Visa required for an egyptian to travel to the Philippines?



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    This question is for LOLA. I'm so happy you've been to Egypt for so many times. I would like to know how much money do i need to declare in my bank account so that the Egyptian Embassy will grant me a visa? Do i need a 100 thousand for that? Thank you very much and highly appreciated a response from you. :)
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    hi...i'm a filipina,my boyfriend is an egyptian national and he is working in Mecca,Saudi Arabia for now and he is planning to visit me in the Philippine's this February 10, year for 10 days...does he in need to get the visa first before he can enter the Philippine?please help me,i need your help so much...thank you
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    my boyfriend an Egyptian national who is working in Mecca,Saudi Arabia has already got a ticket to go here in the Philippines as a tourist..does he still in need the visa to enter the Philippines?please help me...i need your answers as much as possible...thank you
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    LOLA: woW! thanks for that info! I have also a friend there and he's inviting me...are u there now in egypt? i want to know more info about egypt, can we have some talks, here's my e-add

    KAREN: good to know that you are also filipina Karen...i got ur contact number...i want to know the things you have been through there in egypt(the visa, the marriage papers needed, etc)...were you married there in egypt? i am very much interested cause i think i will have the same situation like you, so if you dont mind can we talk in YM, here's my ID/e-add

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    Kamusta po?
    I have questions.
    First of all, I gained Malaysian citizen since birth and the rest of my siblings are Filipino citizens , parents are both Filipinos. My father is a seaman and brought my mom with him... that explains where I was born.
    I also got my education in Philippines ,since we have home there in QC and Iloilo.
    I am happily married for 6 years to an Egyptian citizen.
    He is an expatriate of Malaysia and under a spouse visa (one of Malaysian benefits).
    I am helping to manage his business since he is working in one of the hotels here at daytime.
    I visit my family last year without my husband, after the local Philippine Embassy informed us that my husband have to go back to his country of origin and apply visa to go to Philippines.
    We are planning to go to Egypt and visit his family in Al Mansura and apply visa to Philippines to visit my family.
    Now with all the chaos in Cairo, where Philippine embassy is located, we cannot go there and we can not visit again in Philippines. To make matters worst, my father came back home from overseas just to see both of us. He almost got into trouble in his work since he just took a month's off previously.
    We do not know when will Egypt's issues finish so we can go there safely.
    My family in Philippines are having reunion to see all of us, include my brother & sister who also came back home. That's filipino family culture. We are proud of it.

    My husband have work and business here in Malaysia. He also wanted to see my whole family even before our engagement due to his work and both conflict schedules from my family side, we only register our marriage but we postponed our wedding celebrations since my husband and his family wanted my family to come as well especially my father.
    We felt that we are really torn apart by politics and its protocol but all we wanted was visit my family.
    My father's wish is to meet my husband face-face.
    Is there any way for my husband to go to Philippines even 3-5 days without going to his country of origin? Or, my family in Philippines, Can they send invitation letter or an appeal letter to DFA?
    What shall we do to enter in Philippines?
    Please share your ideas and suggestion.
    Any comments are highly appreciated.

    Thank you and good luck to everyone.

