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Where to go in China in winter?

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Hi fellas, anyone give me some advice to visit China in Winter? I heard about that there is an ice and snow festival in Harbin, is it worth visiting? Thanks.


  • The Snow and Ice Festival is a huge event and no doubt very interesting if you happen to be in the area - but Harbin lacks much else of interest. Unless you have a special interest that you will keep you at the festival for a few days (travelling with family, photography) you may find the cost/payback out of balance.

    Winter is a great time to visit Tibet (out of season, now that the season is so hectic) or Yunnan Province where you can pretty much be assured of blue skies and without the bitter cold of the north.

    How long do you have and what are your main interests?
  • While in winter, if you intend to do some winter activities, Harbin is the best choice for you in China. You can not only watch the ice and snow sulptures, but also ski at the ski resort like Yabuli.

    If you hate cold weather, you can choose to go to Sanya for the sun and beach, where is the southmost city of China with tropical climate. Or maybe you can go southwest to Yunnan, visit Yuanyang Rice Terraces and Jianshui, Xishuangbanna.
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    Sanya will be my first recommendation.
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    Yunnan in southwest China is a good choice.
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    It depend on your favor. Many tourists throng into Sanya to escape the cold weather in winter, but there are also many people from the hot area would like to travel Harbin in winter for its snow and ice...
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