airport saying I had to come up with $650.00 for insurance on the dogs and that I would get $600.00 refunded once the puppies got here. Well I went under my daughters e-mail account like I was another person interested in the puppies and he e-mailed back telling her he had the puppies and it would cost her $100.00 to ship. So right then and there I knew it was a scam. His e-mail address is yerri_fla@yahoo.com so please I hope this gets around so know one else falls for this crap.
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    I want to know if anyone knows how to stop these nasty people before they make out on someone else? This makes me so mad that they use the Lord to get over on people. And does anyone know how we can get our money back? these people need to be stoped.
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    thanks for your mail regarding my puppies,They are still available to any one prepared to provide them with enough care and love,where they will be well spoil with all their needs.they are 12weeks old and have very good temperament with kids and other pets,very playful love to play around with toys and kids,they are health guaranteed and registered,vet checked.they are up to date on all their shots and will be coming along side their health papers and vet records.they are called (Female LUCY and Male GINA) ..the reason why i am giving them out for adoption is because working hours are too much for me and it gives me no time to take care of them and also the weather and climate here is not good for them living which might make them sick and you know that i wont like that to happened so i decide to give them out to a family where they will be well taken care of and treated like children.and since you are interested in adopting them,i am willing to give to you but you have to first assure me that you will take good care of them and that you will send their pics to me monthly so that i can see how they are doing in their new home.I am located in Cameroon.Please may i ask you some few questions:
    -Are you a breeder or a pet lover?
    -What do you do for a living?
    -Do you have kids?Are you married?
    -Do you have other pets?
    -When exactly do you want her?
    -Is the climatic condition in your area good for them?
    -Where do you live?
    I will appreciate it very much if you told me more about how their new home is going to look like.Below this male are the photos of both puppies.Are they your dream puppies?I will be waiting to read from you soon.Thanks and God bless you
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    Thanks for your mail. I just want to think Lucy and Gina are going to find the best of your home. They are very lovely to other home pets and kids. I want to promise you that you are going to have the best of them in your home . My daughter is very excited for about them going to a home that will take very good care of her as she has been doing. She is to Molly and Andy like a sister and always find her happiness when worried. I have explained things to her understanding why I am giving out lucy and gina to you. .They are going to take just about 6 -7 hours flight to your location.I am located in Cameroon which is quite far from your location and so I will be sending them to . All you have to pay is $100for their transportation . I will be sending them to you with all toys and cloths. I will like to know if you have a puppy bed So I know if I am to send them along with a bed. Please all I will want from you is to keep to your promise and I want to promise you that Molly and Andy are going to give to you the best of love and a very happy companion with your family.You will have to send me the information below which i will be using at the airport for the flight registration and paper works of lucy and gina
    your names...........................??
    state and city.......................??
    home and street address...........??
    phone number.........................??
    name of the closest airport to your house,.................???
    You make sure you email me back with the above information before we and proceed.
    Thanks and waiting to read from you soon
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    Thanks for the mail and the addresses you have provided.I will be using the addresses to reserve the next available flight for the puppies so they can be shipped to you today OK. As for their feeding you know Every puppy needs good food to have a good start on life. There are many, many brands to choose from. I use a combination of Pro Plan Small Breed Chicken & Rice Puppy Food mixed with Bil-Jac Puppy food. I mix these two foods at three scoops Pro Plan to two scoops Bil-Jac.. I have found that my dogs do wonderful with this mixture. I also free feed all of my puppies, which means that there is food available whenever they want it. I have found that my puppies just don't seem to eat enough at any one time but they do seem to just 'graze' all day long.Are you ready to provide all these for my puppies ,because i really need the best for my puppies OK
    I also feed my puppies twice a day with a mixture of the kibble and Pedigree canned puppy food warmed in the microwave,Right now, all that is left is for you to make available the payment of the $100 so that i can register the puppies for them with the next available flight heading to your location OK.If the payment is done as soon as possible then the puppies will be with you by 19:00 O'clock.As regards to the payment of the $100 for their transportation you will be using Western Union money transfer in sending the money since it is the fastest means i can use to pick up the money and register them as soon as possible.Below are my Western Union information which you will be using in making the payments

    Receiver's Names......................BONFIN YERIMA
    Zip Code.......................................00237
    Address........................................24 COMMERCIAL AVE
    Test Question...............................WHEN?
