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Morocco Atlas Mountains Safety Concerns

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I'm going hiking in Morocco's Atlas Mountains, is it safe? I've checked the US State Travel Alerts and Warnings site and there wasn't any recent information. I also plan to go to Casablanca and Marrakesh, the site says I must watch out for pickpockets and places associated with Americans, is this true?


  • Yes associated with smerican is true but you need to do you own things ameican base there have thier own things to do so have a tour operator that will guide on your time being there of a tour guide.

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    Do yourself a big favour and skip Casablanca altogether; even Moroccans will admint that, apart from the mosque, there is NOTHING else to see here.
    Devote more time to Marrakech, which has so many things to see and from where you can go on a few trips and have a more worthwhile experience.
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    Thanks for your helpful advice Global_Bush_Tours and John. I'll look into spending more time in Marrakech. Are there any other travellers tips you can give me? Any really good excursions from Marrakech that I absolutely can't miss?
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