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When is the best time to visit south-west China?

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Visitors to China often wonder what is the best time to come to south-west China.

There is no 'best time', but you should know this:

China is in the northern hemisphere, and has summer June-August and winter December-February.

And for much of south-west China, summer is the rainy season - and also the busiest time of year.

So what are better months to avoid the crowds and possibly get more blue skies:

generally, from October through to April are good times to visit, when there are less visitors around, and the weather tends to be more settled and fine.

But remember, that Chinese New Year in January/February is a busy holiday period, when many people travel. And also during the wintertime, snow in NW Yunnan and Sichuan may close roads and cause delays. Plus you will need extra warm clothes for when the sun drops, the temperature plumets too.


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    Both the spring (from March to June) and fall season are good to go to China, not only southwest China for a holiday. Tibet is in southwest China, if you go there, you have to plan your itinerary from May to October. For the rest time of the year, it's too cold to go.
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    The best to visit in southwest china is from may to october.
  • You can visit South West China at any time of the year which is great, so I wouldn't let the weather or climate put you off travelling at any time of year. South-Western China is generally wetter and hotter than other places in China so keep this in mind when planning a trip.

    The winter in Southwestern China (January to March) is very short but gets very cold. It is important that you bring many layers for travel during this time as it gets quite cold (not below freezing though so don't worry!)

    The rainy season (April to September) is very hot and very humid. Bring some rain gear for travel during this time.

    If you travel in August the climate will be a lot cooler and it won't be so humid. However, whatever time of year you choose to travel, just come prepared!
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