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Tour Operators to St Helena

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I would like to go to St Helena does anyone know any tour operators who sell the destination?


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    The RMS St Helena goes to St Helena from Cape Town via Walvis Bay.

    The official tourist board might help recommened a good operator: such as

    Enjoy the experience!
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    Wow. That's definitely a holiday mission! It looks like the right time to visit as well, because there are plans for an airport to built over the nexy years and this will certainly change the island forever.

    The only way to get there is by sea, usually the last Royal Mail Ship in operation from Cape Town which takes about 5 days and stops at Ascension Island.

    Here's a link to the RMS site too:

    Good luck!
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    I've just found this page and would like to introduce you to Island Holidays which offers guided and escorted holidays to St Helena as well as organising independent travel.
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