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Is Greece safe to visit during strikes?

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Is it safe to travel to Greece at the moment? It's a little intimidating hearing about all the strikes, so should tourists be worried about their safety? I'm concerned that transportation will be disrupted and we'll miss trains, buses and ferries, or get caught in the middle of a demonstration that could turn violent.


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    A strike is a strike. I'm sure anyone could spot a huge crowd of people coming towards their way. When the strikes are way too big or have a group of anarchists inside the crowd (that's the only reason why the strikes can turn into a mess, and not because of the rest demonstrators) police often is closing the streets of that area. So, i find it a bit hard for you to suddenly get stuck inside a strike.
    Noone will care to harm a traveller...they are busy blaming each other for who made the country go bankrupt. :P
    The only thing that you should worry about, is exactly what you said yourself too. The transportation -due to big strikes or strikes within the transportation companies(!!!)- can have delays or cancellations. Always check the timetables before you travel. Taxi's are expensive, choose trains, and especially metro. Buses is a good choice too. Athens is a bit of a mess, it always was, cause it's a bit chaotic for someone that hasn't lived there to know.It has some very good things to see (of course antiquites and nightlife...but nothing more lol) In general though Greece is perfectly fine. Even some kilometers away of Athens will make you realise what Greece is actually all about.Athens gives a bad impression of the rest of Greece, sadly.

    Check out strikes info for the next days here
    and here (<---which is also a very good site about Greek reality in general that would interest a foreigner living or travelling in Greece)

    Have a nice journey with nice memories :)
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    Yes, indeed it is safe to travel to Greece as the strike is not there to hurt tourists. No one included in the strike will deliberately hurt you. Yes there can be a miscreant or two from them you got to vary of. I don’t think security is such a big issue in Greece. All you need to do is stay away from the zones that are most affected by the strike.
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    It's still a good question to consider a few months later.

    As an expat from England living in Athens, my view is that the answer is changing slightly over time.

    Greece remains a very safe place for westerners - Brits and Americans are very welcome everywhere. Crime remains low.

    Safety during strikes is no problem whatsoever - most demonstations are well policed and are in the area of the Greek parliament near Syntagma in central Athens. The remaining 99.9% of Greece hardly ever sees a demonstration.

    However, an increasing 'threat' to the smooth running of people's holidays is the fast increasing number of strikes - all forms of transport, doctors, pharmacists etc etc - as the goverment tries to push through lots of tough legislation. A great country but keep an eye on
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    We run a Greek villa rental business and tell our clients that the only inconvenience is if there is a general transport strike. So far, there have been no more than in previous years, and some destinations are not vulnerable to public transport strikes anyway! More disruption is caused by the perennial French Air traffic control strikes in summer than anything else... So come to the islands and enjoy summer as usual, with a warm welcome from locals, and if you don't make the effort to pick up a newspaper, which is usually a day late on the smaller islands anyway, you will have no idea what is going on in the big bad world at all!
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    Greece is one of the safest countries to visit. The strikes that take place are all peaceful and are limited in a small area of the centre of Athens. In all of the Greek islands the atmosphere is very relaxed, people walk calmly 24 hours and many local houses don't even lock their doors at night. As you visit the central areas of the main cities of Athens and Thessaloniki you will not be able to notice even a sign of the financial crisis since most restaurants and cafes are packed and people always have a good opportunity to go out even for a walk due to the nice weather. Another important point that should be mentioned, are the prices which are steadily decreasing due to the financial situation. The accommodation prices are low for an average hotel and you can find food of perfect quality and taste also in a very reasonable price. You should visit Greece as soon as possible. NOTHING to worry about of the nonsenses of the media.
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