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Shopping in Turkey

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Which currency should i get for shopping in turkey? local or euros? Other than handicrafts i also have to purchase winter boots. I was wondering if i can get cheaper deals on women boots in istanbul or shall i buy from London?


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    Hi Aleesha,
    GBP, Euro and USD are accepted in many stores in toursty areas and it is easy to convert them at local banks and exchange offices (you may have a better currency exchange here) But you may still want to have a little bit of TL with you to pay for the taxi etc. from the airport (there is a bank at the airport as well). Credit cards are widely accepted but you may get a discount if you offer to pay cash (ask for it), in smaller stores (large chains would not offer you discounts for cash). Shopping is good in Istanbul, there are many shopping malls where you can find good quality Turkish and imported products, there are also some discount shopping areas, your hotel's concierge should be able to direct you. Luxury products are usually expensive in Turkey, middle of the road things are cheaper compared to European rates. Enjoy your stay in Turkey.
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    Hi there
    In smaller shops it's usually better to use Lira.
    You may get good deals on women's boots but it depends on what you want!! Uggs are slightly cheaper in Turkey - well in the shops I've looked in. Very difficult to generalise but you may get a lovely pair of locally made boots at an excellent price and quality.
    Most shops accept credit cards, but do check with yur provider to see if you are charged for using it abroad.
    A better rate of exchange is found in Turkey so I would advise just changing a smallish amount to Lira before you come then change the money here. The banks at the airports usually have a poorer rate than those in town. Don't use travellers cheques or change money at your hotel - very often the PTT (Post Office) offers the best rate!
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    Thanks for the valuable advice. I shall stick myself to Grand and egyptian Bazaar mostly. Will go to shopping centers incase i cannot find anything useful. Souveniers from Turkey inform of shoes will keep me happy once i come back in office :)
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    cyprus is also part of Turkey

    You can have quiet and relaxing days here. You will have the chance to learn too. You can learn about the island life, its forests and flora and fauna, discover historical significance of this island.
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    My hotel is already paid so tell me if it is possible for the following list? I am aiming to spend 1000 Leeras for 5 days.
    Unlimited istanbul card for metro / Bus / Tram for 5 days. This shall cover all mosques, churches, museums visits adn roaming in city any time
    Visit to Turkish hamam
    Visit to nearby Beach
    Shop for 10 Yards of Turkish Silk
    Have dinner of Turkish Cuisine for 4 days
    Buy localy made women boots (Someone told me i can find stylish localy made boots so i didnt shop at amazon)
    Buy souveniers that are cheap! As cheap as 10 leeras. Is it possible?
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    Oh and i forgot visit to Bosphorus or Princes Islands. How could i Forget!!!
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    Which one is a better place to swim? Less crowdy? Princes islands or a nearby beach?
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