Can you enter Canada from the US if you have a DUI?



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    A prior misdemeanor OWI (I refused to test and the court converted the offense to OWI) caused me to be detained in a cell at the Canadian border until the right petty bureaucrat showed up to sign papers banning me from Canada for a year. It was explained to me that, after that year, I would need to complete a TRP (Temporary Residence Permit) if I chose to try to enter Canada in the future. I got the TRP form just to see what it entails. It is daunting: police reports from everywhere I've lived since age 18, etc. I grew up in the US close to the Canadian border and it is with sadness that I acknowledge that I will probably never go there again.
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    Its kind of interesting that so many of you are "mad at Canada Customs" but the fact of the matter is I do believe Canadians travelling to the USA cant get in either with an impaired or small convinction. Works both ways my friends.
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    Sorry to tell you Orzo but not true.. It is easier for a Canadian with a conviction to get into the U.S. than it is for a U.S. citizen with a conviction to get into Canada!!! EXPLAIN THAT ONE CANADIAN CUSTOMS...
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    They wont extradite someone from Alberta to New Foundland for recieving stolen property but they will deny admittance for a D.U.I. If I get pulled over in New York and have a warrant from California for recieving stolen property better believe Im going to California. If not N.Y. will hold me as long as they can cause Californa will have 30 days to pick me up after that they have to release me.. But for real do they really think they can keep criminals out.. Like they dont have crime or something..
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    I think it is stupid for canadian customs to deny you when all you got on your record is one small D.U.I exspecially when they know you are going to come back to your own country. When you have a round trip and you only going to visit and go site seeing and maybe to big bingos over there. Then you have family over there you want to see now i need someone to explain something to me a D.U.I in canada is a fenlony so they say then my question is how can a canadian citizen get a passport and come to the US if we can not get in then they should not be able to come over here that is so stupid. Then you got all these people that have fenolies that can go into canada but yet a D.U.I cant get in knowning that the US citizen is going to come back when there time is up.
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    Druggies should be banned in every country on our wonderful planet. Please don't look for sympathy here.
    Go to jail and serve your time and then you may pass go.

    All I wnat to do is buy ALL OF MY DRUGS from Planet Drugs and throw a finger to US Customs since they are the lowest-class imaginable shills for the corrupt US drug companies!!!

    I don't risk taking those drugs through US Customs, rather I let the USPS do my dirty work for me!!!
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    i already did time in US prison for possession of marihuana and now i'm doing 3 year probation and i have future deportation to cuba,my question is:what happen if i get into canada illegally and after some time i want to get my canadian resident card,job,ect????
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    i was going to go to a concert of paul mccartney in montreal i had an enhanced license but got denied entry cause of a dui in 1992 customs agent new i had concert tickets which cost me 290 dollars didnt make any differance to him have went to canada alot of times in past for much less important things so much for an enhaced license missed concert and lost 290 dollars cause of the dickhead
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    I shouldn't have any problems getting into Canada as I have no criminal record of any sort. I'm also a fifteen year military veteran honorably discharged.

    My question is how do I know that I can get back into America? Is there anyplace to go to check and see if I am on a no fly list? Or a list of people who speak out about how messed up our government is?
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    If you bother to take the time to fill out a Rehabilitation Form, after about 5 years of the end of your license suspension/jail time for a DUI, you can get back into Canada. Takes a little work, but you can RE-EARN (yes, I did say EARN) the right to go back and forth to Canada if you can prove that you have been rehab. How do I know? Been here, done it.

    Failing that, simply apply for a temporary resident permit for "that trip only" (such as WORK).

    Best place to get the info was directly from the Canada Government website...
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    I have a friend go from Maine to N.B. about twice a month. He has not have a DUI in 12 years. Is there a form he can fill out to show he has been reh.
    Each time entering Canada he still be charged 200 is been charged $200.00.
    Is there a form at the boarder to speed up the process.
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    Hi there
    I need some urgent assistance!!
    I have a friend, she got a DUI in the US 4.5 years ago, and is planing to come visit me in Vancouver in 2 weeks!! The fact the DUI was a while back it's not something she always thinks about and definitely didn't think about it before buying her plane ticket....

