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Thailand visa issues

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You say free 15 day visa when crossing into Thailand, is it possible to buy a visa to stay for longer (approx 21 days)?


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    Depending on your Nationality you can get a 30 day Tourist Visa when arrive at Immigration
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    There is a fee for Thailand visas and visa extensions. If you are entering Thailand by air, on arrival you will be given 30 days in the country, after which you would need to apply for an extension. Entering Thailand by land the same applies, but for 15 days only.
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    First and foremost, if you're visitor from any country which is on the Thai Visa Exemption program and you're arriving by air from a country which doesn't have a land border with Thailand i.e. Malaysia, Cambodia, Burma or Laos, then you don't require a Visa to enter the country. Under the rules of this program, you can stay a maximum 30 days. If you do arrive from one of these countries either by land, sea or air, then the maximum period of stay is only 15 days. In both cases, you don't get a Visa, but rather a stamp in your passport which includes an entry and exit date. Because it isn't a Visa, you can't extend it.

    If you wish to stay in Thailand as a tourist for more than 30 days, then you have to apply for a Tourist Visa. Such visas can only be applied for in another country and allow a stay of up to 60 days. A Tourist Visa is valid for either three or six months. This means you have to use it by travelling to Thailand within that period. So for example, if you wanted to visit Thailand for up to 60 days in December, then there wouldn't be any point in applying for a Tourist Visa in January because it will have expired already. A three month Tourist Visa is cheaper than a six month one, so unless you're feeling generous, there's no point in applying earlier than September in you want to travel in December.

    Also, a Tourist Visa is only valid for one entry and expires as soon as you leave the country. So for example, if you had a 60 day Tourist Visa and you arrive in Bangkok on 1st April, but fly to another country without a land border with Thailand on 5th April and return the following day, your Visa will be invalid and you'll only receive permission to stay in the country for 30 days under the Tourist Visa Exemption program. If you go to another country which does have a land border with Thailand and return, you'll only be granted permission to stay for 15 days. This doesn't prevent you from doing a so called "Visa Run" which means to travel to a country with a land border with Thailand and then re-entering the country again in order to qualify for another 15 days. You can do that as often as you wish.

    For more details, visit the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs @
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