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    Sophie, I envy you and your last minute trip to Thailand! I would start by booking a 4-star hotel in Bangkok for 2 days once you arrive. Avoid staying in Khao San Rd, but go there to book your transport to the islands, where you should spend the bulk of your time. Get a bus south and head for Ko Phi Phi or even Ko Samui. I would find accommodation once you're there rather than pre-book. Given the drop in toursit numbers you should have a great range of choice and lots of bargains.

    Its easy to get around Thailand and no pre-booking is required. If you're going north get on the sleeper train to Chiang Mai, if you are heading to the islands use an air-conditioned bus. I would take a daytime drive so you can enjoy the scenery.

    The rainy season is starting but its not likely to ruin your holiday. Rain showers come and go pretty quickly.

    See the Wordtravels Thailand guide for info...
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    I am going with my girlfriend to Thailand next month. We decided the trip in the spur of the moment, and we are thinking of something adventurous like diving or hiking/climbing, rather than the regular beach and city touristy stuff. Any suggestions? I checked online, and there are many stuff to do my mind is spinning! Anyone did something like this before and can give us the best itenerary?
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    Thanks David! We're staying in Bangkok for three nights and then off to koh samui and to koh phangan. We're thinking of flying back from phuket to bangkok and in between, who knows what may come! Thanks for such wonderful help!
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    Heba - for climbing you can't go wrong with Krabi; for diving try the smaller islands like Phi Phi, although a lot of coral was damaged in the tsunami. Hiking is normally done in the north, from Chiang Rai or Pai. Choose your provider carefully though - get advise from returning trekkers on the best company to use.

    Sophie - you are welcome, have a great trip!
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    Hi there! We're travelling from Perth Australia to Thailand for 2 weeks in late October. What do you think of this itinerary: Perth to Bangkok, stay for two nights, fly to Chiang Mai, explore surrounds, stay five nights, then fly Chiang Mai to Phuket and then off to Ko Phi Phi/Ko Samui for six nights, return to Perth from Phuket. The main attractions we're interested in are: Bangkok: a Muay Thai fight night, temples, river boat ride, Mae Sa waterfalls. Maybe travel to Ayutthaya. Chiang Mai: elephant sanctuary, sunday market, temples, maybe take a motorbike to Pai, hill tribe trek. And then finish our adventure with a few days on the beach snorkelling/scuba diving. Any suggestions regarding the itinerary, or must sees??? DO we have enough time to do all this? I guess I also want advice on whether this is the most logical order to visit the places were interested in.

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    Hi David,

    We're preparing to depart in two days! And I had one more question for you. What's the best and most economical way to carry money? We've contemplated carrying cash, but if we lose it somewhere along the way, then well... it wont exactly be pretty.

    Second option is drawing out cash as needed through ATMs, but I've heard it's expensive. Do you have any idea about how much it would cost to use the ATM for one transaction?

    What do you recommend we do?

    Thanks! Sophie.
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    Sophie - in my humble opinion, take a combination of money: cash is always useful, so I always carry a bunch of $20s in a secret place on my carry on luggage or a thin pouch under my clothes. Travellers cheques are still useful in Thailand, and have the advantage of being replaceable. And a debit card with Visa validation is better than credit cards as you generally only get charged via the inferior exchange rate your bank works on, rather than a hefty transaction fee. I would split my money into 1/3 for each of those options. And I always wear a $100 bill in my shoe, under the cloth covering bit!
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    Hi Angeeelar,

    Sounds like a great trip! You're packing loads into two weeks, but I reckon that you should have time to see everything that you're hoping for. In terms of islands to visit, it's difficult to say where you'll get the best weather in October. The autumn monsoon tends to start on the Phuket side (Ko Phi Phi, Ko Lanta etc) and then move eastwards, hitting the Ko Samui side (Samui, Ko Pha Ngan and Ko Tao) in later October or very early November. Having said this, the monsoon period can mean very little in real terms ie. bright sunshine interrupted briefly by heavy later afternoons showers. It's the luck of the draw really.

    Head for the Samui side if you're looking for lively nightlife, and for Ko Tao for diving. If you're after something more authentic and low key, I would recommend Railay Bay, Ko Raya (also known as Ko Racha) and Ko Yao Yai.

    Oh - and don't forget to include the River Kwai on your way from Bangkok to Ayutthaya. You can even stay in floating huts for a quirky experience.

