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weather in October

edited August 2010 in - Cuba
My wife and I will be in Havanna (10th -15th Oct) and Varadero (15th - 25th Oct) 2010...was wondering what the weather might be like at this time of year?


  • The hurricane season is from July to November with September and October being the months with the highest probability of cyclone activity. There is on average more rain in these months due to this tropical storm activity. When hurricanes occur they generally aren't a risk to life, however they can cause some interruption to travel plans. Cuba's safety record concerning hurricanes is excellent and it is unusual that in even the biggest storms that there is a loss of life. This is in stark contrast to other countries in the region (such as Haiti but also including the US). Cuba is very well organised, disciplined and prepared for such events and there are excellent evacuation procedures. Tourists are given the highest priority. See weather info Here:
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    I wouldn't advise travelling in Cuba's hurricane season, so perhaps delay your trip until end of November/start of December to be sure. The best time to travel to Cuba is from late November-April when it is the dry season. Enjoy your trip!
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    The weather will be about 30 degrees in the daytime, it is not as hot as in the summer months.
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