    Test Answer.................................NOW
    Amount Expected........................$100

    All you will have to do is copy these information down and take it to the closest Western Union store to your house and send the money OK.Once you are done with the payment do get back to me with the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN#) and the Full Senders Names so i can pick up the money and register the puppies for them to get to you before 19:00 O'clock.Once i pick up the money i will immediately go to the airport and register them and when i am done at the airport i will get back to you with the flight details for you to know when the puppies will be arriving your closest airport and when they are going to be delivered at your home by an airport door step delivery agent.Thanks and will be waiting to read from you once you are done with the payment.
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    please do trust me on this o.k i can assure you 100% that you are going to receive the babies i can even stand with mt life to say that the lord will never forgive me if i take your money and dont send you what you need that is very Bad.I am a God fearing honest person who is very honest infact my first name of honesty so you dont have to be skeptical about anything just trust me o.k Tell you husband that you people are going to receive the babies and that they are going to give you people the best home you can ever think off.I will call you back shortly.
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    Thank you so much, I do promise I will treat them as my own kids & that they will be very happy. I do have a pet bed, but I do need to know what kind of puppy food you have been giving them so I can go out and have some here for when they get here. Also how does this work? Do I pay the air port the $100.00 when they get here? I have never done this before.And are you sure that is all it is going to cost? I want to make sure I have everything
    ready before they get here. Thank you so much God Bless you and your family. yes i promise you that i am a very honest person and from the way you speak it seems you are a very honest person that will take good care of my puppies o.k are you a christian?
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    I am back from the closest Western Union store to my home to pick up the money but it is already closed.I have already taken Gina and Lucy to the airport and will register them to leave with the first flight tomorrow morning so you will be having them by 12:00 O'clock.Once i am done in the morning with the flight arrangements i will get back to you with the flight details for you to know when to go and pick up them at the airport ok. I am glad that you are also a Christian and also i know my puppies will be loved and spoiled while at your home.I am also glad that they will also have a perfect companion to play with when the arrive.Thanks and i will give you a call tomorrow morning once i am done with the flight arrangements.Have a nice day and remain blessed.
    Thanks for understanding.Please promise me that you will send me photos of them when they get to your home so i can see they are doing with your family over there.Of course, i will be inform you tomorrow morning once i am done with the flight arrangements ok
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    OK.Have a nice day and take care and God bless you I have good news for you.I picked up the money already and have been to the airport for the registration of the puppies.Everything was a sucess.The flight details as told to me by the airport will be provided by them so they assured me that they are going to contact you either via mail or call to let you know the departure and arrival time of the puppies at your closest airport.Please do let me know the flight schedule once the airport contacts you ok.Thanks and remain blessed. Ohh my God I think we have a little trouble .I just received a notification from the shipping agency that we would have get new insurance papers for Gina and Lucy since their insurance papers have expired .What are we going to do ? I really want you to have Gina and Lucy before the ending of today ok .They said we would need to get 2 insurance papers for Gina and lucy before they can be shipped out of the airport immediately . They are asking a huge sum of $650 .what are we really going to do ? All i have presently is $250 at the moment and i am willing to help out with that .Can you help completing the rest ? Please i would really like you to help out with the remaining $400 for me to take the money and go to the insurance company and get the insurance papers as soon as possible and get them shipped to you immediately. Also they told me that the money was 100% refundable and i would plead here that as soon as you get the refund cheque of $650 please try sending back the $250 to me ok .I am really sorry about all this but i did not know this was going to happend ok
    I would be waiting on your reply as soon as possible
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    I just talked with a freind of mine and he has only $50 to help me out with.So i am going to pay $300 and you go and complete the remaining $350 Ok .Once you have the refunds as the airport has assured me off please try all you can to send back the $300 to me ok .I know you trusted me and sent the $100 but truly before the lord we serve i did not know that the insurance papers of the puppies where expired and this makes me to feel very sorrowful on how you feel on not getting the puppies ok.I can assure you that as soon as you help out with the remaining $350 i am going to personally see into it that the puppies are shipped to you without any further troubles ok.I am a christain and i cannot take your money and do not send the dogs since that is punishable in the eyes of the lord ok.Do you remember this old saying. Do on to others what you want others to do unto you .So Mrs Belind, i would like you to talk this with your husband and try to see into it that the payment is done as soon as possible for Gina and Lucy to be shipped over to you and not going to the Wild life reserve zoo as the airport mentioned to me ok .
    Even the lord knows that all i have is just $300 and nothing more ok. Please Please do consider me at this point cuz i have explained everythinf that i know just to make you feel comfortable and happy .Right now i am on my way to the airport to deposite the $300 .
    Hope you understand me at this point since i am down in terms of cash.
    Mr Bonfin Yerima
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