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Best Honeymoon destinations

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I am getting married in November next year and want advice on the best honeymoon destinations. We'll ideally go for 10 days or two weeks and want to spend some time in a nice hotel and chilling on a beach but also need something to do, whether sightseeing, diving or whatever. Any advice really appreciated. Oh, we're going to be flying from London, so sadly Australia is out of the questions, but just about anywhere else is an option.


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    We looked at all sorts of places when planning our honeymoon. We also got married in winter so Europe was out of the question. A very popular option is the Maldives but I thought even my wife would get bored of their idylic beaches after two week. Its also unbelievebly expensive. Another option was South America as neither of us had travelled there. We looked at flying to Aruba for 5 days on a beach before going on to Peru and doing the Inca Trail etc. Tanzania is also a good option as you can spend five days in Zanzibar beaching and diving before going to the Seringetti to stay in a safari lodge and view game. In the end we opted for India and had a fantastic time. We flew to Mumbai and then Goa where we spent a very relaxing week doing very little before flying to Delhi and spening a week touring Rajasthan - Jaipur, Agra, Udiapur, and Delhi. Its absolutely facinating and was our best ever trip. Just make sure you do it in some comfort and avoid the more dodgy looking restaurants and you'll love it. We pushed the boat out and got our travel agents to organise everything, from being picked up at the airport to arranging tour guides etc - it avoids the hassle that can come with travelling in India.
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    A honeymoon in the Maldives is a wonderful experience; aside from relaxing on the beach in the island's fantastic November weather, couples can also enjoy diving, fishing, parasailing and windsurfing. Other attractions include the Singapore Bazaar, the 13th century Hukuru Miski Mosque and performances of bodu beru, the traditional dance and music of the Maldives.

    In Bali, honeymoon couples can enjoy the 'Mother Temple' of Besakih, on the slopes of the Agung Volcano, or hike to the lake in Batur. There are great surfing, diving or game fishing sites in Kuta, as well as a vibrant nightlife. Lovina is home to Bali's only Buddhist monastery, Brahma Vihara Arama, a must for honeymoon couples.

    Stretch a little further afield and a wedding or honeymoon in Egypt can be truly outstanding, offering beguiling ancient sites, such as the pyramids or the Sphinx, as well as the history and culture of Cairo, breathtaking views of the Nile River and great diving in the Red Sea.
  • Congratulations for your planned wedding.I will surgest you visit Kenya for the fact that kenya has alot from the beaches in mombassa to nairobi to the vast reach wildlife all over the country
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    Hey Jason, Have you thought about Mozambique. I know a couple who went to Vamizi - up the unspoilt north of Mozambique. Not that the south is unspoilt. It is meant to be unbelievebly comfortable, just 12 rooms on the whole island and about 4 staff to every guest. great food, fantastic diving, big game fishing. it is meant to be absolutely amazing. Quickest way to get there is via Dar, direct from Heathrow, and the take the islands private plane - 1 1/2 hrs. Its expensive but I expect you can negotiate good deals in the current climate.
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    Hi Jason,
    congratulations,kenya is an ideal location for a honeymoon,ever heard of romantic lamu?One week can be spent touring the game parks and reserves of kenya then wind up for a week at the magnificent beaches of kenya snorkeling and diving.Check this out

    Day 1: Nairobi - Lamu
    Pick up from your Nairobi Hotel to airport, for departure on schedule flight to Lamu. On arrival at Lamu’s Manda Island Airport , you are met and transfer by boat to Lamu House. Welcome drink and check in to your room. Late afternoon guided tour of Lamu town to discover the Swahili culture, a blend of African and Middle Eastern influence, a civilization born of the trade winds of the Indian Ocean. Sundown on the terrace overlooking the harbor and dinner at Lamu House.

