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Scams in Thailand

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I'm about to travel to Thailand for the first time, and have heard that there are a lot of scams targeting tourists in Thailand. What scams should I watch out for? People have told me, and I've read on the internet that the Koh San Road is particularly bad for tourist scams and pick pockets, is this accurate? Should I be worried about crime in Thailand, how are the beaches and islands with regard to crime levels?


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    Altogether Thailand is a safe place to travel. Due to the rise in western tourism in Thailand there are a number of greedy people that are always trying to make a quick buck on someone else’s expense. Unfortunately people do fall for them but it’s just worth to keep your wits about you.

    Don’t flash your money around when you out but this rule applies to most cities. Taxis in Bangkok always run on a meter so if they do not put the meter on ask them to do so. Tuk Tuk drivers often promise a cheap 10 baht ride to the temples but then will always take you to a suit or jewellery shop along the way to try and get you to busy something. The TAT can usually target tourists as they get off the plane in Bangkok. They are not really a scam but a Tourist information company. They basically offer you a tailored trip all around Thailand and then over charge you for the trip so just avoid them and don't book as you can often do the same trip for much less on your own.

    Most scams in Thailand are harmless and only try to get a few extra baht off of you so always decline in a friendly manner and most will leave you alone.
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