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Thailand in November 3 week Itinerary

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My boyriend and I are planning a trip to Thailand in November from 6th to 26th 2010. We want to go to areas that are sunny and hot. We hope to spend a couple of night sin Bangkok at the start and end of trip, fly to Chaing Mai, visit Phuket and some of the Islands. We love nice beaches and are into water sports and adventure, trekking, safari's. Can someone please advise what is the best route to take, how much time would need in each destination. What islands are best at this time of year.

Thanks, marie


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    In november Thailand is in it's wet season, however this means in general that there will be a heavy shower in the morning and the sun will come out in the afternoon. A shower in thailand is warm and quiet an experience so this should not put you off travelling at this time of year. different parts of Thailand have different amoutn of rain so check out the web site for a better understanding.
    The islands on the east coast, i.e. Ko Tao, Samui, Pha Ngan have better chance of good weather this time of year and Ko Tao has some amazing scuba diving.
    Chiang Mai is the best place to trek and easily orgnised on arrival in Chiang Mai.
    Time in each destination is really up to how much time you want to spend there. Keep you itinerary casual and stay at places you like and move on from places you like less
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    My husband and I went to Thailand for our honeymoon in 2008 for 2 weeks. We flew into Bangkok and flew directly to Phuket. We spent 6 days in Phuket and opted to do a day trip to the Phi Phi islands to save some time. There were a ton of adventures (some just touristy and some for the more adventurous at heart.) It was great. We then flew over to Samui for 5 days. This by far was unbelievable. We went in September and the weather was great. From there we flew back to Bangkok and spent about a day and a half there. Since you are going for 3 weeks, I think you probably can easily do at least 4 different destinations within Thailand. There is a lot to do, so your itinerary will be great wherever you go and how long you stay.
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    Hi Marie,

    My husband and I are travelling to Thailand the 3rd of November until the 28th and are planning a similar trip, as well a stopover in Vietnam (Halong Bay). Where are you both travelling from? We are departing from Toronto and into Bangkok, where we hope to spend a day or two to start. Perhaps we can exchange some info... It would be great to meet some fellow travellers along the way!

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    My friend and I are going to bangkok for a few days and then off to... I was thinking of Krabi and Phi Phi but now I am wondering about the weather. I might just go to the east coast now. I want to do so much it will take some studying. I want to ride an elephant, maybe check out a waterfall, hot springs, plus a nice beach with some good night life. Anyone have any suggestions. Preferably something you have done and not heard about.
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    If you love beaches you could see some of Bangkok and then have two weeks on an island or two and there are plenty to choose from. Or you could head up to Chiang Mai to trek or take a cookery course, Pai is not that far and a nice little town near the Burmese border - you can hire a bike to explore the area much to see and do in Thailand you could have a relaxing 3 weeks or an action packed 3 weeks. Get a good guide book and just head to Bangkok and feel your way by word of mouth if you want a real adventure. If you want to pack a lot in then it is best to pre-book to make sure you can fit it all in.
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