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Where to go for help in Arequipa, Peru

Hello, my son has gone on vacation by himself to Arequipa, Peru and has no experience with travelling. He now tells me via facebook, he hates Peru, can't understand the language, and wants to come home. Can anybody help me with respect to where I can direct him to get some help? He sounds pretty frustrated and I am very worried about him. He is apprarently staying in a hostel of some sort but is having a huge problem with the language barrier and as he puts it he is tired of getting lied to. Not sure if that is the case and I'm not sure what happened but some help with where I can direct him to a tourist information or at the very least to someone that speaks english to help him would be really helpful. Thanks so much


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    Hi There,

    There are plenty of English speaking people in Arequipa - obviously your son hasn't managed to find any of them!
    If he goes to Giardino Travel (located at the front of "la Casa de mi Abuela" hotel) someone there will be able to help him for sure. Address is: Calle Jerusalen 604-A Arequipa. This is a tourist travel agency (meaning they generally deal with foreign tourists not Peruvian toursists) so everyone there speaks English.
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