    Day 2: Lamu
    Breakfast served in your room or by the pool.Full day excursion, sailing in the Lamu Archipelago on a beautiful dhow. The crew will prepare a fresh caught fish for lunch on the boat. Snorkelling equipment available on board to enable you discover the marine life. Return to Lamu House for dinner and overnight.

    Day 3: Manda Island to Kipungani Bay
    Breakfast at Lamu House.Depart by boat to Kipungani Bay. Beach activities at Kipungani. Dinner and overnight at Kipungani Explorer.

    Day 4: Kipungani
    Full day of activities included in the Kipungani Explorer package. All meals and overnight at Kipungani Explorer.

    Day 5: Lamu - Nairobi
    Breakfast and lunch at Kipungani Explorer. Transfer to Manda airstrip for return schedule flight to Nairobi On arrival at Nairobi’s Airport you are met and transferred to your Nairobi Hotel.
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    Hi, I know its late but it will be useful for newbie, may be the next honeymoon (hahahaha :) ).

    For honeymoon lamu is best one, it is the calm place, nice beaches, swahili properties are excellent. In Lamu there are no vehicles on the road, travel on Donkeys and luxury dhows will give you the wonderful experience. Dhow sailing around lamu archipelago and mangrooves will give you the memorable experience. if you need good guide, i would recommand "Lamu House Rental" is the finest one.

    Start plan your trip and make enjoyable at every movements.
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    hi i tend to think also being in nakuru national park has a cool climate and really a cool place to stay little disturbance involved while resting in lake nakuru lodge for the night.a bright pink colour from the flamingoes at the lake shores makes your stay fantasic with numerous species of birds over 480.a cool breez at flamingo restaurant while taking your bevarage and enjoying the vervet monkey playing near you.try this and you will enjoy much coming forth.
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    So you have 10 days to get most priceless moments of your life. Well choosing destination for honeymoon is quite a tough job that totally depends on your mood. Either honeymooner is beach lover, nature lover or history lover i always recommend them NIGERIA, the perfect honeymoon spot. Lagos, Abuja, Benin city and Kano are the most colorful cities of Nigeria. Try to spend maximum time in Lagos and Abuja as both cities has numerous things to offer. Bar beach, Eleko beach, lekki beach and Tarkwa beach, National museum of Nigeria and Tafawa Balewa Square in Lagos and The Abuja Millennium Park, The National Mosque and Ecumenical Center in Abuja are some of the worth seeing places in Nigeria. Plan a trip and get the best time of your life.
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    I agree Lamu is out of this world. We travelled there in 2009 for our anniversary with my wife and it was wonderful. We had such a lovely time and the beache are pristine. It is slow though. No one seems to be in a hurry and thus made it perfect i guess.
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    Well, I am a Kenyan wedding professional, next time let me know what I can do for you. Also check our destination weddings photos at
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    I would suggest that anyone unsure about where to go on honeymoon try this simple interactive quiz to find the best honeymoon destinations for you. It was written by Jane Anderson, former Travel Editor of You & Your Wedding Magazine, and includes some interesting personalised ideas for specific hotels and trips.
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    Anyone confused about which African destination to pick would be wise to choose a holiday in Tanzania, a country offering a diversity of thrilling attractions from the continent’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro, to the exotic offshore spice island of Zanzibar. When it comes to big game Tanzania can boast the best with its vast Serengeti Nationalmore Park where the annual migration of millions of animals is one of Africa’s greatest spectacle.
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    Egypt is the perfect choice to spend honeymoon destination. It's remarkable historic locations and dazzling desert makes honeymoon moment more memorable
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    Congratuation in your honeymoon. But I idivice you to come in Tanzania for enjoy and wounder your honeymoon. here we have many and different beaches for enjoy your honeymoon.