    Hope that helps! Best wishes and safe travels...
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    My girlfriend and I are travelling to Thailand as part of our round the world tour next year. We will be getting to Thailand in June and spending 3 weeks there. We are flying into Bangkok from Sydney. We intend to spend a couple of days in Bangkok as we like markets like the floating market. We would like to go south from there to visit the islands (Ko pha-ngan and Ko Samui) for some relaxation, partying (full moon party) and anything else that we can do down there.

    We have a few questions. We want to know the best way of travelling down to the islands. Also if we're missing out on anything (such as if Ayuthaya is worth visiting as it has been mentioned a few times on this thread). We like adventure and being active but also want some time to relax on some nice beaches. It is the beginning of the rainy season, we hear, will there still be some good weather? What are the best experiences people have had and best activities they've been involved in? If we live severely on budget how much money do you reckon we would need?

    Thank you!
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    just to add a few more questions. Is there anything to do on the way down from Bangkok to the southern islands so that we don't have to do it all in one go? is Ko Tao worth visiting because if so we may get off the train at Chumphon and transfer to Ko Tao and then down to Ko Pha-Ngan and Ko Samui. Also are the Erawan falls and river kwai worth visiting? At this time of year and with the amount of time we have (3 weeks) would it be worth trying to fit in travelling to the islands on the west side such as Ko Rawi, Ko Lanta, Ko Phi-Phi etc?
    Thank you again!
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    The Erawan falls and the River Kwai are definately worth visiting. I went to Thailand last December and the erawan falls was one of the highlights of my trip. I also went to Koh Pha ngan and Koh Tao and loved both of them. Koh Tao is a great place to dive! The North of Vietnam is also somewhere that you should consider visiting - my favourite part of my 3 weeks in Thailand was a three day jungle trip that I did up there! Hope this helps!

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    skip all the islands - go to Koh Tao - it is the most beautiful, relaxed island ever!!!! absolutely beautiful and insane snorkeling. One of the top 10 spots in the world!!
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    Hi Guys and Girls,

    Im travelling to Thailand with my girlfirend for the first time for new years.We will be staying for nearly 5 weeks and are looking to take in as much as possible.Any suggestions would be much appreciated...
    Also we will be in Bangkok for new years and any suggestions on a good way to ring in the new year there would also go down well.

    Thanks In Advance,

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    Hi Everyonee!!! Happy Thanksgiving! Im planning a super quick backpacking trip to SouthEast Asia for my birthday in early March :) I wanna hit up Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam in 10 days!! (I know 10 days is super short--but I plan on returning) I was thinking 2 days in Bangkok, 1 day in Chiang Mai, and the remaining 3 days on the Phi Phi Islands,Maya Bay, and monkey beach. The main activities Im interested in Thailaind include taking a Thai cooking class, elephant riding, and beaching it. Would spend 2 days each in Cambodia and Vietnam--just wanna see the major attraction in each country----any suggestions??? As of right now, Im traveling alone..anyone interested in joining me? :) P.S. David F., I would love your advice!

    Thanks from NYC
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    Would love some advise! I will be traveling to Thailand for the entire month of August with my boyfriend. I was there as year and a half ago, but he has never been. I know its rainy season, but I remember when I was there last time in August, it really wasnt bad weather. We want to experience the best of the best, and suggested itineraries?? What are your thoughts on August travel? Should we head north? I never saw Bangkok last time either... I know its a long way off, but I want to be prepared. Thailand is AMAZING!!
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    Hi Everyone

    I am travelling to Asia mid October- christmas. I plan to fly into Bangkok but am aware it is the rainy season. I really want to do the temples in Cambodia then maybe a bit of Southern Vietnam, beaches etc... I have around three weeks to do this part before heading to thailand. Does anyone have any idea about the area and where would be best to hit, also to avoid limited back tracking? I plan to spend a month in Southern Thailand after, islands etc. What would be the best way to got back to Thailand after this?n Also would it be best to maybe fly into some other airport and out of Bangkok?

