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What to see and do in Nicaragua?

edited November 2010 in - Central America
I am planning on travelling through Nicaragua en route to Costa Rica. Would like to spend maybe 10 days in the country all up and want to see both Pacific and Carib coastlines. Can anyone recommend the best highlights and undiscovered gems of the country that i should not miss?? Really want to get some first hand accounts rather than the rehashed stale info i find online. Thanks Ricardo


  • You definitely have to go to San Juan del Sur (South Pacific beach). Don´t spend too much time in Managua. You can take a hike in some of the greatest volcanos here (Santiago, Mombacho, Cerro Negro) and take a tour of the small cities like Granada and Leon. The caribean is beautiful but i dont think you´ll have enough time to go there unless you travel by plane from Managua to Bluefields or to Corn Island (beautiful to spend two-three days top), which can cost around $100 one way, but dont worry if you dont get to go there, there are plenty of amazing things to do here.
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