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Temperature in Egypt

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What to pack for travel in Egypt October 4 -- 18


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    October is a good time to go to Egypt as the temperature will be from about 22-30 degrees celcius during the day. I would pack some shorts and t-shirts, but also a couple of jumpers in case it gets a bit cooler in the evenings.

    Hope that helps.
  • hello K.C. Benedict, October is the best month to visit Egypt when the climate is moderate & the temperature starts to decrease. u will need to pack sports cloths to be easily move around the sightseeings in Cairo, Luxor, Aswan & other sites.
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    Good advice above. Warm days, sometimes surprisingly cool evenings. But beware that the sun can still be strong so take plenty of suncream.
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    I have a multiple visa to egypt but it only valid for 7 days.
    If I want to extend my visit from 7 days into just say 10 days...
    What should i do?
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