    Sooo excited:) Any help would be brill
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    This year the weather in Thailand is quite undpredictable. Now in March should be very hot/no rain but it rains nearly every day, like the rain season already started. August is end of rainy season but its hot anyway. In southern Thailand it rains a lot even during hot/dry season but its different rain what you used to from back home. In the morning its usually nice maybe a bit cloudy, then round lunchtime shower for 1 hour and afterwards sunny again for the rest of the day usually with beautiful sunset. So not bad at all.
    Just be sure to use mosquito repellent a lot, buy the lime/lemon one from pharmacies in Thailand, they tend to work the best.
    As for carrying money, cash/cards combination is probably the best/safest. Just make sure your bank/card company knows you travelling and wont block your card at first attempted payment in Thailand, cause they tend to do it a lot.
    Hope this helps.
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    Stacey, it's a good that you're planning to come to Thailand after October because there's severe flooding in southern thailand right now. It's usually winter season between October to February which means less rain and clear water in southern seas (it's high season). Like Vladi said, the weather's gone bad this year. Winter's got delayed and hard rain in the summer. I've never been to Cambodia and Vietnam but you easily can fly there from/to Suwannaphum airport. Some beautiful destination in the southern: Suratthani (Koh samui, Koh pa-ngun, Koh-Tao), Trang, Krabi, Pungnga (Similan islands), Phuket and Tarutao islands in Satun. Mosquito repellent is definitely a good idea especially when you stay in the southern.
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    Hi All,
    We (a group of 3 friends) are planning a 9 day trip to thailand. Our focus is on adventure sports - scuba diving is top of the list but at the same time, we want to visit the not so crowded beaches. Any suggestions? Lonely planet calls Similan Islands Marine National Park as best for scuba diving.. what about other beaches on andaman coast? also, what will the weather be like on the Amdama coast.

    Another thing is, what are the non -shopping activities in Bangkok, considering we stay there for 2 days.

    Is it possible to go and explore northern Thailand in 9 days along with beaches.

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    Forgot to add.. we plan to visit in the last week of September.
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    Hi Guys.

    I am looking to visit Thailand in July/August time, the dates im looking to go are from the 29th July - 15th August. I'll be flying from Manchester.

    I really need some good advice on how to plan the trip because its a surprise for my girlfriend so i want to make sure i get it right! First things first, altogether including spending money we would be looking to spend roughly £2500 each max! At the moment i have an itinary that reads:

    Day 1 (29th July) - Fly To Bangkok from Manchester (Stay for 3 Nights to explore and go shopping)
    Day 4 (1st August) - Fly to Surat Thani from Bangkok, get boat from Surat Thani over to Kho Pha-ngan. (Stay in Kho-Pha-gnan for 5 nights. The reason for this is that we want to go to the full moon party, but i have been told that you can only book accomodation for 5 nights at a time??? If this is wrong then any advice on the best thing to do would be great!)
    Day 9 (6th August) - Boat back to mainland and then bus to Phuket. I was going to book a nice hotel for 5 nights in Phuket since we would have spent 9 days before hand rushing around Bangkok and getting drunk at the full moon party. Is this a good idea? Are there any nice (not too expensive) hotels in Phuket? Is it best to stay in Patong? What can we do for 5 days whilst we're there?? Ive heard there is also a day tour of some locations filmed in 'The Beach' and a James Bond film???
    Day 14 (11th August) - Fly from Phuket to Chang Mai. I was going to book for us to stay in Chang Mai for 3 nights. Is this a good option? What can we do whilst we're there?
    Day 17 (14th August) - Fly from Chang Mai to Bangkok, Fly from Bangkok to Manchester

    Looking at the itinery guys is there anything that i have got wrong?? Would it be affordable on the budget i quoted? Would it be best to stay in Phuket longer and not go to Chang Mai or Vice Versa?? I reall really need some help as i dont want to get this wrong, its my first visit to Thailand and i dont want to mess it up, especially for my girlfriend!

