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How safe is Guatemala?

edited September 2010 in - Central America
I have read that levels of crime are exceptionally high in Guatemala, and than armed holdups on bus trips are common. Not to mention frequent muggings and assaults of tourists in zone 1 of Guatemala city where most of the cheaper hotels are. Can anyone comment on whether this is accurate? How safe are the more rural parts of the country like Lake Atitlan?


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    Don't stay in Guatemala city, get straight out to Antigua as thats the safest option. Around Lake Atitlan it is advisable to go woitha local guide, youll be benefitting thelocal economy and feel safer as there have been reports of attacks on tourists. Though, a lot of hype surrounds this issue. eg. people have been attacked because they stuck their cameras in local peoples faces etc. Be respectful and keep valuable out of sight, you know, all the common sense stuff that you would exercise in any big city in your country. Armed hold ups are not unheard of, but not common. I worked as a tour leader on and off in Central America for 4 years and never experience such a thing. There is always a chance that you can be in the wrong place at the wrong time....
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