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flights Krabi - Chiang Mai

edited February 2009 in - Thailand
Can anyone tell me if you can fly direct from Krabi to Chiang Mai without having to go to Bangkok?


  • I' m affraid not. The bes tlow cost is Air Asia, they do Krabi - Bangkok - Chiang Mai. If you like travelling and want to see the landscape, you can take the Bus and train. In any case, avoid the private min van, they are dangerous, and usually with no insurance; the regular government buses are pretty oaky.
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    If you are in a rush to get up to Chiang Mai but are looking to keep within your budget, why not fly to Bangkok then take the sleeper train up to Chiang Mai. This will save you money as the night you will spend on the train will be a night you would be paying for in a hotel. The trains are also pretty comfy and the guard even come round and makes your bed! I took a 1st class sleeper once and found the air conditioning to keep me up at night as it was too cold!
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