    To help you out, we would both really want to go to Bangkok to shop, the full moon party as ive heard its amazing and then chill out on a nice beach in a nice hotel as we would need to unwind. ANY advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys!
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    This is my recommendation on what you might be interested to do in Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai

    Bangkok - to visit
    1. Grand Palace
    2. Wat Arun
    3. Boxing match - Lumpini/ Ratchadamnoen (depend on the date of opening)
    Ratchadamnoen Muay Thai Boxing Stadium
    Open on Monday, Wed, Thur And Sunday From 18:30 to 22:30 am
    Lumpini Muay Thai Boxing Stadium
    Open Tue 6.30-10.30pm, Fri 5-8pm, Sat 8.30pm-midnight
    4. JJ Market …
    5. Dinner Cruise along Chao Phraya River

    1. Elephant Riding
    2. Doi Suthep
    3. Nimman area- Eating (lots of delicious food)
    4. Zoo very good weather from Dec - Feb
    5. Walking Road.. it's call "Tanon Kon Dern" / "?????????" in Thai
    1. SPA
    2. Snorkeling at Similan/ Phi Phi Island
    3. Chilling and shopping at Patong
    4. Sun bathing @ the Beach ^___^
    5. All marine activities i guess :)

    If you are looking for private and exclusive services about activities to do in Thailand, could be your great choice!

    Princess Hours
    Have you ever wanted to be pampered like a princess? This is your chance! This Special Day of Relaxation includes: Finest Facial, Nail, and Body spas, Hair styling, and a dinner cruise down the renowned Chao Phraya River in the heart of Bangkok. These premium services are provided by high skilled personal-care specialists. It's time to make your dreams come true!

    Elephant Buddy
    If you already admire the majestic elephant or would love to learn more about this magnificent mammal, then prepare for an experience of a lifetime. This is a 2 day / 1 night package to Northern Thailand to show your love and care by being an "elephant owner" one-on-one for a day. You will learn how to approach, care for, and ride an elephant through forests and waterfalls.

    About the budget, if you have around 3,500 - 5,000 baht per night, you can book a really nice hotel. For the air ticket cost, you should have around 7,000 - 8,000 baht for economy class for round trip from Bangkok to Phuket (less cheaper from Bangkok to Chiang Mai) by Thai airlines... will be cheaper for low budget airline. The cost of the meals, you should have around 500-600 baht for two persons in a nice local restaurant, and around 1,000 - 2,000 baht in a very luxury hotels. If you want to try street food, it would cost around 50-100 baht each to fill up your stomach :):)

    Enjoy Thailand!! Hope it helps you in some way!!
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    Hi All,

    Need your inputs on a week's trip to Thailand with my wife starting Feb 16 this year...Thanks in advance
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    Hello all, great suggestions so far. I'm off to Thailand next week and wondered if anyone has any recommendations for how best to travel/see the northern regions? We have 8/9 days, going from Bangkok and wanting to take in Kanchanaburi, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Pai and Sukhothai. Is that too much? What order? How many days in each? Things of that nature would be greatly appreciated, ta :)

    PS- If you're heading to Krabi, here's my thoughts on our recent trip -
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    Thailand have best attractive places.these are

    1)Ko Tarutao
    3)Ko Chang
    4)Grand Palace
    5)Similan Islands
    6)Chiang Mai Night Bazaar
    8)Phang Nga Bay
    9)Koh Tao
    10)Ko Phi Phi
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    Hey all...
    Me and my girlfriend are travelling to Thailand 26th - 16th Sept. I was hoping for a little advice on best way to plan a Itinerary which would include visiting temples and relaxing on some of the beautiful beaches. I really want to visit Cambodia, Southern Vietnam within the 3 weeks, am I being unrealistic trying to get all of this into 3 weeks? Also my girlfriends stepmum is from Thailand and she says the weather is fine this time of year is she slightly over exaggerating to make us feel better about it being the rainy season?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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    Hi Trimm,

    She may be exaggerating, I was planning a trip to Thailand around the same time and was told by pretty much everyone who's been there that it's a terrible time, right in the middle of monsoon season!
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    My boyfriend and I are going to thailand on April 1-15th 2013 and landing in Bangkok. We are very excited and cant wait. However, need some help with making an itinerary please. We plan to visit Bangkok, Chiang Mai,Phi Phi and maybe KO samui if we can fit it in our schedule. Also where can I get the best experience in riding an elephant?
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    I don't think it's that terrible. I know lots of people who travelled in that time and had a blast. If you're that worried though, why don't you move your trip?

    Do buy yourself a sturdy umbrella and a foldable one for light/unexpected rain. Raincoats would do also but I think umbrellas are more common in those parts.

    And 3 weeks should be plenty.
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    I would not bother making a reservation if it is not party time. Best
    just to turn up and look at few places and compare rates, facilities
    etc. Some are good and some are very bad particularly at the budget end
    of the scale. You might want to check out
    Koh Phangan Resort
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