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Syria - VISAs on arrival

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After reading on the internet about tourist visa requirement into Syria, an official told me on the phone (from Syrian Consulate in UAE) that as a British Passport holder, presently living/working in Bahrain - I can get a VISA upon entry. I need to know that this is 100% correct. Would hate to be sent back on the next plane! Anyone have first hand knowledge?


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    According to our information: "Visas can only be issued on arrival to those travelling as part of an organised group or if there is no Syrian representation in their home country. " If you have time, it is worth applying for a visa prior to departure.
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    I checked with the Syrian embassy in Pretoria South Africa, and the official there told me that only citizens of Arab countries get visas on arrival - all other nationalities must get the visa before arrivals. Turnaround on the visa issueing: 5-10 working days.
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    Thanks David. Always get more than one answer to a question in this part of the world. But at least after 2 days of trying, someone actually picked up the phone and spoke to me! I have my (Bahrain) Permanent Residence issued here - + passport + return ticket, so I think I will see now what the airline has to say - travelling GULF AIR - so hopefully they have info too. Appreicate your quick response.
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    Hi guys, I travel quite a lot through out the AME region but havent been to Syria I know I can get a Visa for Lebanon at the Airport, and will then be traveling to Syria, can I also get a visa for Syria at the airport, I have a British Passport and havent been to Israel,
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    Hi Barry
    I had lots of help when I was out there asking the same question but then was suddenly directed to the Consulate in Bahrain and was able to get a VISA within 24 hours. Certainly the English spoken at immigration upon arrival at Damascus Airport was minimal - they just flicked through my passport pages until they found the page they recognised. If you have time and dont want to take the risk, get the VISA before travel. If not, I hope you get through - we loved Syria. Good travels.
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