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Is it safe to travel to Cancun Mexico

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Is it safe to travel to Cancun Mexico during spring break


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    not to be a stickler David, but is this really a yes or no answer?? i mean, maybe say, watch how much you drink and be aware of your surrounding like you would in any city or something like that - i think people posting on this forum are looking for more than that - me im going to Cancun in July and looked to this post to find out if theres anything I should be aware of when I go - like some of the violence thats going on doesnt affect tourists in this area or maybe avoid these areas etc- some helpful info -you hear of women getting raped and men getting robbed, which I know happens everywhere, but are there places in Cancun that it happens more at, where tourists should avoid - like going to specific sections of town to go to clubs etc -

    just looking for helpful advice!
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    Youre right Janice is a wonderful place but people that come from other countries especially the spring brakers think that they can come and do and drink all what they cant where they come from, it is really embarasing to see girls that doesnt have the age to drink and they are literally almost naked lying on the floor because of the drink and other stufs...but peopel that comes to enjoy as you did Janice, we are glad to welcome you...and the other ones, well it is up to every one...
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    yes. Maxico is a wonderful city.
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    I used to work in Central America as a tour leader and took groups of up to 18 passengers around using public transport and we NEVER encountered any safety related problems. The biggest deal was a broken down bus or theft of a camera which someone had left unattended in full view! Infact I always found that Mexico, especailly the Yucactan was always my favourite place to be! However, like anywhere else in the world you do hear of incidents, but I think it's important not to be paranoid, just use common sense and keep your wits about you. I now work for Mexican specialist tour operator and we send people to Mexico all the time, we specialise in Southern Mexico from Mexico City down, particularly the Yucatan peninsula and our clients have never reported any safety issues to us. Stick to main well travelled areas, main roads, go with tour operators off the beaten track and dont take risks and be careful and your holiday shouldbe problem free. In Cancun you just need to be careful of not drinking and partying too much! When your guard is down is when your more likely to encounetr any problems. Go to Coco Bongos in Cancun - its wicked!
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    Please refer to the Travel Safety in Mexico forum post.
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