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Hi I am South African female working in bahrain... how would I check my status of my visa? I've been sponsored by a hotel here in Bahrain but they refuse to issue me copy of my visa. My passport says I have one month stay in Bahrain but I'd like to know if i am on vistors visa or working visa?


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    Hi Livi,
    First up, the hotel is legally obliged to give you a copy of the visa. If they wont give you one, it could be that they haven't done the paperwork properly and that puts you in a shaky position. Go speak to your local embassy - they are paid to provide assistance and advice to people like you.
    South African Embassy in Adliya, Bahrain
    Embassy of South Africa in Adliya, Bahrain
    Box 15574 Adliya Bahrain
    Phone: 786699
    Fax: 786429
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    Hi David... thank you for your reply.
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    Hi david
    am INDIAN AND APPLY FOR VISA FOR JOB in bahrain... i was selected as counter clerk in one of there company,how would I check my status of my visa? I've been sponsored by a compay and they says my visa is under procedure from last 2 months.but I'd like to know if i am doing proper paper work then why still i dnt get my visa ?what is the procedure for visa n how to check please please guied me
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    Anyone know how long it takes for an eVISA to clear? I would prefer to get one rather than waiting in line for a tourist visa when I get to Bahrain, but I'm not sure if I have the time
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    i would like to know what are the details they check while issue for a bahrain visa & how long does it take to get one.
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    hi im from India i have been placed in a company in Bahrain through the GM of the company and they asked me to wait for 45 working days of the country,now it is nearly 80 days. if i enquire about the visa they are saying that embassy is delayin.pls can to help me out in tis visa process.
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    i am Treasure from Nigeria, i am interested in coming to bahrain as a tourist, what are the requirements and how do i go about it. secondly, hopw long does it take for the visa tourist visa to be ready.
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    hi..i m mariyam frm india.i wana go to bahrain 4 one month. i hav some relatives there . how much i have 2 pay 4 visa as its fee & who will sponcer me .can i get visa on arrival what type of visa i would get...if my relative sponcers me who will pay visa fee & how much in indian currency.....? plz advise me as early as possible........thanks
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    can someone link me with agents in bahrain for visa
    am marketeer with good company in nigeria
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    im a Nigerian,hoping to coming to Bahrain in april...........just want to inquire how i can get a sponsor or an agent to help with a visa,if necessary that i pay,that would not be a problem
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    Please advise on visa requirements for India passport holder with US green card
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    HI All
    Please check this website for all your comments
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    Dear Friend,
    I got your address from a websit relating to travel and tourism.
    I am indian national - residing at Riyadh, KSA with family and my residence profession is Muhasib (Accountant)
    I am going to india during june 1st week with a stop over period of 3 days at Bahrain with my wife.
    I want to travel by road to bahrain. I have onward air tickets from bahrain - india - riyadh.

    1. What is the transit visa rules for my family. (or no need visit visa)
    2. If no need visit visa for transit passengers, what r the documents required. (I have passport with entry rentry visa stamp, resident permit and passport is having Accountant profession and return tickets by air)
    3. Transit visa fee anything to be paid.
    4. If so how much per person and where i have to pay the money in case travel by road.

    Expecting your response
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    Hello. I have a questions my wife is from Romania and she waz rejected 3 times. 2 times before we got maried and 1 time after our mariage. Want can i do to bring her here ??? please help me
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    Hai Davi

    Im an Indian female worker in Bahrain.

    I dnt know the sponsor. How can i find him?

    Thank u
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    i just want some information my cousin is working with a company in bahrain and his visa was expired so they are renewing it and when he cheked it with lmra so they are saying it is in progress so can u tell me what does it means its above one month his status is like this kindly help....
    hope to hear from u soon thanks a lot...
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    am INDIAN AND APPLY FOR VISA FOR JOB in bahrain... i was selected as interior fitout job in one of there company,how would I check my status of my visa? I've been sponsored by a compay and they says my visa is under procedure from last 20 days but I'd like to know if i am doing proper paper work then why still i dnt get my visa ?what is the procedure for visa n how to check please please guied me
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    Hi, I am from Pakistan and i apply for vist visa but still in process and now the person said that ur visa is in process its almost 6 month but still i didnot get my visa i dont know whats going on with me. why there not giving me visa what can i do for get visa as soon as pocible.

    best regard
    Adeel Ahmed
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    i live on the usa.I m a permanent resident on the united sates.i wanna visit bahrain.I dunno have anybody on bahrain.But the embassy need sponsor.could u help me how i will gonna get visa on bahrain?
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    hi check out this site this should help. You need to apply for work in Bahrain or get a private sponsor. Best to look for work. Good Luck
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    Hi All-
    Just to clarify, in order to work legally in Bahrain you'll need a work permit - which can only be applied for by a Bahraini national. Either you'll get this through a job offer organised by a formal Bahraini employer, or if you're self-employed and planning to open a business on the island you'll hire the help of an agency to do this for your.
    It is possible to travel to Bahrain on a tourist visa and try to find a sponsor in the short duration of your stay, but this route is much more difficult than registering with international recruitment agencies offering positions in the country.

    Once the visa process is completed you get a stamp in your passport from your local consulate and you can start working in Bahrain. For more information visit the Expat Arrivals Work Permits in Bahrain page.
  • edited November -1 long does it takes to process a visa in Bahrain? I was selected as a security guard here in in the Phillipines going to Bahrain by our agency... I been waiting for more than a month, how many months do i have to wait for my working visa to arrive?
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    hi I'm Filipino.. I would like to know how long does it take to process papers going Canada Here in Bahrain after i get my LMO and what are the requirements..can some body help me.
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    hi im a filipino my employer send my working visa bound to bahrain i just want to verifyif it is valid? this is my visa no.5197860.
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    Hi, i'm an Indian and my employer has applied for my work visa about 9 days ago. i did check my status using passport no and my Nationality and it shows the Employment Visa is in progress. they told me it usually takes about 10 days... is that true? and also i was told once the LMRA confirms every thing then i need to wait for immigration to grant my visa which takes few more days. if this is true, i need to know in spite of LMRA accepting every thing and shows ok or confirmed with my case could immigration decline visa to me, cause i have born in Iran and have Persian name though i'm having Indian passport. by the way i was working as IT in Bahrain in 2006 end to 2008 end without any problem completed my 2 years and left the kingdom back to India. and now got a good offer again.
    appreciate your help.
    many thanks in advance.
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    i m wasim applying for bahrain still my visa in proses how many time'll u take thank you
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    hi im jonalyn ballinan from philippines.. would like to know the status of my visa application bound to's my passport # EB2896264
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    Hi i got a job offer from one of the company in Bahrain they sponser for my work permit once i check my visa status in Lmra website the status of Visa is in progress after few days back i check it again the status was Employment visa is experied what does it mean confused?

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