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Do I need to take malaria tablets for Mexico

If I am visiting Chichen Itza, Mexico in December, do I need to take anti malaria tablets.

Many Thanks



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    Hi John,

    You do not need malaria tablets. But take some insect repellant.

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    Before deciding not to take anti-malaria tablets, I would advise calling a travel clinic/medical office that specializes in travel medicine. Please refer to this page of the CDC and scroll down to "Malaria"

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    It is best to visit your GP/MD for a recommendation but if you want to research yourself online then visit the NHS Fit for Travel website as it has detailed and up to date info on malaria hotspots and what type of medicine is effective:

    If you want to order anti malaria tablets online you need to be careful as there are many online pharmacy services operating outside the law. I am in the UK and travel frequently for work and the only website i can find that is fully registered with all the relevant UK authorities is Dr Fox:
  • In that area there is no malaria, only in jungle areas, but there are mosquitos, best to protect yourslef in long light clothing at dusk. However as everyone says, it probably is best to check for more links and advice.
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