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travelling around vietnam...where to go ?

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Hi there,

Me and my partner are going travelling in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam in june/july 2010, we are arriving in Bangkok and making our own way through Cambodia to North Vietnam, finishing up in Hanoi. We're just asking for any information on the best way to travel around these countries (buses, trains etc), and the best places to go see within the month we have allocated. Our current route is a rough plan but something like, arrive in Bangkok, make our way to Siem Reap, Phenom penh, Ho chi Ming city, Nha Trang, Da nong, Hue, Halong bay and Hanoi. Any information would be appreciated as nothing is finalised and we're open to suggestions of the best places and things to see. Thank you very much


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    The easyest way to travel inside Vietnam is to use open tour buses.You can take all the way and it is cheap.
    You should also visit Hoi an
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    yeah. for foreign tourists, traveling buy tour bus is the easiest way. but it's not the most interesting way. you and your farther can hide a motorbike, take a map and then explore Ha Noi or other place buy yourselves. i think it would be much more terrific !!!!!
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    Hi there
    Your plan looks like very wonderful and logical.
    The transportation between places depend on their distances. As you may know, These countries (Vietnam, Cambodia) is developing countries so
    ,train are not as good as in europe (Railroad are bumpy, Train abit noisy, Not very hygiene). Road are busy and abit bumpy not very smooth. So for the long distance you should use airline (not much expensive but you can save your time and your energy).

    So I suggest you

    Bangkor - Phnom Penh : Air
    Phnom Penh - Siem Reap : Air
    Siem Reap - Saigon : Plane
    Saigon - Nha Trang(500km) : Plane (50 minutes), Bus/ Train -8 hours )
    Nha Trang - Da nang: Plane (take about 50’), Bus/ Train -10 hours )
    Danang – Hue: Using Bus, Car (only 120km)
    Hue –Hanoi: Air as it is long distance 680 km. (14 hours by bus/ train)
    Hanoi – Halong Bay – Hanoi: Group tours Bus

    Must-See destinations in Indochina.
    In Phnom Penh you should go National Museum, Royal Palace, Wat Phnom,..
    In the Siem Reap you should go Angkor Wat complex
    In Nha Trang you should go Mun Island, Mot Ilsand, Tam Island, Chai Village,…
    In Hue you should go Thien Mu pagoda, enjoy the boat trip along Perfume River, citadel,..
    In Halong Bay you should go Surprising Cave, heavenly Palace Cave and night on boat. That’s very interesting.
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    My wife and I pan on taking a river cruise up the Mekong Delta into Cambodia in March of 2011. They stop along the way for sight seeing. We found through AMAwaters is the best way to do that
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    Hi there,

    I live in Saigon, Vietnam, so I want to share some things with you. Vietnam is a peaceful country and has many beautiful sights, including the culture of many ethnics ... now the weather is very hot, sunny, little rainfall and maybe prolong to June and July. Nha Trang & Ha Long are the most famous places here; Da Nang is very natural and clean; Hue has the ancient royal architecture. Especially the food of each region is different and very tasty, from rustic foods to luxurious foods. If you would like to go shopping, Ho Chi Minh City is a great place, almost shopping centers are located in district 1 & 3, plz take a note: if you go shopping at Ben Thanh Market, then beware, the quality is very good, but price is very very expensive (have to bargain), best way you should go with your Vietnamese friends, who will guide you.

    Other places to visit in Saigon such as: Cu Chi Tunnel, The Palace of Independence, Historical Museums ... And one more thing, roads in Saigon is always crowded, polluted and often have traffic jams, so you must be very careful, especially when you go pass across a road. And you should always carry sunglasses, hat and water. I suggest you should travel by bus from HCMC to Hanoi, so that you can see many interesting sights.

    I also heard that Cambodia and Thailand is very beautiful but have no occasion to visit there yet

    Wish you have a wonderful time!!!
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    where is hoi an located ?
    how far from ho chi minh city?
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    Hi Janet

    Hoi An city is on the coast of the East Vietnam Sea in the South Central Coast of Vietnam and located in Quang Nam province. It takes about 2 hours to arrive Danang' airport (the closest to Hoi An) from HCMC. Then, you can go to Hoi An by taxi ( about 30 mins).

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    Definitely go to Hoi An - it's a big favourite with me and lots of my friends too and you can also get some great clothes tailormade whilst you are there ...if you happen to choose to stay a few days.... I had a jacket made to my design in 1996 and I still wear it (it was a classic design) and is so well made it is still holding together! I think I picked the right tailor from a big selection of tailors shops. Have a good trip.
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    adamou - any tips on how to choose a tailor in Hoi An? When I was there I saw maybe a 100 tailors - picking the right one is hard.
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    Hoian is really good! When I were there, I've hired a bike and cycle around the town. So interest! It's only 5km from the center of Hoian to Cuadai beach. Cycle slowly and enjoy the air. uhmmm!
    Hope I'll have a chance to come there again.
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    There is absolutely loads to do in Hoi An. It's got such a laid back atmosphere and charming streets. There is a wonderful and almost deserted beach nearby called Cua Dai beach and you can get there by renting a bike or moto. Hoi An is also the perfect place to get some clothes custom made for you at one of the town's hundreds of tailors!
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