    So....What are the chances of Canadian Border patrol finding this out??? If she brings only her passport, and not her license?? Will they still be able to find the DUI? If I remember correctly, there is nothing questionnaire about past convictions on the Customs card (only declarations), so it'd only be up to the officer questioning her?

    I appreciate all your advice on all this!!
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    Had a DUI 10 years ago. I have crossed the border in Windsor at least 50 times since then. No problem until this year when I was sent to customs and asked if I had ever been arrested.

    Short answer was I told them yes. I was told at that time, since it had been 10 years, they could deem me rehabilitated. I was allowed entry. (This was business trip)

    Since then I have traveled to Canada on vacation with no problem, but when I go into the country on business, I typicaly get sent to immigration, but am always allowed entry.

    I have since gotten copies of my arresest record showing that I have paid all the fines, attended DUI class, etc...just in case
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    wow . for one thing I can honestly say yes the people in the united states can be idiots and rude .. if you dont like Canada so much why bother coming here? I would prefer not to have you come into my country so obviously greed has nothing to do with that

    seriously if you dislike Canada so much stay away no one needs you here

    on the other hand . I do have many friends in the united states who are not so mentally challenged as those who have posted in here putting Canada down .. I have no qualms about the US, i think we have a lot to offer one another and since we share the same continent it makes more sense to get along than not.

    Now . true when you are an ass you are an ass, your country does not depict you as being an ass you yourself are the ass .. so to put down any one country for a few inept mentally challenged people who probably deserved to be handcuffed and interrogated if your attitude was anything upon that occasion as it is by our words in here . well guess you just sorta asked for it.

    I recently had a friend from the US imply he was unable to obtain a US passport in order to travel to Canada or anywhere for that matter because of a DUI from 20 years ago. BUT that is US passport officials who have refused the passport

    I am sure the same could be true in Canada. I have a valid passport. I have a friend who has no criminal past here in Canada, but he is gay and he is legally married and he was once stoped at the US border by the US officials detained questioned and his possessions and they looked at his wedding pictures, (he was visiting friends and relatives to show them the pictures) and since then because of that one incident has been denied entry into the US

    To me it sounds just as bad on either side when it comes to the officials it really all comes down to who you are dealing with at the time and what kind of attitude that one official may have. Sad but true.

    AS to lenience, I actually would prefer the person who bragged about his ridiculous criminal record that included 2 convictions would be denied access. PERMANENTLY. I would prefer that people who did nOt like Canada so much stay on their side and not venture here if you hate us and the country stay out it really is that simple

    as for greed? wow .. ask any country out there and the USA is known to be the most arrogant and greediest of them all .. but should we put all of the rest of you down for THAT REPUTATION? Personally I think not but I prefer to weigh each individual case based on the individual, not because of their nationality or the reputation their country has made. As far as greed is concerned, there is not one single country out there who does not operate w/o greed as a main contributor to what they want out of another country. The reason we are sadly referred to as being the extra state is sadly because the US managed to convince Canada a long time ago that free trade was a good thing for the US yes, it allowed many US owned and based companies in to buy up what they could and many Canadian companies no longer exist for that reason. GREED? again . it was individual choices that the owners of the Canadian companies sold out to the US.. not the entire country.

