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car rental and law relating to accidents in Cuba

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We will be in Havana and Varadero in October....I read somewhere (which I hope I misinterpreted) that if one has an accident whist motoring in Cuba the onus is on the driver to prove his innocence...the process may prove lengthy ( if not nervewrecking)..furthermore one is held in Cuba until all is resolved. I was hoping to rent a car and see some of the country.. BUT!!...this puts a bit of a damper on the plan. Anyone out there with actual data?


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    Wasn't there just an incident with a young Canadian man that only just got released. You should surf that one on the news to find the details. Just remembered hearing that and not paying attention.
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    It is preferable and cheaper to use the gov tour buses between main points, and then more interesting to hire a car with a driver in a local area.
    A Canadian youth, who was in an accident that was not his fault, was not permitted to leave Cuba for months until the bureacracy crept along. He only got to leave when Cuba was afraid it would hurt their tourist numbers from Canada. The family endured a lot of financial heardship from this.

    I love Cuba but never drive there. Lots of friendly Cubans who would love to be your chauffeur.
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