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I am travelling from Singapore to Bangkok which would be the best and safer way to take money with me? Would it be travellers cheques, credit cards or cash?


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    You will want to cash for anything that may arise while not near an ATM or place that will take debit cards. That is unlikely to be if you are flying but probable if you are going by train or bus. I have found traveller cheques to be more of a hassle than an ATM card which i believe to be the best. When in Bangkok ATM's are all over the city so take out little amounts of money as needed.
  • Credit card is a good idea, but avoid to pay with your credit card if the shop doesn't have an electronic device. Traveller checks are usually not accpeted by shop owners, they prefer cash. You can reasonably travel with cash; Thailand is a safe country to travel in, and you will find a lots of hotels and guest houses with a safe in the room.
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