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    I have just read this and there are some good ideas... except the one suggesting Nigeria. It must be the most awful honeymoon suggestion ever. Avoid Nigeria at all costs it has absolutely no merit as a honeymoon destination. The odd expat tolerates it for a few years but few go there voluntarily. There are loads of good places to go - India is magical as long as you do it in style, East Africa is amazing - check out Mozambique which is opening up but remains fairly undeveloped (lovely beaches, warm water, v relaxing). We went on a road trip to California which was great - open top car along Route 1 from San Francisco to LA, and then on to Vegas. Enjoy wherever you're off to.
    Visit for destination advice
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    I'm not quite sure if you mean to honeymoon somewhere in Europe or not, by the wording of your question.....I'm thinking in.......try one of the Greek Islands, or the Costa Del Sol - perhaps around Torremolinos, or the Canary Islands, even the Algarve in Portugal.......all have what you request...
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    It's Barcelona for sure. Take your girl to unforgettable sightseeing. We took a journey in July and we rented a vespa. That was pur first experience but we enjoyed it so much. You gonna like it
  • Mauritius, Bali and Maldives are best destinations  as expecting you.
  • I echo Maldives... That will be where I will go for my honeymoon. :)
  • Indian destinations for Honeymooners are Kerala, Goa, Darjeeling, Manali and andaman.
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    What about the Tanzania in Africa, as here are many beautiful locations that makes your honeymoon superb as never visited such places in life, No doubt here millions tours year to this place, even all facilities are available from luxury to cheap, regarding stay government offer $1.5 per head for whole day.

  • If you are looking for the best honeymoon destination, then Amalfi Coast of Italy is a perfect romantic gateway.  Since I have gone to this place for my honeymoon on which truly made my journey full of romance and excitement. You can enjoy the beauty of Mediterranean, long scenic coastlines, high mountains, amazing natural beauty with your loved one. Even the choice of dining and luxurious accommodations, extremely romantic ambience will make your honeymoon memorable.
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    Kerala is most popular tourist destination in India. This destination is very famous for its amazing landscape, scenic natural beauty, magnificent mountain range, breathtaking waterfalls, pleasant weather condition and much more attractions to delight the travelers. Kerala houseboats are excellent option to enjoy the unique and tranquil beauty of the Kerala backwaters. You can enjoy all luxurious amenities and features on board.
  • Panama city beach is best destination for honerymoon.
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    Hi there Jason, 

    By now it has already been 5 years since you went on your two-weeks honeymoon and I'm sure that everyone here is very curious where you and your partner ended up going! Regardless of whether you are following this thread still, I thought I'd let the readers know that I did some research with our travel clients and enquired with ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents), and they all agree that (South) India, Mauritius, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic are generally regarded as the most recommendable honeymoon destinations in November, with regards to the climate etc. I made you guys a small inspiration board, where you can get a feel for those 4 destinations and make your choice according to your preferences. You can find it here: 

    I hope that this will help all honeymoon-goers with making that hard decision and I'd love to hear about the destination you ended up choosing. Feel free to message me if you have any more questions regarding honeymoons, I have an extensive network of tour operators and travel agencies I could contact for you.

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    1. Include time of year you plan on going: seasonality is a big consideration for many destinations
    We will be going on our honeymoon in the middle of December.
    2. Include where you will be traveling from: this effects costs and travel times to many possible locations
    We will be flying out of Austin or Dallas TX, preferably Austin.
    3. Any time or budget restraints are helpful: for example, with a ~20 hour flight, we don't want to suggest New Zealand if you only have a week
    One Week.
    4. Let us know a little bit about the things you like! There's a honeymoon out there for everyone, whether you want to raft the Grand Canyon, or relax on a beach with a mai tai in hand. Know the stuff you like to do will make sure you aren't wishing for a mai tai mid rapid.
    We know we want to do a cruise or All-inclusive Resort. We just aren't sure where. We have never been out of the country.
  • @jyoti1 why dig up an old post? Why not simply ask for ideas where you can go on honeymon, either a cruise or all inclusive instead of the rambling on and on.
    If you are US based go with your partner to a travel agent., easy.
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