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visa of UK and other Europe countries for a Chinese student in US

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hi, I am a Chinese student and now studying in the US, my boyfriend is now studying in the UK, so I want to plan a trip in the December. and also to travel some other European countries, such as Swiss, France... I know that I need to apply two visa, one for UK and one is Schengen visa. but I am not sure about the procedure and requirement of the materials to apply for these visa. could you provide me some information about that. Thanks a lot!!!!!!!


  • Please contact a local tour operator over were you will be vsisting to give you details so that there will be no mistake.

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    It's not very hard. For a Schengen visa you will need a letter from your school, proof of funds (bank statement to show you have got enough money for your trip), return plane tickets, travel insurance and booking confirmation for hotels. I believe the UK visa would be similar. Also I believe you will need a third visa if you are planning a trip to Switzerland
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