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Senegal - how safe is it for female travellers?

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Is Senegal a safe country for solitary female travellers to travel through? I'll be travelling on my own, making use of public transport and I want to know how safe I will be. Are the people friendly?
Also what medicines should I take with me?


  • Hello
    Senegalise are friendly but going to senegalise for your first time you need a tour Guide to take you round if you do not need a tour guide but a taxi drive can help you round for a very cheaper fare and also for medicines please just take you yelow fever vecine thats for maliria if you need any help we can assist
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    Is it possible to book a tour in advance or should I rather wait until I arrive in the country. And is it absolutely necessary to see the country through a tour, is it not possible to just arrive and do my own thing - I'm a very independent traveller and so I don't like tour groups and such, what's your advice?
  • Annemarie
    If you are independent traveller some tour companies handle independent traveller althesame what is my advice is that have a hotel book that is around the beach of which i can give you few names if you want and also have a taxi arrange that if you need one it will take you around, i have being there several times and i can gie you the name of a cheap hotel of about 70 usd a day, actually am a tour operator in Cameroon you can view my details of my user name vie google if you need any future help do not hasitate to contact me regarding senegal believe you will enjoy there but donot forget to have vacine for malaria
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    Thanks very much, I'll look into available tours when I know exactly when I'll be going to Senegal - I still have to get the dates from work. Thanks so much for all your advice and hopefully I'll be able to do one of your tours.
  • Annemarie
    if you need any help meanwhile your stayed in senegal to do not hasistate to contact me vie email.
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    I am from srilanka. I want to go to senegal to see arround in Dakar.pls advise me how to apply visa and how safe that place

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