    Our Best Regards,

    This is our e-mail:
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    Hi! I'm a Filipino working here in Saudi Arabia. I have a Pakistani friend who wants to go with me on my vacation this year. Can i ask what are the documents he will needs to travel? And how long he can stay in the Philippines? Hoping for your immediate response. Thank you
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    hi! I just married an egyptian december last year. I already had a visa to travel to egypt now and planning to travel to egypt by 1st week of april.. Just lately that i discover that my husband is sort of strict when it comes to my concern. Like how i dress, walk, talk etc.. Though im im confident of my husband love towards me.. I want to know from other filipina married to egyptian in egypt how they cope with it.? Any tips for me? Salamat!!!
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    my Indian friend wants to visit philippines for the 2nd time. His 1st visit had a problem due to overstaying in Phils. he applied again for visa 2nd time but he got denied. Then he adviced me to provide at least an invitation letter from him so he can easily get visa. What shall i do. What office will i ask for the invitation letter i provide for my friend. Can we do it online? thank you
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    im a filipina working in Dubai, UAE..i have an egyptian boyfriend and his also working here in UAE he wants us to get married here as soon as possible. what are the documents that we need, for us to get married
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    Hi kamusta po mga kababayan ? I have some questions regarding to my son. I currently live here in Canada with my significant other n my son for almost 3years But now I am planning to visits in our native country for 5 weeks. My son was born in Philippines but his passport is canadian passport . Should I apply him a visa or not necessarily to?
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    to gimini girl,i just got married to my egyptian fiancee last week, prior to that we're together for four years..He never impose the muslim way of clothing to me. It depends on upbringing coz his family is very open minded. He just told don't wear something vulgar that's it. You just have to be honest with him what are the things you can and can't do for him. And make him understand that he have to respect your values the way you respect his. Every year we celebrate eid, christmas and new year. Being married to him, doesn't mean you have to say yes to everything he say. Just do what is comfortable for both of you. compromise.
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    Hello po to all kababyan here. I have a question, I have Canadian fiance and he is planning to visit the Philippines. But hes worried coz he can stay only up for 21 days. he wants to wait for me until Ive finished processing my canadian visa and stay together for a couple of months in the Philippines so we can go together in canada. Is it possible for a foreign nationals to stay there up to three moths or something? Please we really need an advice.. Thanks in advance.
  • edited 3:37PM cj from philippines im having a bf indian national he wants to visit me this coming aug hes goin to buy ticket after i send the letter to him,he ask me to make letter of invitation so hes visa will be approved..wht shld i include or put in the letter of invitation?he will just stay here for 15 to 20 days only,...plsss need help....thanks...
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    hi,good day.i am a filipina.and i have egyptian bf,,he want to come in Phillipines to marry can get married and i have husband before and he want to come in real here,,he is in cairo now but want to come here,he say,,i will send the visa,but he will pay me when he arrives here in phil,,now how much the visa cost
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    Hi,im a filipina...i have an egyptian bf...he would like to come here in phil to get married here..and he said he would like me to go with him in egypt,after we get he ask me to get visa first before he i want to know what ducuments i needed to get visa goes to egypt?...and i ask if what kind of entry visa i can is tourist visa or fiancee visa?and how long i can get a visa and how much the cost to have it???pls help me...
  • edited 3:37PM a filipina...have also boyriend in egyp nationality''his willing to visit,to stay for knowing better both''he want to visit'and he ask me to help how to get the invitation or visa' and what the documents needs''' as soon as possible ''his willing to provide all the documents' and also my documents if needs to present..pls.. advise me' and help me''whta am i doing'' regarding my boyfrien wants to come an visit me.. .this i smy facebook thankssss.
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    Can you please help me, my boyfriend is living in india and this is his first time to visit the philippines..what should be the right process..what if i don't have enough money to support him?
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    hi..hello...i have an egyptian boyfriend and he is planning to go visit me here in the Philippines and offers marriage...the problem is...I'm married though separated for 2 years but not in could he bring me in Egypt? please I need your help and advices to cope with this...thank you very much...
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    Hello tourist ,

    Please we are hear to help you get your tourist and business Invitation and voucher for your visa ok. It take 4 to 5 working days for your invitation to be ready.after your payment confirmation, we are going to send you an Invitation and voucher by E-mail ok, As for Kosovo your visa will be given on arrivale at the airprot,Also our airport Transfer cost is fix at Euros 60 for a person to any Hotel around the city of printina -kosovo and for the Hotel we can
    arange an apartment or single room for you okay.

    - We can also provide you with visa invitation letter for the following country ok.Latvia,Russia,Armenia,Ukrian,turkey,poland ,Estonia and moldovia.

    Our tourist invitation prices list :

    1 month tourist invitation costs 480 Euros
    3 month Businees invitation costs 630 Euros
    6 months Business invitation costs 720 Euros
    1year Business invitation costs 950 euros

    You must send us the
    -A Copy of your scand passport .
    -Date of arrival.
    -Date of Departure .
    Best Regards.

    Mr Frave Yolaine
    west travel inc
    Offices in St Petersburg ,Moscow
    Registered office address
    :91040, Russia,
    St. Petersbrug,
    Pushkinskaya st.
    tell// +79260023764
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    Hello, how can my Egyptian boy friend come to visit me here? what does he need to do in order to get a fiancee visa. help me he is really asking me how so he can be with me this coming Christmas. Thank you. hope you can help me.
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    Hi, I need some advise of what should I do if my visit visa going to Egypt expired last month. Can I just renew it or I need to reapply again.? But It was applied in UAE and now I'm in Manila. Please I need some help. Thanks
  • edited 3:37PM sai..i have and Egyptian boyfriend and he wants me to travel in Egypt,i just want to know what are the things to do?is it a fiancee visa i need to get or just a tourist visa?as we are planning to get married in there.i hope someone can help me here,i would be very thankful in case someone will answer me here.
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    i m frm india.born in india.i want to visit philippines to meet my friend..i'll stay just 20 days there. Do i need to get visa? Or can i go there without getting visa.ive learnt tht for staying less then 21 days sme1 dont need to get i m confused abt this. Pls help me to make clear on this. Thank u.
  • im a Filipina and i have an Egyptian friend who wants to go here in the Philippines, does he need to apply for a visa?
  • Hello po,
    Im married to an egyptian.. i need a housemaid here in egypt.. can anybody tell me kung paano ako makakakuha ng housemaid.. or kung pwede kung meron po kayong alam na agency sa pinas na nagpaprocess ng ganito..
    Salamat po.
  • Lily Services is an agency in Cairo that provides housemaids and other cleaning services. They do have Filipino maids on their books give them a try
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    Good day !!!! For a Jordinian nationality is it needed to have a visa? if needed is it available by the agency? Is the invitation needed also to enter Philippines?.
  • Kissmenadz, what country do you want to visit?
  • hello, i just want to ask what documents do i need for visit visa in egypt? my egyptian friend will sponsor me.thanks
  • @jeangood what passport do you hold? Without knowing your nationality it is impossible for us to give visa advice.
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