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transportation in Mah

Hello everyone,

I am currently in the process of wrapping up the bookings for my trip to Seychelles. Everything has been taken care of, except for transfers between airport and hotel.

My booking agency proposed me an offer at the cost of 230 euro (the equivalent of 4180 rupees) which would include:

- transport from airport to seaport Mah


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    You can catch a flight from Mahe to Praslin (, much quicker (only 15 mins) for 135 Euros. Carefull as they only allow 10gk of luggage on the inter island flights. You can get a bus from the airport to your hotel on Praslin depending on where it is.
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    Hi Soulsearchparty

    Transfers are quite expensive in the Seychelles. Usually, a private car transfer is about Euro 100 and only takes 3 people. Ask if they do scheduled transfers, as these are much more affordable at Euro 20 per person. Alternatively, you can make use of the local bus service.
    The flights to/ Mahe to Praslin are quicker. The ferry is usually about Euro 44 per person and is a scenic 45 minutes to an hour transfer.

    In general, the Seychelles is quite an expensive destination, but I did find the local restaurants and shops more affordable.
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    My agent offered me around 300 euros for transfer from Mahe airport to Praslin island (private taxi and ferry boat )for me and my husband!we are arriving at 6 o'clock in the morning!do you think we will be able to reach Praslin on our own!that means taking a taxi to the port form the airport and then the ferry? (we already decided that we are booking the ferry from Praslin to Mahe since we are also staying at Mahe and then we are flying out from there but we thought when we arrive it will be more difficult to do so since we wont know how to do it!
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