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Is there nightlife in Malta?

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I want to know if there's any nightlife in malta. I've heard that cities like valletta are pretty dead after nine oclock, and there isn't much to do? Are there good bars and clubs?


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    Yes! Absolutely there is. And just want you to know also that Malta's nightlife is unique and exciting.
    You can visit and enjoy a Paceville or in an open air clubs.
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    Yes and let me tell you that it is bit different from what you will experience anywhere else. Open night clubs would surely please you as much as any other club would do.
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    It is true that some places like Valletta don't have good nightlife. But there are many other areas which offer nightlife. I agree with Lee's recommendation for Paceville that is the popular spot in Malta for vibrant nightlife and restaurants.
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    Hello, the best place to go partying is definetly Paceville : full of bars and clubs and really crowded.
    Then you can find some others nice places all around the island. Malta is full of wine bar and some of them are really cool !
    In summer, there are 2 big outside clubs : Numero Uno and Gianpula (both on the way to Mdina).
    Here is a good list of all the clubs in Malta:
  • Located in St Julian’s, this area is filled with busy pubs, bars and nightclubs open till late with lively crowds and plenty of cocktails and beer all year around. There’s music to suit everyone’s taste with bars playing Chart Hits, R&B, Dance, Hip-Hop, Indie, Rock and House. After the dancing, head to the swanky Dragonara Casino or watch the sun rise at the sandy beach near St George’s Bay.
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