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    I am a US Citizen that also has a record as a matter fact six of them over 10 years ago. Not proud of them just stating it for this purpose. Due to the economy I have recently decided I wanted to work on the boats. A company I applied for here in Duluth, Minnesota and told me I would have to try to get a Temporary Work Permit in Canada. Otherwise if they were to hire me and they went to a Canada Port which they do. The Captain of the ship would be arrested and the company would get a fine. So, I was given a number to call I believe Canada Border patrol and explained my record and my reason (work) for wanting to enter Canada to the guy who answered the phone. I want to stress this part very clearly. I was honest and very polite to the person on the phone. He was also honest and very polite to me. As he explained that I would need to get a Letter of Rehabilitation and that it could take up to a year, and proceeded to give me a phone number to the Detroit Canadian Consulate. I called there and find that you will only get your questions answered by a regular letter by mail or email which they have on the web site
    They also have application forms for the Letter of Rehabilitation and a Temporary Resident Permit along with a download of a checklist of what you need to do. I am in the process of doing all of this as we speak. It will take time as you need to get your court records which needs to be in detail if you read everything and try get the info needed. Now, I want to say one thing here. Well maybe more then one as there as seem to been a lot of hate flying around over these issues between the postings toward both countries. I want to ask everyone here that is trying to get in to Canada. Where do you really think the fault lies? You know why we can't get into Canada. Well, I guess I looked in the mirror and realize it is my own fault. This been hard on me as I thought I had the answers to getting a decent job. But, as you know there are penalities to everything. And we who want to get into Canada must obey and follow the rules and go through the hoops. If we are denied entry into Canada it is our own fault. You shouldn't say I made one little mistake if it is only one D.U.I. or whatever offence you had. When you went to get your Drivers license didn't you know the laws at that time? Yeah, you faced the consequences in the US but as I learned there are other consequences we must face. I know I am a good person and will try and suck it up and do what I need to do to enter Canada. It is another crossroad in life I put upon myself. If I can't get into Canada due to these reasons. I know it is my fault. As far as the Canadian's postings here. I would feel the same way towards some people who don't get it. Please don't take it out on all of us. I am proud to have your country Canada share the same border as us. I will be proud wether I have the right or not to enter Canada. And will obey the rules.

    P.S. going to get my finger prints taken on Monday so I can send them off to the FBI.
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    If you are planning a trip to the U.S., as a precaution carry a
    certified true copy of the information (court document) relating to
    the conviction and a copy of the Criminal Code section under which you were convicted.
    It would be wise also to have a letter from your doctor stating you are not addicted to alcohol or drugs. If available, bring a certified true transcript of the evidence underlying your conviction as well."
    source: Ron Jourard
    Criminal Lawyer, Toronto, Ontario
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    I am concerned right now because my boyfriend was planning a trip to see me here in the U.s.. he is Canadian and he just got arrested (I don't know all the details yet) but he was arrested for possible possession of marijuana. He was visiting his brother and his brother had it at his house. He was probably using it there though. Ugh I am freaking out now that he won't be able to get across the border this coming Sunday! He already bought his bus ticket. Will it be hard for him to get into the U.S? Then both of us plan to drive back to Canada together after Christmas..Can someone tell me if this is going to be really messed up now? =(
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    Well, this is just all extraordinarily confusing. I'm a guest on this site, and I appreciate all the comments and information here. I'm also a former attorney, and I've spent a couple of days doing research on the dui/minor conviction barring entry to Canada issue. For those folks with recent convictions, the information seems pretty clear -- you will be prohibited from entering if the customs agent/border patrol knows or learns of your conviction (either through background check or your honest answer).

    What is much more ambiguous is how the process works for those with a conviction more than ten years old. Everything on the Canadian border/customs site is geared toward applying for rehabilitation, but the most that is said for individuals with convictions older than ten years is that they "may be deemed rehabilitated." But does that mean the border agent can deem you rehabilitated when you try to cross? Is it automatic? Do you have to apply for a Canadian official to state that you are now deemed rehabilitated? If so, why so doesn't the website instruct you to do so? As a lawyer, I have to say this is a mess of a system, but I guess we have to work within it.

    I have plan to travel to Canada over the holiday, and my plan is simply to go and answer any questions I may be asked when they come up. As far as I can tell from everything I've read, I should be deemed rehabilitated -- I've had no infractions (and yes, we're talking about a DUI 15 years ago, and a couple of speeding violations more than ten years ago) in the past 10 years.

