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Where to stay?

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My husband and I are visiting Tunisia in October 2010. We do not want to stay at an all inclusive hotel, and would rather stay in boutique hotels. We definitely want to stay on/near a beautiful beach (a sailing trip would be nice) but also want to go into the Sahara and see the salt lakes. We would appreciate any advice on where to stay, go, etc.?


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    Devin - the salt lakes are in the middle of nowhere but on your way to somewhere if that makes any sense? You don't ever have to take full board in any of the hotels. Can you let me know how much time you have and your hotel budget and I can make some more suggestions. I am away at the moment so be patient with me. I'll be back in my beautiful Tunisia by 19 September
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    Hi Devin and Camille.

    If you are planning to go south to see the Chott El Jerid (dry salt lake) and travel to the edge of the "proper" Sahara have a look at my review of such a trip at

    Oh! and pay attention to what Lesley (Expert) advises. She gave us a lot of invaluable information for our holiday last December that made a great holiday even better (thanks again Lesley).

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    Have a look at the island of Djerba. There aren't too many boutique hotels in Tunisia but there's a great one there called Dar Dhiafa
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