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Taking prescription medicines to Cuba

edited July 2010 in - Cuba
I shall soon be travelling to Cuba for 2 weeks holiday. I need to take prescription medicines with me for a heart complaint. The tablets will be in the proper containers with my name on the labels etc.
Will i also need to take with me some form of documentation from my GP or a copy of prescription ?
Any advice please. SL


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    You can take in prescription medicine to Cuba if the name on the label matches the name in your passport.
    To be safe it doesn't hurt to take a letter from your doctor with the pharmaceutical name of the medicine you take (not the brand name ie:paracetemol NOT panadol)
    They do check what sorts of medicines and vitamins you are bringing in to the country.
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    Nobody went anywhere near any of my bags at anytime. Coming or going.
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    I would take along a copy of the prescription with you, just to be sure. Also, if you were to have an accident or any medical problems whilst in the country it would be good for the Cuban doctors etc to have access to exactly what prescriptions you have.
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