    Another interesting point here is that with extremely old minor convictions, it's sometimes difficult to get state and local authorities to acknowledge them and that the sentence or fine has been discharged. That's because the minor convictions on non-repeat offenders are the first ones to be pushed off the system for document retention purposes. The point is, the last time I tried to get certifications from local police in KY when I was applying for the admission to the NY state bar as an attorney, I trouble getting the authorities to acknowledge I had been arrested! They say I haven't, I know I have, and how in the world am I supposed to document that for the Canadian border patrol. Unbelievable.

    Any thoughts on the "deemed rehabilitated" point would be much appreciated. Happy holidays!
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    I sure wish someone one have answered jdubs. I have the same disposition. DUI in 1994, some 17 years ago. Want to go to UFC in Toronto, last time I tried getting in was 2005 or 2006, I live in Buffalo walking distance from the bridge, I was going to bingo with my wife and mom. I guess I didn't answer the declare question truthfully out of ignorance so he gave me a hard time and made me turn the car around.

    I don't have police records or AA consoling papers from way back then, I've always thought fukem since but now I sorta need to know. It cost crazy $ for tickets and hotel plus my friends that I'll be with will also be denied entrance. Isn't there a queen or someone I can talk to up there, it's ridiculous to have this concern left ambiguously judged by the customs agent. Since I'd be crossing the border with a much more hostile looking group then wifey and ma-dukes, I don't know if it's worth the risk? And that my friend is why Canada has flapping heads in southpark, eh?
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    I have all the info you need. I am a pilot with a recent DUI and I know exactly what you need to do to get into Canada with no questions asked and you'll be legal as can be with no worries. This is a test post. Checking to see if this will post.
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    You need to complete a criminal rehabilitation application if it has been over 5 years since your DUI conviction. If it has been less than 5 years since your conviction you need to apply for a temporary residents permit (TRP). You can easily find these applications via a quick search for them on google. As far as the complete jerk who called Americans trash for having a criminal record. KISS MY A$$. I have a DUI and Canada considers this misdemeanor a felony in Canada. It is really a shame that Canada has done this. Imagine if the USA excluded people from entry with a misdemeanor!! WE would never do that, but I think Canada needs a dose of its' own medicine.
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    I have 10 felonies, and 6 misdemeanors.
    Been to Canada several times.

    But about 2 years ago I got a Drunk Driving.
    Misdemeanor in the States.
    But Canada seems to frown on that.

    I haven't been back to Canada since I got my Drunk Driving.
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    WOW....I was looking at this site for a friend and can't believe the anger goping back and forth form both Americans and Canadians. I am an American living in Canada and have had many friends have problems coming into Canada from DUI's that happened in their 20' friend posted bail twice, and then when he went to renew for the third time was denied by the border guard, went to his superior - denied and told not to try again until 2014. The US will NOT deny entry to a Canadian with a DUI, but a pot charge is another matter - so I've heard. I cross the border at least 4 times a week (each way) If you remember that Border Agents are the ULTIMATE police, have respect and be truthful you won't have problems. YES, I do get called into secondary occasionally. It is a nuisance, but that is their perogative. Both countries have good points and bad points.....Canada feels safer, gang-types are less prevalent, US is better for shopping for everything. ....and has warmer destinations! It is unfortunate that transitting countries can't be easier, like it is in Europe, but since 9/11 happened I don't think our government will ever loosen control :(
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    Proudly Canadian makes very good points but I'd like to make a statement concerning Greed and the US contribuitons to the world. The US and our people are accused of being greedy and consuming most of the worlds resources on an annual basis with our disposable and wasteful style of living (but watch out here comes China). We ARE spoiled and mostly ignorant as a society with regards to how the rest of the world lives or even functions. However, the contributions that have been given to mankind by the United States is unmatched in all of history. The charitable contributions to every nation on earth by the United States is also unmatched -in fact it exceeds the charitable contributions of all other nations combined. These facts seem lost on those who accuse us of being selfish, greedy and disproportionately consuming the worlds natural resources.

