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Kruger Park - Safari planning

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Any possibility of moving to Kruger Park from Cape Town. What cost involved?


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    Yes it's possible. It's about 1500 km by road. Or you can take a flight from Cape Town international airport to Johannesburg international and then drive for from there for about 400 km.
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    There is also a once daily flight from Cape Town to Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport on South African Airways (SAA). Flying time is about 2 - 2.5 hours. From there you can hire a car at the airport to self-drive or take a transfer by one of the many companies operating in that area.
    If you are staying with a private lodge, check with them regarding transport as they can often arrange this for you at a good price.
    One way flight to Kruger Airport: +/- ZAR 2 000 per person including tax
    Return flight: +/- ZAR 3 600 per person including tax

    Hope this helps!
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    Kate - thanks for the info... Can you tell me if there are flights from Cape Town to Hoedspruit airport, and how far the resulting drive would be to Kruger?
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    Hey Letjcl, cool to hear you want to check out the Kruger National Park, it's an awesome reserve.

    As the previous poster's have mentioned, you can drive or fly. Flying is obviously going to be quicker, whereas driving is two (maybe three) days on the road. If time is limited, fly... you may also find it's not that much more expensive when you consider car rental, petrol and accommodation on the way.

    Are you a South African resident or is this part of a trip?
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    Hi! There is no direct flight from Cape Town to Hoedspruit, unfortunately. There are currently talks to re-introduce this flight in the future (it would make a LOT of sense). However, you can fly either from Cape Town to the Nelspruit (Mpumalanga) airport, or, fly via Johannesburg to Hoedspruit. That's actually not that bad! This means that you can also go and stay at one of the many private game reserves (the Sabi Sands is just a bit too pricey in my eyes) located around the Kruger Park. There are quite a view, such a Thornybush, Kapama, or the Moditlo Private Game Reserve. I can recommend staying at this place , which is located on the Moditlo Private Game Reserve. It's a fantastic place, and they organise day trips to the Kruger as well. It's quite a luxurious alternative to a vist in the KNP.
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    Hi Travel_Julie - any idea how far is Nelspruit airport from Thornybush main lodge? Would it make sense to hire a car from there or can one get a transfer to the lodge as part of the accommodation deal?
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    Hi! It's about 3 hours, roughly. Most lodges will quote you to come and pick you up, I am sure the Thornybush Main lodge will offer this, too. If you hire a car, well, then you don't know what to do with the car once you get there. Not a great idea ... we got picked up by the Vuyani Lodge when we visited, and they charges us very reasonably for it. And it's only 90 minutes drive from there. Don't only go for the lodges that EVERYONE knows, there are some real (and new) gems, such as this lodge.
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