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Suggested Egypt itinerary

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Hi - I want to go on vacation to Egypt in the spring, I have read up on but want some first hand advice from other people who have visited. Can you suggest an itinerary for Egypt. I have just over two weeks to tour the country and am keen to see more than just the touristy sights but do also want to see the pyramids, ride on a camel, etc. I have read that you can camp in the desert with the Bedouin tribes - or am I getting mixed up with Jordan??? All advice greatly appreciated Sx


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    whatever your itinerary, make sure you get to the sinai where you can stay with bedouins and enjoy nature and a culture that is amazing.

    this is where we stayed. very highly recommended for an authentic bedouin experience:
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    Dear SuzieJ,

    I am just going to tell you what i recomend...

    arrive in Cairo Airport, stay in cairo for 4 days, visit the pyramids, museums and Khan el Khalily.
    fly or take a bus to Sharm el Shiek (red sea) for like 5 days or more, this will be just amazing for realxing, diving and a great night life.
    Alexandria (Mediterranean Sea) a couple of days.
    then I would suggest a train to Luxor and cruise to Aswan where you would see lots and lots of the pharonic touristic areas and enjoy a cruise in the Nile.
    back home :)

    like this you would have coverd all Egypt, usually people do that in like 2 or 3 trips, but this is a tight/concentrated itinerary. would be a little costy, but again, it's worth 2 or 3 trips...
  • Hi Suzie,

    I'm Antoinette, a senior tour operator in Champion Tours Egypt.
    Please send me your e-mail & I'm going to send you a detailed itinerary for visiting Egypt.
    that's my e-mail: [email protected]
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    Please post the itinerary here as well! I would love to see it. Thanks Antoinette!
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    Dear SuzieJ

    Egypt Have Allot Of Nice Places We Can Arrange All Kind Of Torism Such As:

    - Pyramids, Sphinx, Skkara, Memphis, ahshour
    - Egyptian Museum, Old Cairo, Citadil Of Saladin, Khan El Khalili Bazzar
    - Some Pleaces Outside Cairo Like, Alexandria, Fauom, Oasis, Luxor, Aswan, Abu Simble, Hurghada, Sharm, Sahl Hashesh, Sinai & St. Catherine, Nwiebaa, Dahab, Also You Can Do Jordan As Excertion From Egypt

    If You Need Any Further Information Please Contact Me Any Time

    Best Of Luck
    Mona Shawky
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    I got an opportunity to work in EGYPT, please tell it would be wise decision to go for 1 tr. in terms of safety & in terma of cost of living.
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