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Visa for Kenya

edited August 2010 in - East Africa
I am arriving at Nairobi airport at 3am. Will I be able to get my entry visa then or will I have to hang around till the office opens later in the morning? Does immigration accept credit cards for payment of the visa? Also, what would be better to take? British pounds or US dollars?


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    the immigration office is operation 24/7 , 365/6 days in a year.
    karibu kenya
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    Can Sudanese citizens staying less than 30 days get their visa at Jomo Kenyata?
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    Please can you tell me if I can take a visa on my arrival too? I am Albanian.
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    @Zhcima - You can get a visa on arrival - according to my information. $25 for a single entry visa.
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    $25 single entry visa, 24/7 at Jomo Kenyatta Airport
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    TOURIST SINGLE ENTRY VISA @$25 on arrival
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    I over stayed my last trip in Nairobi as I was very ill. Will I get visa to enter again for 2 months
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    Can I get a visa on arrival with Canadian or UK passport - which is best to travel with to Kenya>
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    Hi Glasgow,
    Yes, you can get a Kenya visa with either a Canadian or Uk passport and both are good. Therefore you can choose any

    Hi Guest,
    Yes, you will get an entry visa, but you might be expected to prove that your overstaying was due sickness

    Hi Zhcima,
    You can also obtain a Kenyan visa on arrival

    Kindly note:
    - Kenya visa is currently US$ 25, However from 1st of July this year, the visa fee will increase to US$ 50

    All are welcome to Kenya,the land of diversity!
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