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Do I need malaria tablets for South Africa

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Hi - I am going to South Africa in September - do I need malaria tablets and mozzie repellant? Are there mosquitos - are they bad?? Please advise. I am flying into Cape Town and then going on safari for a few days and flying out of Johannesburg.
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    Hi Mathieu

    Only parts of South Africa are malaria areas, for example, the Kruger National Park. Whereabouts are you going on safari? The are some safari lodges in South Africa based in malaria free areas, in which case you would not need an malaria medication. You can even check this with the lodge you are booked in at.

    On safari, many of the lodges provide insect repllent, but you can certainly take your own. Apart from mosquito's there are also other insects, so the repellent helps to ward off those as well.

    Cape Town and Johannesburg are safe, and are non-malaria areas.
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    Many thanks for the Malaria tablets advice Kate - going to Cape Town, then driving along the coast to the Eastern Cape, safari in Kariega and aim to visit Kruger Park before leaving South Africa.
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    The answer is quite simple - not in September because it is too dry.
    Only a few areas in eastern South Africa have malaria mosquitoes (including Kruger Park) but these are only active in summer ie October/November to April. There may be other mosquitoes though but I would bet that the insects won't trouble you as much as possible sunburn.
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    Yes to follow on from Anstrather's comments I'd take the mozzie repellant but not the malaria stuff. African anti-malarials are usually pretty strong and quite often come with side-effects included.

    Having said that it's always worth checking with your GP before you depart, as they have a more up-to-date knowledge about the medical situation. Fit for travel is a good website reference before you travel:
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