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Mexico safety opinion

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I have traveled Mexico for many years and am sad to report that the country has become very dangerous. I understand those who say that the violence is not directed towards tourists or North Americans. Tell that to tourist who have become "collateral damage" in the Narcotrafacantes wars. Despite the spin, random shoot-outs occur and innocents get killed and wounded. Mexico, in general, has become very ambivilent about the tourist trade and prices are such that travel there is no longer a bargin, in fact some purchases in Mexico are more expensive than in the States. I recently spent $40 for an ice chest that would have cost $20 in the USA. The sad part is I bought it at a WalMart in Los Mochis. The basic problem remains that the government is fundamently corrupt, and until that issue is resolved the country will remain dangerous. The fundamental problem is the corrupt and distrustful police...who here had not paid mordida to a cop, be it a city cop or a "transito" or a federaly? How can you feel safe in a country where basic safety is compromised.
I know, we all love the Mexican people. They are warm and kind, but will suffer the indignities foisted on them by their government. If you feel the need GO, but know that it is not safe as it once was. Stay on the beaten path, and stay down when you hear gun fire. Hopefully you won't be a kidnap victem, of collateral damage.


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    Hi Dennis,
    Thanks for the great write up. There's a new Travel Safety in Mexico forum post, if you'd like to contribute to it with any information that you think others would find helpful then that would be great. I think everyone is interested in the degrees of travel safety in Mexico and advice like yours is always appreciated.
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    Ordinary tourists are almost never the victims of kidnapping, because you can't be ransomed. Leave the resort at least once?? Why bother to go, then? You should thoroughly explore the "town." If you stay away from the locals, you will miss all the beauty and wonderful cuisine of Mexico and you might as well not even go there. Just take the ordinary precautions you would take in any big city and you will be fine. And don't be xenophobic or you will never enjoy traveling.
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