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Going to Kenya on my own with two children

edited October 2010 in Africa
Hi I have booked a holiday to Kenya for next April for me and my two children.I'm now getting a little anxious this is the first holiday I have had on my own with the children since my husband famy think I'm mad and are saying my children could get taken in the night the beach boys will see me on my own and will follow me and rape me!!! I'm a little scared now! Is it safe for us 3? I have booked a package deal through first choice and want to book safari when we get there.I guess what I'm asking is have I put us in danger by booking this holiday which is meant to be life changing a
nd amazing holiday? Help!!


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    Kenya coast is safe and I have not heard any rape case at all, however as you travel i would advice you to be more careful and you will enjoy your holiday.
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    The Kenyan coast is safe but it is good to always to ask the hotel for official tax, avoid being out late.
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