    As for our relationship with Canada? Oh My! Canada, you are a great neighbor and I for one, love you Canadians as neighbors. How I would hate to be an Iraqi, Iranian, Bosnian, Egyptian, Libian or Israeli. Now THEY have bad neighbors (and some are bad themselves). John seems to have seen the light - personal responsibility. It is really what is lacking in the US. Don't blame Canadian laws or customs for your inability to enter their country when it is as a result of your own actions.
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    @Michigander - with you on that!
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    Im Thinking about trying to cross at the little town of Molson Wa. theres a resort/spa i want to go to right across the border in Osoyoos. Does anyone no if its easyier at the smaller crossings? i think Molson is a ghost town. Thank You
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    The amount of ignorance just astonishes me!!!!!!!!

    First of all I would like to point out to “God Bless America” REALLY?!? Are you that oblivious, that arrogant, that ignorant that you honestly believe Canada depends on money from the US people to get by, that we thrive on US Tourists, WOW, okay AMERICA is in such an economic crisis right now it doesn’t even know what to do. I live in a small border town just north of a town in Montana and more Canadians own properties on the lakes and in the towns in Montana than Americans. I frequent the US a lot and have spoken to a lot of Americans who have promptly stated if it wasn’t for Canadian business they wouldn’t have any business at all.

    I have nothing against Americans, in fact I am a dual citizen but it always blows me away with the amount of ignorance from uneducated people who truly know nothing about Canada or even their own economy for that matter.

    Next, I have a few friends that work for Canada Customs as well as US Customs, you would be amazed of how many Americans are turned around daily for attempting to work in Canada. ALSO how many Americans are turned around daily for criminality? If you would like to educate yourself you could also stop and talk to US and Canada Customs instead of going on sheer ignorance, for example, Canada does have very tough immigration policies BUT so does the US. The US refuses entry for different types of criminality and offences than Canada and vise versa.
    **** those of you who want to know about DUI’s, if that is your only charge and it was more than 10 years ago from the time that you ended any and all punishments for that offence you are deemed rehabilitated.

    For those of you on here bragging about entering Canada with extensive criminal records well it might be of interest to actually get that figured out because Canada will be laughing when you put out a lot of money to visit somewhere in Canada and at that point you get caught and refused no ifs, ands, buts about it. You may have gotten away with it thus far but one day it will catch up to you.

    For the people who are not as oblivious as these people and want to know facts about coming to Canada it may be of interest to call an immigration line and get real facts, not “facts” from these idiots who are oblivious to life itself.

    I do not judge the US or Canada for the select group of ignorant people; however, I find it extremely funny to read these posts written by these idiotic people who hide behind screen names. For those of you who “hate” Canada and think Canada lets criminals in because you “bring so much to Canada” why do you even visit Canada, isn’t that kind of ironic? For those of you who have a bunch of felonies etc why don’t you post your full name and date of birth so when a Customs agent does read this they can deal with you accordingly the next time you visit the country that you apparently hate.

    I am actually quite sickened by the lack of knowledge on this post but at the same time find it absolutely hilarious!! Get your facts, go to the government websites call government hotlines, please don’t take information from these ignorant people on this post.

    Please know that I am not referring to all of you who have posted on here…

    Just had to vent!!!!
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    Oh and by the way USPILOT, giving Canada a dose of their own medicine?!? Well an American may be refused for a DUI when trying to come into Canada; however, if you were caught with a joint there wouldn’t be any questions asked BUT going into the US after being caught with a joint 20 years proir would be as if hell froze over and never allow you in. CHECK YOUR FACTS!!! Americans may think that being refused for a DUI is stupid but Canadians think being refused for a joint in even worse, when is the last time you heard of a person smoking a joint and killing someone, not very often, I personally hear of people drunk driving killing people ALL OF THE TIME.

    One more question USPILOT, I sure hope you are not an actual pilot and if so please inform me of what airline you fly for because if you are applauding drunk drivers I sure as hell don’t ever want to be in an airplane you are flying, possibly drunk if it really isn’t that big of deal right?

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